30 April 2020

Covid-19 The Worst Case Political Reaction

A Zero State document: It appears that due to the existing reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic we are already heading into a new Global Depression comparable to the 1930s. But how bad could it really become, if steps are not taken now to defuse the situation? I am going to use the situation in the UK as an example, but it is applicable almost everywhere to a lesser or greater extent. Well, this depends on a number of factors which are at present unknown. For example, is Covid here to stay as an annual “super-flu”? Will an effective vaccine be created in the near future, or ever? Will people build immunity? If the answer to those is “yes” “no” and “no” we can expect turmoil whose comparison with Germany in the 1920s/30s will not be an exaggeration. The rumblings can already be felt as it is becoming obvious that susceptibility to the disease is genetically linked and dark skinned ethnic minorities in the West are making up a disproportion percentage of the casualties. At this point we will have a confluence of two trends — authoritarian lockdown “for your own good”, and the “blame game”. It is already being (more than merely) suggested by government that the social distancing measures we are experiencing could be put in place in perpetuity. What would this mean? To start with, nobody being able to go into a public space without a face mask. Gatherings of more than a handful of people banned, which means no crowded pubs, restaurants, sporting events or mass demonstrations in the streets. Paradoxically, the facemask law would render facial recognition tech used by the police obsolete, especially as people “abused” the order by going for full face coverings burqa style. What would the government do — demand ID be printed on everyone’s mask like a license plate on cars? Then there will be a rash of phone tracking apps which are already in the works as a matter of mass surveillance, again “for your own good”. What happens to people who have no phone, or do not turn them on? Next up will be the collapse of the tourist industry, which has already happened. If Covid is here to stay, tourism is dead. Within Britain there are travel restrictions. Even when not official, small communities have imposed their own by blocking roads against “outsiders” or actually attacking them or their property. This is just a model of the international version where for example the free travel of the EU’s Schengen Area is put on permanent hold, and/or people are put into quarantine whenever they arrive from an international destination. In effect, the freedom to travel will be severely curtailed. All these kinds of measures have already been seized upon by would-be authoritarian governments to grab more power an impose ever greater limits on freedom, from Hong Kong to Turkey to Hungary. There is no greater mantra than “public safety” when it comes to taking away the freedom of people, often not merely with acquiescence, but active approval. In the UK we have numerous examples of public spirited snitches ratting out those who go outside for too long to the police. And a police force seemingly gone mad with petty power as they try to stop people sitting on the grass, or even sunbathing in their own gardens. Fear of a less than 1% chance of dying is a real motivator it seems when it comes to keeping the sheep in line. [And yes, I am contemptuous of such people]. Tellingly the only serious resistance has been in the USA. Perhaps the public owning hundreds of millions of guns has gone some way towards limiting the over-reaction of the local police, not to mention government. However, now we come to something that will exacerbate and polarize the situation. Susceptibility to the virus appears to be genetically linked, with dark skinned ethnic minorities in the West being disproportionately affected. This will have two effects. The first is that for reasons of public health, everyone in a public facing job would need a genetic test. If they are one of the susceptible people — job gone. So an immediate two tier society based on genetics, in addition to the usual racism. This would result in in immediate and disproportionate increase in unemployment among said minorities, all in a global depression. The second effect would be linked to the blame game. What appears to be the actual case right now is that the virus came from bats via some other animal intermediary in a “wet market” in Wuhan, China. The fact that these markets exist at all is an indictment of the Chinese government, but worse is that fact that they tried to cover up the outbreak by arresting doctors who warned the world what was happening. Naturally, everyone is rather angry with China for crashing the global economy through incompetence, but it doesn’t stop there. It appears that Chinese news agencies have accused the USA of being behind the virus, to somehow hurt or discredit China in order to deflect the blame and muddy the waters. This fuels a blame game, especially once the usual conspiracy nuts have jumped on board. So on one hand we get counter claims that the virus escaped from a Chinese laboratory, or worse, that it is a deliberate attack on the West by an engineered bioweapon. On the other, we get the crazies in the UK linking the viral outbreak with the rollout of 5G mobile phone technology, because… some shit or other. And the gullible peasants start burning down phone masts. Meanwhile, on the Indian subcontinent Hindus and Muslims start blaming each other for the spread of the disease. This is where we have the genetic dimension waiting to be added to the mix. In Conspiracy World nothing happens by accident. A virus that targets dark skinned people? You know where this is going. So who is behind it? Well, top of every nut’s hate list is Bill Gates, doing evil vaccinations etc. Yes, in Conspiracy World you just throw in more and more insanity — anti-vaxxers, chemtrails, New World Order, Illuminati and that all time favorite, The Jews. So, in the Middle East we see Israel being able to bring the disease under some degree of control, while elsewhere it closes Mecca and burns through Iran. Finally, it all makes sense… Oh… I forgot the Environmentalists. I am sure they too will come in for the blame as well, especially if they start crowing about how good all this is for the planet and reveling in the misery of ordinary people. Greta Thunberg will be joining Bill Gates on the list. All this would be quite bad under normal circumstances but it will be set against a global depression and mass unemployment. Scapegoats will be found via the usual xenophobia, and politicians will come under extreme pressure to enact extreme measures. Those who refuse to do so are likely to be replaced at the polls. The result will be the end of globalization, the free movement of people and capital and international supply chains will be shortened, with nationalism rising dramatically. Nations that blame each other, like India and Pakistan, will become more extreme and more adversarial. Worst case, war. For China, it will be the end of their massively successful decades of growth and the internal tensions will rise leading to unrest. But then, they will hardly be alone in that boat. Elsewhere, Arab Spring 2.0 and wars. Europe in the form of the EU will also take a far harder line against illegal immigration. The problem with fear, which we are witnessing in the UK, is that once the public has been whipped into a panic by the government and mass media it just cannot be turned off again like a tap. Indeed, it takes on a life of its own. This is probably true worldwide. So how do we escape all this? Well, we better just pray that a vaccine works, or herd immunity is a thing. Because, otherwise… Postscript: 1.6 Billion people will lose their livelihoods according to UN estimates. That is one fifth of Humanity instantly turned into angry political radicals with nothing to lose.
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How Trump and His Media Allies Push the Conspiracy against China

