31 March 2022

The Ghost of the Mother of Trusts

The 94th Academy Awards ceremony on March 27 saw misunderstanding erupt into an acrimonious conflict: The battle of the ghosts of Reitman, Reagan, Ramis, and Roosevelt. Bill Murray paid tribute to the memory of Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, while the Academy also marked the 15th anniversary of Jason Reitman’s Juno. The junior Reitman recently directed … Continue reading The Ghost of the Mother of Trusts → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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30 March 2022

Boris Johnson just lied about child poverty again at PMQs

Boris Johnson has once again used Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) to lie about child poverty figures. Good timing, though – #BorisTheLiar had already been … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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29 March 2022

A disabled person’s furious response to the cost of living crisis points to a bigger issue

A disabled person has launched a furious response to the government. It’s over the so-called ‘cost of living crisis’. But her anger points to … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Family Matters Frustrate Attempts to Enforce Political Ethics

Supreme Court associate justice Clarence Thomas “faces growing ethics questions,” The Hill‘s John Kruzel reports, “after recent reports of his wife’s aggressive effort to overturn former President Trump’s electoral defeat and participation in the Jan. 6 ‘Stop the Steal’ rally have renewed scrutiny of the justice’s refusal to step aside from related disputes that have … Continue reading Family Matters Frustrate Attempts to Enforce Political Ethics → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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28 March 2022

Kiev’s War Crimes Against Russian POWs Discredit The US-Led West’s Cause

Kiev’s War Crimes Against Russian POWs Discredit The US-Led West’s Cause By Andrew Korybko There’s no doubt that their MSM will suppress this incident and then shamelessly spin it however they think is necessary in order to downplay what happened and... Read More › - Voice of East
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A Comparison of Who the New York Times Deems Worthy and Unworthy of Propping up

The New York Times continues to selectively promote news that fits the Establishment narrative. The NYT portrays the nine-year sentence of the Russian “opposition leader” Aleksei Navalny to a high-security prison as a travesty of justice. Was it unjust? If so, justice must be demanded. What I can comment on is a factual inaccuracy by the […] The post A Comparison of Who the New York Times Deems Worthy and Unworthy of Propping up first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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27 March 2022

Pakistan opposition colludes with West in regime change effort

The United States, United Kingdom and European Union are pushing for regime change in Islamabad at this time.

Western governments are bribing and weaponizing corrupt opposition figures against the government of PM Imran Khan, to oust him in the current no-confidence vote.

Representatives of the US, UK and EU have openly met with opposition figures willing to collude with them and make the country subservient to the West.

Opposition figures representing foreign interests

From what the Pakistani government has said, Western agents are successfully bringing in what the British and later the CIA called "King George's cavalry" - suitcases of cash - to bribe politicians willing to betray their country. Evidence of such funding, which has gone to various members of the National Assembly of Pakistan, is set to be provided soon by the government.

The current confrontation over the no-confidence vote represents a clash between the patriotic government of the PTI and the corrupt PPP and PMLN, whose only desire is to return to power even at the cost of their country's sovereignty.

West is seeking foreign policy compliance

Western interference seems to originate from dissatisfaction in the US government at Imran Khan's refusal to accommodate US military strike bases on his country's territory, with the corrupt opposition elements particularly complaining about this. Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif has openly said that "Imran Khan should not have said 'Absolutely Not' to the US". Another area of dissatisfaction may be the government's refusal to side with EU countries in their condemnations of Russian military action in Ukraine (although this position is no different than any of Pakistan's neighbours, the West seemed to focus on Pakistan).

It seems that disloyal and corrupt opposition figures are signalling to their Western masters that they will unquestioningly obey, even at the cost of their own nation’s interests.

An ongoing rally in Islamabad has shown the significant support for Imran Khan within Pakistan, and he has remained confident that the people are on his side. In the view of many patriotic Pakistanis, corruption and foreign puppetry have gone hand in hand and the people deserve to be free of it.

