6 November 2015

America faces a historic defeat in Syria

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It is well known that the US regime was behind the war in Syria, and has invested heavily in bringing a fraudulent "democratic" puppet state to power in Damascus.

WikiLeaks documents have already proven that the US was plotting the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad in 2006, long before so-called "protesters" began to conduct their mass executions and terrorism in 2011, prompting the Syrian Army to strike back to protect civil infrastructure. Today, the US is losing the war, after a turning point that came about with its failure to get enough support to bomb the country after lying about a so-called chemical weapon attack by Assad's forces in 2013.

Much of the credit for making the US lose the war in Syria goes to Russian President Vladimir Putin. After escalating Russia's involvement in the war at the end of September 2015 by targeting the sites used by US forces and their allies to attack and displace pro-Assad civilians in the country, Putin has caught the US by surprise.

An already flimsy and faltering plan to remove President Bashar al-Assad, despite nearly 80% of the Syrian population firmly supporting the president, has now become impossible and doomed to defeat. Despite this, reports show that the US cannot think of any way of responding other than to commit even more naked and blatantly illegal terrorism against the Syrian government.

US ground forces arriving to attack the Russian base in Syria?

One report states that the US has sent military advisers to Latakia Province, with the goal of assisting so-called "moderate" terrorists. If Latakia sounds familiar, it is because it is the same Province housing the Russian air base that has been targeting the very same "moderate" terrorists being trained and equipped by the US government to assassinate Syrian civilian and government employees.

The Pentagon had earlier stated it gave up on training Syrian rebels, and had resorted instead to air-dropping supplies to known hostile anti-US terrorists associated with al-Qaeda (the US cannot land on the ground to help these terrorists because its forces would probably be captured and beheaded by the so-called moderates). The hope was, that these forces would be more interested in targeting Bashar al-Assad's forces than US forces. Therefore, air-dropping weapons to sworn enemies like al-Qaeda's branch "al-Nusra" who have vowed to destroy the United States was accepted as a sane choice by top officials at the Pentagon.

Because the US had given up on the "train" part of its so-called "train and equip" program to prop up terrorist groups with US taxpayer dollars, it is unlikely that US "advisers" are in Latakia Province to train anyone. If indeed they are there for other reasons, it is possible that they are actually in Syria to carry out direct combat missions. Islamic State (also Daesh, ISIL, ISIS) has no base in Latakia Province, so who are the US forces targeting?

If US so-called advisers are in Latakia Province to help terrorists, they will come into direct conflict with Russian helicopters and attack jets. The outcome of such an encounter can be left to one's imagination, considering Russian warplanes have yet to suffer a single casualty and have efficiently blown up anyone who got in their way.

While their soldiers try to escalate the conflict and get directly involved in the fighting in Syria, US diplomats are busy trying to convince Russia that they are going to negotiate an end to the war to prevent escalation. The US regime has so far destroyed both Libya and Ukraine by lying to Russia and breaking diplomatic agreements. Russia is well aware of such deceit, so US diplomats' words are not likely to get the Kremlin's attention, especially when the US regime's actions show a commitment to more violence and even direct attacks against Russian forces in Syria.

At CounterPunch, Mike Whitney speculated that Russia may choose to unleash its own special forces in Syria to counteract any US units found on the ground.

US "allies" will abandon the US to die alone in Syria

At a diplomatic level, the US is actually facing increasing isolation in Syria. Many of its regional allies want a more aggressive stance with direct military action by the US against Syria, Russia, and Iran, although the same powers seem too cowardly to attempt such action themselves. Turkey, whose territory the US needs in any attack against Syria, is far more interested in bombing Kurdish factions the US has been supporting, and undoing any territorial gains they have made under US air cover.

The UK, the US's closest strategic ally, has once again declined to commit to any military action alongside the US in Syria. It didn't even come to a vote in the UK Parliament as it did in 2013, this time, as the Cameron government was so afraid of losing all credibility if it lost a second vote on the issue of UK intervention in Syria. The argument given was that Western airstrikes against ISIL had proved ineffective, and MPs were not convinced that doing more would produce any results.

There are also massive numbers of reports that Western airstrikes have massacred thousands of civilians, while Western media instead focused only on the few remaining reports hinting at possible civilian deaths caused by Russia.

A superpower no more?

The situation for US regime change efforts in Syria is worse than ever and is getting worse every day, but US politicians cannot think of any solution other than more involvement, even in a situation of total strategic isolation for US forces. Analysts have suggested that defeat in Syria would shatter the US's image as a superpower in the eyes of its allies, while at the same time reviving Russia's image and establishing Russia as the most serious military power in the Middle East instead of the US.

Having US forces in Syria at the time of this historic defeat, and watching them get killed by Russian and Syrian forces in front of the world's media, could make America's apparent defeat a real one. It would change the way the world sees the US.

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