Over 50,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the U.S. and the momentum is not letting down. This comes as President Trump and his allies are elevating their anti-China rhetoric to a new level. Their newest tactic: legitimize a conspiracy theory and blame a Chinese lab for “creating” the deadly virus. But exactly how are […] - Dissident Voice
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Tory coronavirus policy has left a Labour council facing ‘bankruptcy’

Liverpool city council says it’s facing ‘bankruptcy’ due to government coronavirus (Covid-19) policy. The Labour mayor of the city has accused the Tories of … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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29 April 2020

Catalyst in detail: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 19:41:39

Selected for you is the following: “It is the spirit of history that has already made the choice to share the treasures of technology with all, and so the choice is not ours, and misuse of that treasure will guarantee wisdom and correct use in future.” STAND UP FOR AN EQUAL WORLD. http://www.clubof.info/p/catalyst.html
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China’s Detection and Reporting of the Covid-19 Outbreak

While the US took two-and-a-half years to identify HIV/AIDS after the discovery of the first symptomatic case in the country, China discovered, identified and contained COVID-19 within a few months. In the US, over half a million people have died of HIV/AIDS; worldwide that same number die every year. Even now, in the US, 13,000 die […] - Dissident Voice
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Cold War of Trump/Navarro vs China

It is getting ugly, extremely ugly. It is increasingly looking like a war – at least a new ‘cold’, ideological war. But in the shadow of COVID-19, it goes almost unnoticed. The blind horseman, who hates China intuitively, without knowing hardly anything about it, is leading the pack, pushing his president into a confrontation with […] - Andre Vltchek
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Burying the Lede: Justin Amash Just Made History

On April 28, US Representative Justin Amash (?-MI) launched a presidential “exploratory committee.”  He wants to take on Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic nominee-apparent Joe Biden this November as the nominee of the Libertarian Party. If this was a “straight news” story instead of an op-ed, the first paragraph above would be known as … Continue reading Burying the Lede: Justin Amash Just Made History → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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27 April 2020

The Era of Mass Strikes Begins on May 1, First Day of General Strike Campaign

On Friday, May 1, an ongoing General Strike campaign begins. This campaign could become the most powerful movement in the United States and reset the national agenda. It comes when the failures of the US political system have been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered an economic collapse in a presidential election year.  The […] - Dissident Voice
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The MailOnline photoshopped an Olympian to look like he broke coronavirus distancing rules