-  ClubOfInfo

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Highlights From The Russian Defence Ministry’s Latest Briefing On Ukraine

Highlights From The Russian Defence Ministry’s Latest Briefing On Ukraine By Andrew Korybko Westerners might not have been aware of this important event due to their governments’ censorship of Russian media so the author took it upon himself to share the... Read More › - Voice of East
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26 March 2022

Global Food Shortages: How Does Your Garden (or Pantry) Grow?

“President Joe Biden and other leaders of the world’s major industrialized democracies pledged action on Thursday  [March 24] to address food shortages caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine,” Politico reports. Biden says food shortages “are going to be real,” although he seems to see them as an opportunity to increase US grain production and food … Continue reading Global Food Shortages: How Does Your Garden (or Pantry) Grow? → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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23 March 2022

The Russia-Ukraine War

  The Russia-Ukraine War      For more then 70 years America has been predicting an imminent invasion by first the USSR and then Russia. Now with it’s 9 years of anti-Russian hysteria the west has finally created a self fulfilling prophecy. Putin has decided to intervene in Ukraine. Back in December 2021 Russia asked NATO for security guarantees on Ukraine and reminded them that NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia was a red line. The US and NATO refused to make any concessions. On February 16 Ukraine began a massive escalation in shelling in Donetsk and Lugansk. On February 21, 2022 Russia finally  recognized the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Putin soon announced that he was launching a special operation in Ukraine with the aim of denazifying and demilitarizing Ukraine. It has since become known as “Operation Z.” On February 24th 2022 Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine with 150,000 troops wreaking havoc with 160 cruise missiles on Ukraine’s air defenses, command and control, communications, supply depots and other targets. Suddenly Russian troops arrived in helicopters attempting to seize Kiev’s airport (Ukraine quickly retook it) and in the confusion Russian forces were seemingly everywhere. However it soon became clear that Russia had only established control on the perimeter of Ukraine’s North, South, East and West on a map it looks like a sideways U. Instead of racing to capture Kiev Russia is concentrating on controlling Ukraine’s southern coast. However they are close enough to Kiev to pin down Ukrainian forces. Ukraine is stuck on the defensive and can’t counter attack or reinforce it’s troops. However Ukrainian forces are still able to offer fierce resistance and so Russia’s day to day progress is slow. It’s a pattern familiar to those who followed the earlier war in Ukraine or the war in Syria long periods of indecisive clashes followed by decisive victories and mop up operations. Russia has managed to take Kherson and restored Crimea’s supply of fresh water which Ukraine had cut off in revenge for it voting to rejoin Russia. Currently Russia is focused on liberating the city of Mariupul which rose up in rebellion back in 2014. Back then Ukraine crushed the pro-Russian uprising and gave the city to the Azov battalion. For 8 years they have terrorized the populace, running a secret prison at the local airbase where they kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered their victims. Once Mariupul is liberated Russia may shift it’s attention to destroying the 120,000 Ukrainian troops occupying the Donbass who have massively increased their shelling and missile attacks on the civilian population there. In the last 4 years the Ukrainian military and fascist paramilitaries have killed over 13,000 people in the Donbass with their constant shelling while the world remained silent. That’s more 4 times the number of civilians that the west claim have been killed in the Russian invasion so far 2,500. Both sides conceal their own casualties and give exaggerated accounts of enemy casualties. However isn’t it interesting that the west claims Russia is exclusively targeting civilians and also claims that Russia has lost 12-15,000 troops. When has America ever had a lower civilian body count then the number of troops it has lost? In Iraq the US officially lost 4,431 troops while 1-2 million Iraqis were killed. Also how many of those 2,500 civilians killed were killed by the Ukrainian military shelling of the Donbas? how many were killed by fascist paramilitaries? How many were killed as a result of Zelensky handing out 10,000 automatic weapons to drunken mobs in Kiev who have been using them to rob, loot, and execute suspected traitors. In impotent rage fascist Ukrainians are targeting ethnic minorities like the Roma beating them and tying them to lampposts before posting pictures of their victims on social media. African immigrants trying to flee were beaten for trying to get on the same buses or trains as white Ukrainians a brief scandal that was quickly hushed up. If you “Stand with Ukraine” you are standing with fascism.    