31 October 2021

No, now is not the time to abolish the monarchy

Lordre: #AbolishTheMonarchy was apparently trending on Twitter for a while on 30 October, at a time when the Queen had been ordered to rest for what we can assume are health reasons. The news had sparked the sense that her health might be failing (perhaps she even has Covid-19). Some believed this was the appropriate moment to produce unfair commentary, obviously wishing her ill and thoughtless towards the feelings of others on the matter. Rather than go over specific tweets and exaggerate their importance, let us look seriously at the problems at hand. The royal family has taken significant hits to its reputation recently. The worst was the sexual abuse scandal of Prince Andrew, of whom the Queen is reported to still be very protective. Meghan Markle fans attack Reports of the disfavour and even possible racism towards Meghan Markle caused the hypocritical admirers of that particular aristocrat to act as if they oppose monarchy. Their concern was not the result of principled opposition to monarchy, but distress that the one they happen to worship won’t be going on the pedestal. We should remember that, absent the admiration of many towards the British royal family, Markle means very little to most people anyway. In fact, I am sure I remember some fawners indicating their hopes that Markle could be the future Queen, during some other gossip years ago. The significance or seriousness of such remarks is doubtful, but perhaps they demonstrate the absurdity of those who would like a fight with the existing monarchy just because their preferred foolish idol didn't get enough positive press. The use of a useless monarch The UK monarchy is one of the oldest in the world, and many see a value in preserving traditions. Even when absurd, traditions can provide feelings of stability. In politics, much power flows from the perception of power and much stability is dependent on the perception of stability. Stability saves lives and keeps many out of poverty. It prevents uncertainty, and it even prevents future terrors we could not have predicted. A Britain without the monarchy would be a less stable one, perhaps even comparable with Germany after the removal of its monarchy in the wake of the First World War. It was certainly a mistake to remove the German monarch in the manner that this happened (and as dictated by America) since many Germans still believed in authoritarian figures and were ready to follow an alternative figure as soon as one emerged. The monarchy and the perception of stability that comes from it significantly undermines the prospects of fascists and radicals in the UK, causing conservatives to tone down their rhetoric. If this were removed abruptly and without thought to the feelings of the people, much of the obedience and admiration that is directed to the monarchy would continue to exist but might be focused on supporting another nationalistic hero figure. We have no idea who that might be, or whether that person would be amenable to parliamentary democracy like the current monarch is. Pulling at the threads of civilisation and removing pillars of stability and predictability, even when they are merely built of people’s beliefs, has almost always been followed by regret among people who did it. Revolutions, vast constitutional changes and upheavals produce uncertainty and violence and cannot be justified, unless it can be proven that the status quo is already fatally intolerable and must end. Across the world, people settle for unsatisfactory coalitions of power and ineffective states because these are better than the alternative of a vacuum. The British monarchy is not murdering a population or posing an existential threat to people, so there is no need for urgency to remove it at present. Monarchies often do eventually pose that kind of threat to the citizens when the monarch is truly considered sovereign in place of the people. When such conditions arise, they must be removed by the people and tenuous republics must be attempted instead. This is no guarantee that the alternative governments would be any more legitimate or caring, though. Britain’s monarch is the head of state of a number of other Commonwealth countries, some of which may rely on perceptions about her for their internal stability. She is also a spiritual figure, being the head of the Church of England. Her removal would challenge the existence of a state religion in the UK and interfere with the faith of many, with yet more unknown consequences. We should not look for things that appear to be useless from our privileged perspectives, and remove them out of our boredom. It has to first be necessary and urgent to do so. Something needs to be not just apparently useless but a demonstrable threat to the people, to justify removal. A reactionary power Proponents of change should accept that Britain is an exceptionally reactionary country. While other populations even in Europe have eagerly taken to the streets in fervour to support revolutionaries, Britons tend not to. In fact, British people should be expected to react to such figures with quiet mockery and attempt to go on with their lives as before. It is for this reason that no major new ideology, including Jacobinism and socialism, has ever been adopted by the British state in all the centuries it was confronted with them. Britain is unique among the entire international community in that it seemingly continued, on and on, with same flag and the same system as before, while ideologies emerged and perished. That is unlikely to change even in the current century. The Queen is doing no harm and her health is important to many, including in other Commonwealth countries. May she recover soon.
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Even with the dire budget, the Tories are still up in the polls