The MailOnline has generally set a fairly low benchmark for its accuracy and standards of reporting. But it plumbed new depths on Sunday 26 … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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26 April 2020

Catalyst in detail: Sun, 26 Apr 2020 19:35:28

Futurism forces us to check the will of history. If you haven’t yet, consider this selection from the 2013 Catalyst Thesis: “Communication technology is the key item that can be rapidly recognized for its liberating and empowering political effects today. It is reasonable for anyone to speculate that some further advances in fields not yet attracting popular enthusiasm will also produce the effects of techno-liberation in decades to come. Such developments should be watched out for eagerly by those of us who have an interest in challenging archaic state power and oligopoly.” The whole earth is already an experiment. No-one is above it. http://www.clubof.info/p/catalyst.html
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Concern Troll is Concerned, Elbe Day Edition

On April 25, 2020, US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement commemorating the 75th anniversary of “Elbe Day” — the day, presaging the end of World War 2 in Europe, when Russian and US troops met near the German towns of Strehla and Torgau. The Wall Street Journal reports that … Continue reading Concern Troll is Concerned, Elbe Day Edition → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Being effective dissidents without freedom of speech

When we oppose the status quo - the rule of the establishment - the pain motivating our actions is often very specific to us as individuals, leading to our own unstable brands of political advocacy. It is always tied to a sense of being deceived, and this in turn leads to emotional behaviour. It can also lead to outbursts we did not think through - to a series of accusations against states and/or corporations that often don't have merit, but we as accusers no longer cared to check properly. That is where caution is needed, so as not to damage your own cause. In defense of dissidents as emotional accusers, it is possible that a system or regime can be already guilty enough that it became forgivable to stop thoroughly fact-checking each accusation brought against it. Anyone accusing the state of lies can be presumed to be correct, if we reached a point of no return. Officials already proven to be liars can be accused of lying again, without us hearing further evidence they are lying. It can reach a point where everything they say is rejected by us. Where the emotional accusations become a hindrance to an effective dissident is where they result in a strong counterattack against the dissident, leading effectively to the dissident recanting or being otherwise eliminated. When a dissident intended to be destroyed or took the risk willingly, as Julian Assange may have done, it can be considered a form of martyrdom and therefore a victory. However, if the dissident actually aimed to maintain their brand, in hopes of some level of input into a civilised political discussion, or to maintain an official publication or source of revenue, then the destruction of the dissident is a definite defeat. It served no purpose. Such individuals are useless even to their own cause, in the end. If dissidents find that they are being de-platformed, hidden from search results, or otherwise censored online because they made emotional claims or peddled a conspiracy theory that holds neither strong evidence nor credibility in any academic or journalistic source, that is a defeat. It is a defeat because they won't even be able to convince people that their sacrifice was a real one. It is also an avoidable defeat, and a lamentable one, because unfounded claims and emotional-based tirades are not ultimately worth sacrificing for. The only thing worth sacrificing your freedom of speech for is to expose a definite crime - one you could not only prove beyond any doubt in a court of law but one you really will prove in the eyes of society with your sacrifice. People who are de-platformed or get their writing omitted from search results because they asserted uncertain or disputed claims and theories as facts, and because they broke laws and rules they did not know existed in doing so, are making a mistake. They are at fault for becoming lazy, and could easily have continued to be an effective dissident if they kept to promoting better-founded criticisms of the state instead of unproven claims. We should all investigate what is acceptable discourse and self-censor whatever we can't establish as true for all readers. On any topic under dispute, we should look for scholarly backing for what we say, and we should make sure we check and understand our own words and the implications of them under law before saying them. We must stand on the shoulders of giants and be able to deliver our own points with the competence of scholars - like all those best dissidents before us in history - before we analyse or speak. We must make sure that - in the event you really are censored - the world has really lost something and has become less beautiful. We don't have freedom of speech. For us to somehow pretend we do, in hopes of eventually being censored or detained so we can then disprove freedom of speech, would not be clever but incredibly foolish. Trying to provoke the powers that be into censoring or detaining you, or more likely just damaging your finances and ability to reach readers, is ineffective for promoting any cause. It is a self-imposed defeat, unless you are going to expose a real crime or truly change society's perceptions of the state in the way Assange, Manning and Snowden did. - LOrdreNet - Mont Order society
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There’s been a surge in ‘unlawful’ attempts to not save disabled people from coronavirus