The west has rushed to condemn this as an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation. America the ultimate rogue state now poses as the champion of international law. However Russia’s attack was not unprovoked. The war in Ukraine began in 2014 with the Maidan coup installing a fascist government. The new regime was founded on hatred of ethnic Russians and in response Crimea voted to rejoin Russia and the people of Donetsk and Lugansk declared their independence. Ukraine then launched a major offensive to retake Lugansk and Donetsk. Ukraine  passed laws forbidding people to criticize Ukrainian Nazis or to praise the Soviet Union. However with Russia’s covert assistance the heroic people of Donetsk and Lugansk inflicted two crushing defeats on the Ukrainian armed forces and the Nazi paramilitary groups. Ukraine was forced to sign a first and second Minsk agreement to end the war. The US also agreed to the terms of the Minsk agreement which would have granted Donetsk and Lugansk autonomy while forcing them to remain part of Ukraine but neither Ukraine or the US ever honored it. Instead for 8 years Ukraine continued to shell the people of the Donbass and since 2018 have killed at least 13,000 people. America and Ukraine started this war hopefully Russia will be able to end it.     While condemning Russia the corporate media remain silent on the fact that the US is still illegally occupying Iraq and Syria, and is waging a genocidal war on Yemen via it’s Saudi proxies. In the 30 years since the destruction of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war the US and often NATO 30 years have been destroying country after country Panama, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, the Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Libya, and Syria Yemen and Ukraine. In Rwanda and Congo alone 7-13 million people died. This is not even going into the coups and failed coups, the sanctions, the economic warfare and the billions who live in poverty to enrich American corporations. Imperialism evolves over time and takes different forms. Today there is only one empire America and it’s network of allies countries like England, and France who’s empires plundered, massacred, and destroyed everywhere they went in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. America’s empire absorbed fascist countries like Germany and Japan who between them slaughtered 50 million people Jews, Russians, Chinese, Roma and many more peoples. The American empire absorbed the sinister old European empires, and the short lived fascist empires as it launched it’s cold war. It was a master of soft power training ruling classes around the world and gaining control of their opposition. Thanks to Hollywood it was able to brainwash the planet to believe in American benevolence. It’s advertising created a worldwide consumer culture. It’s music shaped teenage rebellion around the globe. Only those who were the victims of American imperialism were able to see the monstrous empire for what it was.      When the US recruited Reinhard Gehlen and hundreds of thousands of fascists after (and during) World War 2 they also absorbed Gehlen’s Ukrainian lackeys in the OUN. The OUN began as a terrorist group after World War 1 assassinating Polish government officials. They then formed an alliance with Nazi Germany the OUN provided recruits for the territorial police and the Waffen SS after Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The OUN murdered millions of victims Jews, Poles, Ukrainians and Russians. They loved to uses axes or saws to slaughter their victims in the goriest manner possible and to save bullets. The US launched it’s first covert war in Ukraine back in the 1940’s using these SS veterans Frank Wisner bragged that his guerrilla army of Ukrainian Nazis killed 30,000 people. Ukraine was only one of many covert wars the US waged on the Soviet republics and the socialist eastern bloc countries. Although initially defeated in Ukraine the fascist emigres of the OUN would be supported by the US, the UK, and West Germany throughout the cold war and they dominated the umbrella group of former fascist collaborators from within the USSR the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations or ABN. Yaroslav Stetsko former Ukrainian ruler of the Nazi puppet state would spend the entire cold war demanding the US and NATO launch a nuclear war to destroy the Soviet Union. Reagan and his Vice President Bush invited Stetsko to the White House  for a photo op. Today thanks to the recklessness of the Biden administration Stestko’s apocalyptic dream