The Tories hold a five-point lead over Labour in a recent poll conducted after the Budget. By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Digital Advertising Trucks Flash Kashmir Freedom Messages In Washington And New York

Digital Advertising Trucks Flash Kashmir Freedom Messages In Washington And New York By Our Special Correspondent New York, Oct 28, 2021 (APP): The World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF), a Washington-based advocacy body, rented digital advertising trucks — one in New... Read More › - Voice of East
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30 October 2021

Congress, Skulduggery and the Assange Case

Is the imperium showing suspicions about its intended quarry?  It is hard to believe it, but the US House Intelligence Committee is on a mission of discovery.  Its subject: a Yahoo News report disclosing much material that was already in the public domain on the plot to kidnap or, failing that, poison Julian Assange.  Given […] The post Congress, Skulduggery and the Assange Case first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Dissident Voice
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Human Rights are for Everyone!

Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people … The […] The post Human Rights are for Everyone! first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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29 October 2021

Movies, shows unfairly bashed in a culture war before being released

Lordre: Entertainment media needs to be given a chance and actually watched before it can be rejected or boycotted. In recent years, a very unfair trend developed among political commentators, the worst offenders most likely being those of the "alt right", whereby movies and television shows are condemned often before being aired, due to being supposedly politicised (ironically, such commentators are most responsible for bringing politics into the discussion of such entertainment). Politicisation, which is very likely unwelcome for the production companies themselves, who want to sell to all audiences, begins with commentary from those of a liberal persuasion. They will usually, innocently and likely thinking themselves apolitical, praise some form of inclusion in terms of casting or story-writing. They then face some counter-commentary from conservative figures reacting by condemning Hollywood in turn for its apparent political radicalism. The latest 007 movie went through this, at first with liberal commentaros suggesting the titular British spy would be replaced by a female or minority actor. This was met with outright condemnation from conservative commentators. The final product apparently had some nod to inclusion, but otherwise was just a normal Bond movie. It turned out this was a false alarm. We see this with Amazon's upcoming The Lord of the Rings (not actually The Lord of the Rings but other prequel tales from the same author), expected apparently to feature a more racially diverse cast than previous iterations. We know nothing of the specifics of how this new J. R. R. Tolkien-inspired show will be cast, or how, if at all, a diverse cast would possible undermine its ability to represent the author's vision. It may be that the diverse cast is well-intended and well-chosen and manages to still properly represent Tolkien's world. It may be that it has no effect at all on the entertainment value of the series. When you haven't seen a thing, you are in no position to judge it. However, thanks to pre-emptive attack, many tend not to watch a new show or are intent on giving it a bad review without even watching. Sometimes, preachy and political dialogue can definitely undermine a story set in a fantasy world. Casting decisions can also be poor. However, whether such issues are present and undermine entertainment value isn't known until you see something. Instead of politicising entertainment in protest against the politicisation of entertainment, just watch it and then explain the problems you find, giving at all all times specifics. If entertainment is genuinely poor, the biggest losers will be those who produced it. They are invested in it, quite literally, more than any "fan". - LOrdreNet
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The shocking figures which show the devastating effects of the budget

The effect of Rishi Sunak’s budget has potentially become clear. Several think tanks have calculated that despite measures around things like Universal Credit, the … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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The Latest Data Proves That Chinese-US Trade Is Mutually Beneficial

The Latest Data Proves That Chinese-US Trade Is Mutually Beneficial By Andrew Korybko The latest trade data shows that the American business community doesn’t agree with continuing former US President Trump’s counterproductive trade war, nor are they boycotting Chinese products due... Read More › - Voice of East
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When It Comes to Legislation, Reading Should Be Fundamental

“Congress is gradually moving toward having only one bill per year,” former congressman Justin Amash (L-MI) tweeted recently. And that bill will have “everything stuffed into it, negotiated by just a few congressional leaders, completely behind closed doors, with no floor amendments permitted.” Amash presumably has the current “infrastructure” bill in mind. Weighing in at … Continue reading When It Comes to Legislation, Reading Should Be Fundamental → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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28 October 2021

The Tyranny Continues: October 27, 1947 – Day of Kashmir’s Occupation

The Tyranny Continues: October 27, 1947 – Day of Kashmir’s Occupation By Our Special Correspondent Jakarta, Indonesia – October 27, 2021 – “October 27 marks the beginning of Indian Occupation of the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is... Read More › - Voice of East
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27 October 2021

Rishi Sunak’s budget abandoned millions of sick and disabled people

Rishi Sunak’s autumn budget made no mention of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) until the end. And when the chancellor did announce … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Who’s Responsible for the Rust Shooting?