The number of learning disabled people subject to controversial Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) notices has surged to “unprecedented” levels. That’s according to one care … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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World renowned Turkish series ‘Dirillis Ertugral’ airs in Pakistan

By News Desk On orders of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, Turkish historical drama serial Dirilis Ertugrul has started airing on PTV Home with UrduContinue reading - Voice of East
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25 April 2020

The propaganda the BBC just pushed out on ‘Dom’ Cummings is staggering

You’d think, given the increasing scandal around Boris Johnson’s adviser Dominic Cummings, that the BBC would avoid anything other than basic reporting about him. But … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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24 April 2020

The First Circle

Probably everyone in the West at least has seen some version of a famous figure by the late 19th century French sculptor Auguste Rodin, called in English, The Thinker. It is a nude man seated in a position we have all learned to understand as contemplative, as thinking. Several years ago, although I actually hate […] - Dissident Voice
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“Essential”: What’s in a Word?

Are you an “essential worker” who needs to be on the job? Do you run a “non-essential” business” that’s required to close and isn’t eligible for a government bailout? When you leave your home is it for “essential travel” or are you engaging in “non-essential activity?” “Essential” versus “non-essential” may be the single most significant … Continue reading “Essential”: What’s in a Word? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Post Doha Agreement Afghanistan: Implications and Options for Pakistan

By News Desk On 22nd April 2020, Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS) and Area Study Centre (Russia, China & Central Asia), University ofContinue reading - Voice of East
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23 April 2020

From COP-21 To COVID-19: The Collapse Of “Predictive Models” and the Return to Actual Thinking

American Surgeon General Jerome Powell’s recent announcement that America would begin using real data and real trends instead of the World Health Organization-Bill Gates driven ‘predictive models’ came as a breath of fresh air for many who were beginning to lose hope that reason had been banished from world policy. When compared with reality, the WHO/Gates-funded narrative […] - Dissident Voice
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Kashmir human rights activist seeks UN intervention to end persecution of Kashmir journalists

KIIR chief seeks UN intervention to end persecution of Kashmir journalists Slams India’s massive crackdown on journalists By News Desk Islamabad: Veteran human rights activistContinue reading - Voice of East
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22 April 2020

Catalyst in detail: Wed, 22 Apr 2020 19:31:45

Let’s take another look at this selection from the 2013 Catalyst Thesis: “The wealth disparities between countries, visible through communication media, are a ‘threat’ to nations. That people in vastly different economic conditions are able to see each other’s lifestyles as if through a thin glass pane makes it very difficult to conceal the injustices of the global economic village at present. Immanuel Wallerstein has considered this division between the highly rich technological powers and the masses of voiceless and exploited people in poor countries as the key defining struggle in the throes of the world’s transition to the next level of modernity. Because of this greater enlightenment through media, one of the most basic requisites of techno-liberation is a broadened understanding of the shape of global exploitation. Such understanding requires us to admit it is anchored in unjust technological disparities and monopolies. In the past, radical technological changes did indeed bring unfair advantages to one or more nations over the rest, or empowered rulers to control and oppress their subjects. It is worth now considering if such an unfortunate outcome is already disappearing. Through the same affairs that are making technology unpredictable, we are seeing them run wild out of the hands of their own inventors and the rulers. Now, for the first time ever, the trend is working to empower everyone.” HUMANS ARE NO PINNACLE, MODERNITY IS NO END. http://www.clubof.info/p/catalyst.html
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The desperate Telegraph just ripped off a story from independent media

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’, as the saying goes. And there’s none more desperate than the UK’s corporate press. Not least among these … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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21 April 2020

America’s To Doctor Exposes Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

By News Desk America’s top doctor, Rashid Buttar blasts Bill Gates and Dr Fauci for the coronavirus debacle. He also exposes the fake pandemic numbersContinue reading - Voice of East
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Whither the Precautionary Principle?

