26 July 2016

DNC only ever intended Clinton to rule

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Extreme bias guided the Democratic National Convention (DNC) involvement in the campaigns of opposing Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks-released emails indicate that the leadership of the Democratic Party had already decided who must rule the country well ahead of any kind of democratic choice made by the people.

While the DNC is supposed to be impartial, it had instead sided wholly with Clinton and sought to derail Sanders' campaign from the beginning (as reported at TheHill), showing constant frustration with Sanders and trying to portray his campaign in a negative light at every opportunity. With the national elite managing to defeat Sanders and ganging up on Donald Trump, the US presidential election has descended even further into farce.

Apparently, only the bare minimum appearance of a farcical election is enough for the US regime to declare itself the most vibrant and successful democracy in the world.

The leaked emails are a substantial blow to the US regime's claims of being a "democracy", and even worse for the Democratic Party's claims of being democratic.

So offended are many of Sanders' supporters, that many have pledged to vote for Donald Trump in order to only bar the dangerous and bloodthirsty foreign policy hawk Clinton from power.

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Mont Order club holds July conference

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A conference was held and various position statements came under discussion among members of the Mont Order society on July 23.

Issues discussed include the UK political Opposition and the dramatic coup attempt that took place in Turkey.

Position statements will be released relating to Mont announcements and world events once Mont Order society members have developed consensus positions on some remaining outstanding issues. Meanwhile, the public Mont Order continues to be driven by a shortened code of values it devised in October 2015 in an earlier conference.

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22 July 2016

28 pages expose "war on terror" lies

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In response to the previously censored 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report, which explain Saudi Arabia's role in the terror attacks, Garrison Center director Thomas Knapp gave the following commentary.

On the way Afghanistan (not to mention Iraq) were punished by the US military despite no connection to the attacks, while Saudi Arabia was rewarded despite a clear connection to the attacks:

"In response to those attacks, Afghanistan suffered US invasion, the overthrow of its government, and is now in its 15th straight year of war and occupation.

"Saudi Arabia enjoyed not just a 13-year reprieve from the exposure of damning evidence, but seemingly better relations with the US government than ever before. Go figure."

Full commentary

Many Americans were convinced US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan were revenge for the terror attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. However, the censored pages of the report reveal the US leadership knew Saudi Arabia was the real state backer of the attacks and yet they did nothing, due to political considerations.

US leaders therefore deliberately used the American military after 9/11 like dogs to remove regimes they didn't like and prop up the Saudi regime despite its guilt in the terrorist attacks. Does the revelation demonstrate that protecting lives was not the goal of the "War on Terror"? That US leaders ignored the real killers, and instead pursued US geopolitical aims with greater severity?

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Did Erdogan stage a coup on himself?

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Views have been circulating that the coup attempt in Turkey may have been plotted by Erdogan himself to justify gaining more executive powers.

According to a post by Hussain Saqib at the Pakistan-based Voice of East magazine:

"Erdogan has had plans to rewrite country’s constitution but has not been able to do that so far... It is now written on the wall that Erdogan will swiftly move to further tighten his iron grip over the country, further gag the media and dissenting voices and clear the way for absolute power in his hands. The failed coup will strengthen the hands of president Erdogan to realize his dreams of becoming the all-powerful Sultan of Turkey.

"Does all this prove the assumption that it was a phony coup?"

Full report

Saqib views the coup as "unprofessional" and apparently set up to fail. The mass arrests and accusations that followed - without any official investigation being conducted - also indicate lists being prepared in advance for a political purge throughout Turkey.

WikiLeaks has been undertaking efforts to release more documents on the Erdogan government's dealings to increase civil criticism of this government, which is becoming more authoritarian. On 19 July, WikiLeaks tweeted it would release 300 internal emails of the ruling AKP party, to which Erdogan belongs.

Meanwhile, other theories exist that the coup plot was the work of hyperactive agents of Washington and NATO, who believed Erdogan was an insufficient puppet of US interests. According to this view, Erdogan's rapprochement with Russia and hopes of restoring Turkey as a more honorable and independent power resulted in the conspiracy to depose him.

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