On October 21, actor Alec Baldwin shot and killed one person (cinematographer Halyna Hutchins) and wounded another (director Joel Souza) on the set of Rust, a western film he was making in New Mexico. Reportage generally describes the shooting as an “accident,” but it wasn’t. There are two kinds of firearms discharges: Intentional and negligent. This … Continue reading Who’s Responsible for the Rust Shooting? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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26 October 2021

Why Are Two Prominent Neocons Pragmatically Engaging With Russia?

Why Are Two Prominent Neocons Pragmatically Engaging With Russia? By Andrew Korybko The neocons used to regard Russia as the so-called ‘global evil’ and probably still hold such Russophobic beliefs but realized that the strategic dynamics of the New Cold War... Read More › - Voice of East
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25 October 2021

“The Public Good” Isn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s — or Congress’s — Priority

Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen, the Washington Post reports, has “repeatedly accused [Facebook CEO Mark] Zuckerberg of choosing growth over the public good.” The Post‘s headline puts it a slightly different way: “Growth over safety.” The meaning of “growth” in this context is pretty obvious: Zuckerberg’s company makes a lot of money, and he wants it … Continue reading “The Public Good” Isn’t Mark Zuckerberg’s — or Congress’s — Priority → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Catalyst in detail: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 09:47:59

Your attention is drawn to the following: “The greatest obstacle… would be the prevailing notion of citizenship, and so the targeted de-legitimization of nations and citizenship is a worthy goal for any currents of techno-liberation. Such a goal can be achieved by thwarting the divisions among nations and thus violating the ideological mask maintaining global disparities. Differences of language and culture represent significant barriers that justify separation and disparity among groups in the global system. If technologies can be developed that allow for greater communication across borders, for example technologies that enhance what the internet is already doing and allow the language barriers to be eroded, then such technologies will help to undermine the social cohesion of nation-states. In turn, this action will force people to re-examine their identities in a more rational way. They may, in this process, de-legitimize and question the concepts of nation and citizen and turn to another basis of identity instead. In addition to breaking down the language barriers, the leaking of state information can also serve to de-legitimize the state and undermine its bullying power with the assistance of technology.” http://www.clubof.info/p/catalyst.html
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22 October 2021

Amazon and Google: Partners in Israeli Apartheid

The best-selling Irish novelist Sally Rooney is openly shunning Israel after recent reports from human rights groups warned that Israel practices apartheid, systematically oppressing Palestinians under its rule. But while Israel risks becoming a pariah among some cultural producers, it is being aggressively embraced by globe-spanning corporations like Amazon and Google – among the wealthiest […] The post Amazon and Google: Partners in Israeli Apartheid first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Dissident Voice
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The UN is preparing to investigate the UK government again

A UN committee is gathering information ahead of another investigation into the UK government. It’s over its adherence to the human rights of chronically … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Political Power is the Problem, Not the Solution

President Joe Biden wants the Occupational Safety & Health Administration to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all workers at companies with more than 100 employees. Local governments from sea to shining sea, including those of New York City and San Francisco, have conscripted business owners as “vaccination passport” inspectors, forbidding them to serve customers whose papers … Continue reading Political Power is the Problem, Not the Solution → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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The Economic Dimension Of The American Hybrid War On Ethiopia

The Economic Dimension Of The American Hybrid War On Ethiopia By Andrew Korybko The IMF has already been exploited by the US for Hybrid War ends related to the economic dimension of this unconventional campaign against Ethiopia. The American Hybrid War on... Read More › - Voice of East
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20 October 2021

