20 November 2015

Petition: Google must end its censorship

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Following up on the post last week on Google's stifling of political news coverage at YouTube, we want to draw your attention to Representative Press's petition to get advertising revenue restored to alternative media videos.

Created via Change.org, the petition can be signed by our readers at the following link. It is really important to get this petition to Google's attention, if a victory for small alternative media channels is going to be scored.

YouTube, Please Restore Ad Revenue for Journalists Reporting on War + Political Conflicts

In a lengthy appeal to the public at the petition, Representative Press offered the following commentary:
Whatever the motivation for imposing the new policy, depriving independent journalists posting videos on Youtube or writing on their websites of the same financial opportunities which major media’s network news profit from is misguided and unfair. It puts those who challenge the dominating news outlets at a enormous disadvantage.
As we stated last week, alternative media is a vital part of the daily routine of millions of people who struggle to stay ahead of the mainstream media's unreliability and corporate-sponsored biases. Many political controversies and scandals have only reached the public via alternative media channels, and Representative Press itself has enjoyed a vast audience.

The channel's author writes that Google's suppression of advertising features on politically "sensitive" videos amounts to "effectively economic censorship imposing political censorship".

"Please don’t sit back and allow YouTube/Google to take away the same opportunities of revenue earning which major media outlets can and still do benefit from on TV and websites", the author asks the signatories of the petition.

StormCloudsGathering, another alternative media channel, simply gave up on advertising as a result of Google's changes, and moved to requesting donations from their vast audience. However, with this petition, at least a small chance exists to do something about the problem rather than bypassing it.

The clubof.info Blog is part of the alternative media blogosphere too, although by no means dependent on advertising revenue. If alternative media is an important part of your online experience, don't let it wither away by refusing to do anything about it. At least take the time to sign the Change.org petition today.

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