of a nuclear war may yet come to pass. A hard core of Ukrainian fascists indoctrinated their children and their children’s children in the ideology of the OUN. Every summer they send their kids to Ukrainian fascist summer camps where they are indoctrinated in the OUN ideology. When the Soviet Union was destroyed by a combination of Gorbachev’s treachery and incompetence and a series of NED/CIA Color revolution style coups and destabilizations the OUN were able to return to Ukraine. Color Revolutions utilize NED and corporate foundations to build networks of NGO’s capable of mobilizing 1 or 2% of the population in mass protests while the CIA and other intelligence agencies work behind the scenes to organize a coup. For decades the Ukrainian fascists had been recruited to run the CIA’s propaganda campaign targeting the Soviet Union Radio Liberty’s Ukrainian broadcasts (Radio liberty is half of RFE/RL). In the 1990’s with the help of the west the Ukrainian fascists began their campaign to revive fascism in Ukraine. Like in Russia the end of Socialism brought poverty and chaos. In this chaos Ukrainian Nazi Paramilitaries began to prosper doing dirty work for various Ukrainian Oligarchs. In 2004 the US would launch a “Color Revolution” the Orange Revolution in Ukraine to install a pro western government run by Viktor Yuschenko overturning the election victory of Viktor Yanukovych. The new government began to glorify the Ukrainian Nazi collaborators. Soon discredited by it’s unchecked corruption Ukraine elected the also corrupt but neutral Yanukovych.     In early 2014 Yanukovych was overthrown by a much uglier color revolution in which the fascist paramilitary groups provided the muscle. In hindsight it is clear that in overthrowing the deeply flawed Yanukovych the US destroyed any chance for an independent or democratic Ukraine. The new government outlawed the opposition parties, purged the parliament, and allowed fascist paramilitary groups to terrorize anyone calling for moderation. They banned Russian provoking a rebellion in Eastern Ukraine. Many in eastern Ukraine also rose up in opposition to the corrupt capitalist system in Ukraine. Then came the Odessa massacre when a mob of Ukrainian fascists chased a crowd of anti-war protestors (protesting the impending civil war on ethnic Russians) into a trade union building then setting it alight killing 39 people officially as many 150 unofficially. The fascist Kiev regime celebrated openly while the US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that they had burned themselves alive despite the whole horrific episode being captured on video. The people of Donetsk and Lugansk realized that they were facing genocide and ethnic cleansing. The war followed and thanks to the covert assistance of Russia, Donetsk and Lugansk were able to inflict two major humiliating defeats on the Ukrainian army. Their strategy was to slowly encircle the Ukrainian forces trapping them in “Cauldrons” where surrounded by artillery and cut-off from resupply they were completely decimated. Russia, Donetsk, and Lugansk are applying the same strategy today. Thus while western military experts are currently bragging about Ukraine’s success and Russia’s impending defeat eventually the Ukrainian forces will likely be encircled and destroyed. It is the same strategy that the Soviet Union used to destroy the German army during WW2. A major difference between the fighting now and in 2014-2015 (or during World War 2) is that Russia now has air superiority and thus is slowly destroying Ukraine’s supplies of fuel and weapons. It will be a long and ugly war but hopefully Russia will emerge victorious.     Russia must win this war it’s very survival is at stake. Putin has made a dangerous gamble but ultimately he had no choice. NATO and the US have turned Ukraine into a fascist puppet state that was never going to give up it’s dream of conquering the Donbass and eventually retaking Crimea. Despite being involved in an ongoing conflict with Russia, Ukraine had altered it’s constitution to permanently pursue NATO membership. And the Biden administration recklessly pushed to admit Ukraine into NATO. Perhaps they never intended to let Ukraine become a full NATO member some would argue. This is equally insane they were willing to provoke a Russian invasion rather then assure Russia that Ukraine would not be admitted into NATO despite not actually planning to allow Ukraine to join. And despite Ukraine not being a NATO member NATO runs the Ukrainian army and holds massive war games in Ukraine where 20,000 NATO advisers train the Ukrainian Army and practice declaring nuclear war on Russia. Putin worried NATO planned to install intermediate range nuclear missiles in Ukraine. President Zelensky announced the week before the invasion that Ukraine planned to start it’s own nuclear program. Since Ukraine already has the nuclear  power plants and the technical know how from the soviet era the threat was very real. Ukraine also hosts more then a dozen US biowarfare laboratories. Russia was faced with the choice of fighting a conventional war now or a nuclear war later. If the west doesn’t come to it’s senses and insists on installing a No Fly Zone over Ukraine as Zelensky  and his American speechwriters demand the whole world could be destroyed in a nuclear apocalypse.    