Powell Lied, People Died: Justice Delayed Was Justice Denied

On October 19, 96-year-old Irmgard Furchner appeared in a German court to answer charges of aiding and abetting 11,412 murders. The murders took place between 1943 and 1945 at the Stutthof concentration camp, where a much younger Furchner worked as secretary to the camp’s commandant. A day before Furchner’s indictment, Colin Powell, the US government’s … Continue reading Powell Lied, People Died: Justice Delayed Was Justice Denied → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Generational, Historical, Familial, Capitalism Trauma

Whew, the realities of so many people as part of the walking wounded in high and low places. The landscape in USA, now Canada, UK and parts of Europe, where the Capitalists buff their gold-plated toilets and polish their collection of cars, there are hundreds of millions of people, rudderless, broken, flayed, laid prostrate from […] The post Generational, Historical, Familial, Capitalism Trauma first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Dissident Voice
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19 October 2021

Recensione: Eric Laursen, The Operating System

Di Kevin Carson. Articolo originale: Review: The Operating System by Eric Laursen, pubblicato il primo settembre 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Eric Laursen. The Operating System: An Anarchist Theory of the Modern State. Foreword by Maia Ramnath (AK Press, 2021). Molti degli argomenti trattati da Laursen in questo suo libro sono già noti a molti... - Kevin Carson
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15 October 2021

Legacy Social Media: Free as in Beer, Not as in Speech

On October 5, former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen testified before the US Senate, decrying her former employer’s “destructive impact” and warning that “without action, divisive and extremist behaviors we see today are only the beginning.” Per Haugen’s theory, lack of “action” by social media platforms is the cause of social ills such as violence  … Continue reading Legacy Social Media: Free as in Beer, Not as in Speech → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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A Labour deputy mayor has defected to the Greens. Ouch.

Another week, and another headache for Keir Starmer. This time, a Labour deputy mayor has switched to the Green Party. And her parting comments … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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14 October 2021

75th Anniversary of Indian Invasion in Kashmir: Kashmiri Activists Condemn India’s Occupation

75th Anniversary of Indian Invasion in Kashmir: Kashmiri Activists Condemn India’s Occupation World Kashmir Awareness Forum Denounces Indian Government Presence in Kashmir By Our Special Correspondent Washington, DC – The World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKA) issues the following statement on the 75th anniversary... Read More › - Voice of East
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What Does Health Care For All Look Like in Nicaragua?

Since the Sandinistas returned to power in January 2007, child malnutrition has dropped by 45% for children under five and by 66% for children ages 6-12. I’d like you to imagine for a moment that you are the parent of a child with asthma, living in Ciudad Sandino, just outside the capital of Nicaragua, in […] The post What Does Health Care For All Look Like in Nicaragua? first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Dissident Voice
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The ‘Covid Report’ exposed that behavioural science cost countless lives

A minister has admitted that the government delayed locking-down at the start of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic because of scientific advice. But what he … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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13 October 2021

Economic Woes: Biden Blames Trump. Trump Blames Biden. They’re Both Right.

“The Biden administration,” Eric Garcia reports at The Independent, “is attempting to shift the blame for the nation’s current supply chain crisis at the feet of the Trump administration as the nation faces a series of problems with shipping.” White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain refers, in a tweet, to the traffic jam at US … Continue reading Economic Woes: Biden Blames Trump. Trump Blames Biden. They’re Both Right. → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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11 October 2021

Raise Congressional Pay — and Tax the Rich

“Young investors have a new strategy,” National Public Radio’s Tim Mak reported on September 21:  “Watching financial disclosures of sitting members of Congress for stock tips.” Under the Stock Act, members of Congress must disclose their own stock trades, and those of their spouses, within 45 days. One member of a TikTok investor community refers … Continue reading Raise Congressional Pay — and Tax the Rich → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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10 October 2021


The military leaders from three countries had assembled with their interpreters in Beijing’s historic Forbidden City. Chinese general Wei Fenghe hosted North Korean vice-marshal Kim Jong-gwan and the Russian army general Valery Gerasimov. Those gathered were feeling quite jovial, as they clinked glasses of champagne. “Fight fire with fire. Isn’t that what they say,” said […] The post CHRUNK first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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Jodey Whiting’s mother is once again fighting the justice system and the DWP

The mother of a woman who took her own life after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) stopped her social security is once … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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8 October 2021