The precautionary principle, per Wikipedia, is “a strategy for approaching issues of potential harm when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking. It emphasizes caution, pausing and review before leaping into new innovations that may prove disastrous.” Over the last half century or so, regulators and activists have regularly invoked the precautionary principle versus … Continue reading Whither the Precautionary Principle? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Why is COVID-19 Data Reported in Such a Twisted Manner?

It is now the beginning of April 2020, and our planet has already come to an almost complete standstill. Some human beings are mesmerized; they are under the spell of the novel coronavirus (flu), named COVID-19. Well, not as novel, one could argue; not anymore. Every day, we are being bombarded by sensationalized numbers and […] - Andre Vltchek
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Coronavirus Capitalism: Entrenching Dispossession and Dependency

There is surprisingly a certain degree of optimism around at the moment, despite virtually entire populations and economies on lockdown. Although things are really bad for millions right now due to the effects of lockdown, economist Mariana Mazzucato believes that the Covid-19 crisis will shine light on societal and economic systems all across the world, […] - Dissident Voice
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20 April 2020

Trump’s Shameful Blame Game

The neoliberal Council on Foreign Relations through its journal Foreign Affairs has amped up its criticisms of China. United States president Donald Trump and American officials have orchestrated a gambit to deflect unwanted attention from the miserable US response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the souring US economy. The Trump administration has directed its invective […] - Kim Petersen
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19 April 2020

Interview: Gladio WACL, Fascism and the CIA

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Catalyst in detail: Sun, 19 Apr 2020 19:39:21

Your attention is drawn to this selection from the 2013 futurist “Catalyst” thesis by Harry Bentham: “In anticipating risks in the future, it is easy to forget how past technological advancements have produced a vastly greater number of solutions and beneficial lessons than catastrophes. Therefore, if any arguments are burdened with prejudice, they must be the arguments from those ethicists and science-fiction artists who insist on depicting the immediate future as a dark morass to be entered slowly and cautiously. In fact, it is quite probably truer to human nature for civilization to take a leap of faith without care for the risks.” We have seen the power in the DNA of our technology. http://www.clubof.info/p/catalyst.html
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Corporate journalists are in full panic mode after the Sunday Times’ exposé

The Sunday Times’ exposé of Boris Johnson’s handling of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has inadvertently revealed something else. And it’s that corporate journalists are … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Julian Assange: One Year In Belmarsh

It should not be a matter of distinction, but Julian Assange is a figure who is becoming the apotheosis of political imprisonment.  This seems laughable to those convinced he is an agent without scruple, a compromiser of the Fourth Estate, a figure best packed off to a prison system that will, in all assuredness, kill […] - Dissident Voice
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18 April 2020

Cuteness Break: This Sheep Breed Resembles An Adorable Stuffed Animal

Documented as far back as the fifteenth century, the Valais Blacknose sheep is a domesticated sheep originating from Switzerland’s mountainous Valais region. The sheep, with their unmistakable black faces, ears, hocks and feet, spirally horns and coarse coat resemble more of a stuffed toy than a live animal. And aside from being raised for meat […] - Aral Bereux
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Someone fixed the care worker badge for Matt Hancock, and it’s damning

Matt Hancock’s care worker badge hasn’t exactly gone down well. People have criticised the health secretary’s attempt to acknowledge the social care sector during … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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17 April 2020

Webinar on Kashmir Recommends Steps to Avoid Ignoring Kashmir Amid Global Pandemic

By News Desk Islamabad— YFK-International Kashmir Lobby Group organized a webinar that brought together Kashmir experts to explore steps to avoid the possibility that a globalContinue reading - Voice of East
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16 April 2020

“China Lied, People Died?” Look Who’s Talking!

“The costs of the pandemic keep piling up,” writes Marc Thiessen at the Washington Post. “Somebody has to pay for this unprecedented damage. That somebody should be the government of China.” And why, pray tell, should China’s government be punished? For “intentionally lying to the world about the danger of the virus, and proactively impeding … Continue reading “China Lied, People Died?” Look Who’s Talking! → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Leaked Labour Report Shows Party’s Own Senior Staff Acted to Keep Corbyn out of Power

In the June 2017 UK general election, Labour under Jeremy Corbyn came within a whisker of power. If just 2,227 votes had gone the other way, seven Tory knife-edge constituencies would have been won by Labour, putting Corbyn in a strong position to lead a coalition government. Labour achieved 40 per cent in the election, […] - Dissident Voice
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15 April 2020

