22 July 2024

Palestine Action just hit TWO Israel weapons suppliers before the sun came up

Palestine Action has just targeted two weapons manufacturers which supply Israel arms firm Elbit Systems – one in Manchester, and another in Sunbury. Palestine Action: conducting its own early morning raids Just before 5am on Monday 22 July, one group of Palestine Action activists broke inside Manchester-based arms components manufacturer Dean Group International and dismantled […]

By Steve Topple - Steve Topple

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21 July 2024

Windows/CrowdStrike Outage: The Most Important Lesson

On July 19, users of about 8.5 million Windows users worldwide faced the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death.” As I write this column, many remain down. Microsoft has issued a manual fix for machines that aren’t able to automatically recover, but it’s a black eye for Microsoft and for Crowdstrike, the cybersecurity firm whose fault … Continue reading Windows/CrowdStrike Outage: The Most Important Lesson → - by Thomas L. Knapp

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18 July 2024

The Fired This Time: Cancel Culture, Chaya Raichik Edition

In the wake of a July 13 assassination attempt on former president Donald Trump, Chaya Raichik — better known as “LibsOfTikTok” on X, aka Twitter — got to work. Her job description, as she saw it, broke down int three parts: First, identify people commenting on the attack in ways she deemed inappropriate. Second, identify … Continue reading The Fired This Time: Cancel Culture, Chaya Raichik Edition → - by Thomas L. Knapp

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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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