NICE will now face court over the ME guidelines debacle

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is going to be in court over its delay in publishing new guidelines for the … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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“No First Use”: An Empty Gesture That Would Cost Nothing

“Debate on ‘no first use’ of nukes mushrooms in Washington,” Joe Gould reports at Defense News. “Five years after President Barack Obama turned back from declaring a ‘no first use’ as US policy for nuclear weapons,” Gould writes, “opponents say the Biden administration is considering it too, and warn that it risks alienating allies.” Is it … Continue reading “No First Use”: An Empty Gesture That Would Cost Nothing → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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7 October 2021

After success against Corbyn, Israel lobby ousts UK scholar

Britain’s pro-Israel lobby gained another important scalp last week after a prolonged campaign of intimidation finally pushed a major UK university into firing one of its lecturers. Bristol University dismissed David Miller, a political sociology professor, even though an official investigation had concluded that accusations of antisemitism against him were unfounded. Research by Miller, a […] The post After success against Corbyn, Israel lobby ousts UK scholar first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Dissident Voice
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6 October 2021

Blowing the Whistle at Facebook

The only surprise was that it did not come sooner.  Big Tech whistleblowers are not exactly running out of the offices of Silicon Valley, so it was with some excitement that Facebook could produce a person willing enough to show us the laundry, with the dirt still caking the content. And the laundry in question […] The post Blowing the Whistle at Facebook first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Dissident Voice
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Seminar At Tysons Corner: UN Urged To Help Resolve Kashmir Dispute

United Nations Urged to Help Resolve Kashmir Dispute By News Desk Washington, DC. October 4, 2021 – “The current resistance in Indian illegally occupied Jammu Kashmir (IIOJK)is rooted in the struggle of the people for the exercise of the right... Read More › - Voice of East
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It seems the ‘Priti Fascist’ protester was clearly telling the truth

The police have sparked fury after arresting a protester for holding up a sign outside the Tory Party conference. Clearly you can now be … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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4 October 2021

Trump, Twitter and the Digital Town Hall

The merits are hard to stomach for partisans long jaundiced by presumption and dislike, but the cheer at the deplatforming of Donald Trump by a range of social media platforms said as much about the nature of any sentiment about democracy as it did about those claiming to defend it.  For one, it shut off […] The post Trump, Twitter and the Digital Town Hall first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Dissident Voice
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Help Wanted: The Labor Shoe is on the Other Foot

“I’m a small business owner,” someone identified as “Andy” writes to syndicated advice columnists J.T. and Dale, “and I can’t believe how many people just don’t want to work anymore. … my business is suffering, because I can’t get employees.” My social media feeds are full of photographs — who knows if they’re real or … Continue reading Help Wanted: The Labor Shoe is on the Other Foot → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Pakistan-TTP Negotiations And Iran’s Proxy War In Pakistan

Pakistan-TTP Negotiations And Iran’s Proxy War In Pakistan Experts Ahmed Quraishi and Khalid Muhammad analyse latest developments in the region, focusing on Pakistan-TTP negotiations and Iran’s proxy war inside Pakistan. Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi moderated the session.   - Voice of East
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3 October 2021

It’s been a weekend of woe for Keir ‘Calamity’ Starmer

It was a super shambles Saturday for Keir Starmer’s Labour Party on 2 October: lurching from crisis to chaos and back to crisis again. … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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1 October 2021

Libertarianism: No Infantile Disorder

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat could use a refresher on Freudo-Marxist psychiatrists. Douthat chides libertarians — or at least “the kind of libertarian who identifies forever with his 13-year-old self” — for taking a laissez-faire attitude to “a novel, obviously addictive technology that might well be associated with depression and self-harm” (“Instagram Is Adult … Continue reading Libertarianism: No Infantile Disorder → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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YouTube’s Censorship Of RT’s German-Language Channels Is A Form Of Hybrid Warfare

YouTube’s Censorship Of RT’s German-Language Channels Is A Form Of Hybrid Warfare By Andrew Korybko This dimension of the German Hybrid War on Russia is interestingly aimed at the German people instead of the Russian ones or those in any of... Read More › - Voice of East
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Disabled people’s Universal Credit protest pulled no punches

For the second time in a week, disabled people took to the streets over the Tories’ treatment of social security claimants. This time it … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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