Catalyst in detail: Wed, 15 Apr 2020 19:30:59

Be a radical and read this selection from the 2013 Catalyst Thesis: “current 3D printers must be laughably crude compared with what is going to arrive in coming decades. Maybe democratic technological explosions will not totally eliminate global inequality, but they can certainly lessen it more than anything else can. Strides in nanotechnology and the highly consequential synthetic biology (#synbio) of Craig Venter could potentially move the world away from the monopoly-driven economic system to the true free market predicted by Immanuel Wallerstein as the successor to this system. It is not outrageous to suggest nano machines and bio machines may someday be household appliances that shrink the whole production process to be in the hands of the people. With enough sharing, our capacity to help ourselves and our friends will be so great that economics will become the primitive shadow of a word. Freely available tools, however complex and advanced they are when first engineered, may in future be the only things needed to raise all the means of construction and trade right down to the finest circuitry. Such an analysis does not even go into the potential of synthetic biology to effortlessly assemble chemical products like fuel and fertilizers from materials useless in the present day. Unlimited resources may go to the machines building our future.” The gravest danger to hegemony and oppression lies at the transformational crossroads of liberation and technology. http://www.clubof.info/p/catalyst.html
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Monthly Review, Wed, 15 Apr 2020 16:53:44

On this day our choice of book is Andre Vltchek’s “Exposing Lies of the Empire” (https://t.co/JFxxp0zQCk). Exposing Lies is an astute non-fiction work, and to give it the praise it deserves we’re incuding it at the top of our list of recommended non-fiction for today. In this case, we discovered contributions that are exceedingly hard-hitting in their depth. Before you’re done, you’ve got to have a quick look at how readers react. We took note of the words from a reader, “We can rest a little easier knowing that there are brave and committed legitimate journalists out there of the calibre of Andre Vltchek who are sharing with us what they have seen and witnessed and not what they were told to see and never witnessed. Unlike the vast majority of their colleagues who like to call themselves journalists but who slavishly and shamelessly push the agendas of their mainstream media bosses. They are a big letdown to the profession and are time and again guilty of misleading the public either by blatant lies or lying by omission.” Well, now we’re done you might as well go one small step further and search for a copy of the book yourself. If not, stay with us for more by using the email subscription option right at our website.
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14 April 2020

Instead of a Column, by a Man Too Burnt Out to Write One

In the normal course of things, I write my columns to a particular formula, that of the “op-ed.” I pick a subject that’s riding high in the news cycle (or, better yet, is ABOUT to be riding high in the news cycle, making me look prophetic) and make the most compelling — but concise! — … Continue reading Instead of a Column, by a Man Too Burnt Out to Write One → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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A DWP ‘fatal flaw’ could spell disaster for 1.4 million people

The chair of an influential committee has said there is a “fatal flaw” in the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP’s) response to the … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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13 April 2020

Lockdown Forces East Africa to Watch Once in a Century Locust Plague Decimate Crops

East Africa is bracing itself for a second wave of locusts in what it anticipates to be the worst outbreak seen since 1950. Billions of insects are expected to swarm the already threatened food sources exacerbated by the pandemic. The approaching locust attack might be 20 times larger than the initial attack, AP reports. The […] - Aral Bereux
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Indian occupation forces turn Kashmir into a killing field

By News Desk Islamabad: Veteran Hurriyat leader and senior vice Chairman Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) Altaf Hussain Wani has expressed grave concern over theContinue reading - Voice of East
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Peter Navarro: A Man Who Smear China without Knowing Much about It

For many years now, it has been obvious that in both North America and Europe, smearing and provoking China has become an extremely lucrative business, even career. There are entire ‘institutes’ and NGOs dedicated strictly to such activities, and there are individuals who are groomed to become anti-Chinese warriors. Peter Navarro, a neo-con and a […] - Andre Vltchek
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Locked Down and Locking in the New Global Order

On 12 March, British PM Boris Johnson informed the public that families would continue to “lose loved ones before their time” as the coronavirus outbreak worsens. He added: We’ve all got to be clear, this is the worst public health crisis for a generation. In a report, the Imperial College had warned of modelling that suggested over 500,000 would […] - Dissident Voice
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12 April 2020

Poetry: Rhyming not necessary but some assembly required

This sense of viral isolation, dread and global make-over (for good and worse) gets the proverbial juices flowing of our local and national bards. It’s not a stretch to say there are many people on our coast and farther east who consider themselves to be “poets.” With a liberal dose of simile, any number of […] - Dissident Voice
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11 April 2020

How Kindness Saved My Life

The Miracle of Kindness Evil, even in the darkest moments, is impotent before the miracle of human kindness. This miracle defies prejudices and hatreds. ItContinue reading - Voice of East
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Will We Learn COVID-19’s Most Important Lesson?

