The Reading List

 The Beliefnet Guide to Islam (Hesham Hassaballa, 2014)
 Code Blue (Hesham Hassaballa, 2014)
 Noble Brother (Hesham Hassaballa, 2014)
 The Watchers (Aral Bereux, 2016)
 Fighting Against Western Imperialism (Andre Vltchek, 2014)
 Aurora (Andre Vltchek, 2016)
 Western Terror (Andre Vltchek, 2006)
 Exposing the Lies of the Empire (Andre Vltchek, 2015)
 Oceania (Andre Vltchek, 2016)
 The World Order and Revolution! (Andre Vltchek, 2015)
 Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear (Andre Vltchek, 2012)
 Point of No Return (Andre Vltchek, 2013)
 The Homebrew Industrial Revolution (Kevin Carson, 2010)
 Studies in Mutualist Political Economy (Kevin Carson, 2007)
 The Desktop Regulatory State (Kevin Carson, 2016)
 Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective (Kevin Carson, 2008)
 The Praxis (Dirk Bruere, 2012)
 Technomage (Dirk Bruere, 2011)
 Catalyst: A Techno-Liberation Thesis (Harry Bentham, 2013)
 Mont Order Code (2016)
 The Sins of Empire (Jason Hirthler, 2015)
 Diary of a 99%er (D. Helene, 2014)
 The (In)Elegant Struggle of Breaking Paradigms (D. Helene, 2016)



2020 protests: American Spring? US regime-collapse?

The Trump regime is presiding over a viral outbreak that slaughtered over 100,000 Americans, embarassing the US as the worst-hit countr...

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