On February 29th, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams took to Twitter to admonish Americans:  “Seriously people — STOP BUYING MASKS! They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus …” A little over a month later, Adams finally got around to asking the Centers for Disease Control if perhaps he’d been talking through … Continue reading Will We Learn COVID-19’s Most Important Lesson? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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10 April 2020

Himalayas Visible for First Time in 30 Years As Lockdown Sees Drop in India’s Pollution

The coronavirus has impacted our lives, and will continue to do so for years to come. Even if the virus is eradicated in the coming months, how we live in the future has been inevitably challenged. For good and bad, life as we know it is different. From China’s drop in air pollution earlier in […] - Aral Bereux
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Phantoms of “The Operation”

Tis the times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind. — Shakespeare, King Lear Many thousands of New Yorkers have temporarily moved into the small Massachusetts town (permanent population approximately 7,000) where I live because of fear and panic created by fraudulent disease and death data gathered and disseminated under the umbrella term Covid-19.  Such deceitful, […] - Dissident Voice
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Veteran Hurriyat leader writes to UN SG, calls for revocation of anti-Kashmir laws

By News Desk Islamabad: Veteran Hurriyat leader and Chairman Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR) Altaf Hussain Wani has made a passionate appeal to theContinue reading - Voice of East
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9 April 2020

Beware Google’s Dystopian COVID-19 Surveillance. It’s Straight Out of Orwell’s 1984

Straight out of 1984 and into 2020 with one giant leap. Orwell is turning in his grave as the powers of Google track you and share the surveillance data with governments that ask. What’s the take-away with this? The COVID-19 virus, which originated in Wuhan, China after a 6-week cover-up by the Chinese Communist Party, […] - Aral Bereux
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The UK government could face legal action over its coronavirus daily briefings

The Conservative government could be facing legal action over its coronavirus (Covid-19) daily briefings. This is because campaigners say that over 80,000 people are … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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8 April 2020

COVID-19: Resist Much, Obey Little, and Never Forget

The COVID-19 outbreak isn’t over yet, but we’ve reached a turning point: American politicians and bureaucrats are beginning the tricky process of trying to simultaneously walk back their predictions of catastrophe, while awarding themselves the credit for those predictions not coming true, and avoiding the blame they deserve for inciting headlong irrational panic. I’m no … Continue reading COVID-19: Resist Much, Obey Little, and Never Forget → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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7 April 2020

A Disgraceful Act: They Desecrated, and Removed the Statue of Marshal Konev!

Soon, there might be silence. The liberation of Prague, as well as the liberation of Auschwitz and or Warsaw by the Red Army will be forgotten. At least in Europe, even in Eastern Europe, where it took place. This is where it is all leading to. Perhaps, one day, East European governments will issue new […] - Andre Vltchek
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Iraq War Lies Still Cause Pervasive Distrust of UK

Militant arson against 5G towers showed citizens view the UK state as a liar By L’Ordre With anti-statist paranoia and acts of vandalism now part of theContinue reading - Voice of East
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Can Racism not Beget Racism?

Paul Craig Roberts, a former official in the Ronald Reagan government, has his own popular website and his articles are frequently published at the progressive Information Clearing House. I like much of what Paul Craig Roberts has to say, but liking some of the positions staked out by a person does not necessitate that a […] - Kim Petersen
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6 April 2020

Catalyst in detail: Sun, 05 Apr 2020 19:14:10 GMT

Focus for a moment on the following: “The move for technology-powered emancipation would focus on finding ways of sustaining and keeping global welfare intact. Aspects of the world order that appear calculated to preserve the production process by keeping industrial secrets in the hands of the few are really aimed at keeping the production process maximally profitable. As technology races forward in terms of medicine, energy and agriculture, it will only become a scandal that it is being developed and used for purposes of profit rather than humanitarian needs. Techno-liberation actions could include a moral need to violate patents and security concerns to make more medical and food supplies available to the world poor.” Consider the kinds of technological opportunities you see exist, and see if they offer radical options to empower the people. http://www.clubof.info/p/catalyst.html
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5 April 2020

After the Pandemic: Back to School, or Forward to a Better Future?

Anyone who tries to tell you that the COVID-19 pandemic, and its associated social, political, and economic panics, are good things is  an idiot, or trying to sell you some kind of snake oil, or both. Society-wide disasters are always net negatives, or we wouldn’t think of them as disasters in the first place. Silver … Continue reading After the Pandemic: Back to School, or Forward to a Better Future? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Daily Review, Sun, 05 Apr 2020 16:52:47 GMT

Today, our choice is Andre Vltchek’s “Exposing Lies of the Empire” (t.co/JFxxp0zQCk). Exposing Lies is a truly alert contribution to our century’s big political conversations, so to give it the praise it deserves we’re maintaining it at the top of our list of recommended non-fiction for today. In this case, we reveal contributions that are undeniably illuminating in their understanding of the world. If you’re as good at recognizing it as us, you ought to begin by reading how politics readers took it. We took note of the words from an impressed reader, “We can rest a little easier knowing that there are brave and committed legitimate journalists out there of the calibre of Andre Vltchek who are sharing with us what they have seen and witnessed and not what they were told to see and never witnessed. Unlike the vast majority of their colleagues who like to call themselves journalists but who slavishly and shamelessly push the agendas of their mainstream media bosses. They are a big letdown to the profession and are time and again guilty of misleading the public either by blatant lies or lying by omission.” If you read this post, you might as well go the whole way and get a copy of the book yourself. If not, you’ve upset us, so stay with us for the next recommendation by subscribing for email updates.
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4 April 2020

The DWP’s latest coronavirus move is utterly twisted

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has descended into further chaos amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But its latest move to try and … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Chegou a altura da microprodução?

Caso esteja de algum modo envolvido em microprodução, em alteração de hardware, ou em comunidades de hardware livre, ou se (como eu) tem interesse no potencial que tal tem para a relocalização económica e para subverter o poder empresarial, então provavelmente já conhece a história que está a circular acerca de na Itália estarem a... - Kevin Carson
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3 April 2020

World Kashmir Awareness Forum rejects India’s illegitimate moves in Kashmir

World Kashmir Awareness Forum rejects India’s illegitimate moves in Kashmir By New Desk Washington, DC – The World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF) is distressed byContinue reading - Voice of East
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From Rags to Riches, from Plague to Profits

One of the lessons I recall from school was about the theory of spontaneous generation with regard to disease. Of course, there is the well-known phenomena of spontaneous combustion, when something starts to burn without any apparent external ignition. Spontaneous generation we were taught was the idea that something considered dirty or impure, like rags, […] - Dissident Voice
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2 April 2020

Neither Pandemic nor Panic Supersede the First Amendment

Rodney Howard-Browne, pastor of The River church in Tampa, Florida, strongly believes that God wants his church to continue holding live services for hundreds of parishioners even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hillsborough County sheriff Chad Chronister and state attorney Andrew Warren strongly believe that they’re entitled to threaten Howard-Browne with arrest for … Continue reading Neither Pandemic nor Panic Supersede the First Amendment → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Amendment in Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services Act – India’s constitutional terrorism against Kashmiris

By News Desk Wani urges world to take notice of India’s constitutional terrorism against Kashmiris Flays Indian MHA notification, terms as a ploy to changeContinue reading - Voice of East
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Once again, the poorest people have been shafted in the latest coronavirus plan

The official regulator of finance in the UK has announced new rules for personal debt during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. But far from helping … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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1 April 2020

We are Not Allowed to Watch, Listen and Read what We Want, Anymore

Now, that almost all of us, all over the world, have been forced into staying in what could be easily defined as house arrest, there is suddenly plenty of time to read books, to watch great films, and to listen to splendid music. Many of us, for years, have been sadly repeating again and again: […] - Andre Vltchek
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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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