Who is this President Zelensky who has become the idol of millions? Zelensky is a Eurovision winner turned comedian. His patron is the oligarch Igor Kolmoisky who was also patron to the Nazi Right Sector prior to the Maidan coup. Kolmoisky is jewish like Zelensky which didn’t stop him from hiring the Nazi right sector to act as muscle in the Ukrainian version of a “hostile takeover” where they acted as his private mercenaries seizing assets of his business rivals. I mention it merely because people claim that Ukraine can’t be a fascist country because it has a jewish president. Israel has provided major funding and advisers to the Ukrainian Nazi Aidar Battalion alliances are often paradoxical. Israel made it’s own secret deal with Gehlen at the start of the cold war. Kolmoisky gave Zelensky a job playing an ordinary guy elected to the presidency on his TV channel  and then Zelensky ran for the presidency on the peace platform and beat Petro Poroshenko. Poroshenko had won Ukraine’s undemocratic post Maidan elections. Since losing to Zelensky Poroshenko has gone on to ally himself with the hardcore nazis. However Ukraine was rapidly becoming a failed state and it’s western economic advisers had plunged the nation into poverty. Zelensky’s popularity began to fall to 25%. The  post-maidan version of the Yanukovych’s former party of regions now called the Opposition Party for life run by Viktor Medvechuk was gaining in popularity. Luckily for Zelensky and unluckily for Ukraine Biden had been elected and the new administration was determined to take a harder line on Russia then Trump. Trump had been framed as a Russian agent but had sent arms to Ukraine that Obama had delayed. Biden as Vice President had been in charge of Ukraine. Biden appointed Victoria Nuland to the number three spot in the State Department Nuland had supervised the Maidan coup and had handpicked the new government. Anyways the Biden administration encouraged Zelensky to take a more hawkish turn. Zelensky banned the opposition parties charging Medvechuk and Poroshenko for illegal deals with the Donbass and placing them under house arrest. Zelensky  clamped down on the media. He announced he would take back the Donbass. This was back in 2021. This is why Putin began to move forces closer to Russia’s border with Ukraine both to pressure Zelensky and to respond to an attempt to take back the Donbass. Russia claims Ukraine planned to launch an attack on the Donbass in March 2022. Zelensky had already built up the already massive force stationed on the border of the separatist republics. When it appeared that Russia would back down Ukraine launched a massive artillery attack on the Donbass leading Putin to recognize the republics. Now Zelensky’s star continues to rise he’s been given the role of the lifetime and he shouts his heroic defiance from in front of a green screen knowing that the Ukrainian people will be forced to pay the price. If Ukraine looses the war he’ll go on a world tour before settling down to a luxurious retirement as head of the government in exile. On the other hand if he tries to surrender he may be killed or overthrown by one of Ukraine’s fascist paramilitaries. Recently Zelensky banned 11 more opposition parties and seized all private media putting it under state control.      So far Biden has shown enough restraint to avoid a nuclear war. Instead he’s decided to nuke the global economy with his sanctions on Russia. These sanctions have sent food and energy costs skyrocketing and will cause untold misery and chaos worldwide. For the first time Americans themselves will suffer from the sanctions it so heartlessly puts on other countries. The global economy is already in tatters due to the disastrous strategies employed to combat the COVID epidemic. Europe will be even harder hit while the third world will suffer starvation and death. Ironically by sending energy prices soaring the sanctions will help Russia survive the economic embargo the west has launched on their country. Russia is now the most heavily sanctioned country on the planet surpassing North Korea and Iran. More sanctions are on the way. The US is destroying one of the key tools it uses to control the world the petrodollar. Biden’s disastrous strategy is pressing the fast forward button on the decline and fall of the US empire. Meanwhile ordinary people will pay the price. The media is of course blaming the Russian invasion rather then sanctions for the price hikes.    Returning to the war it is certain to be a long and bloody war. Yet while the western media cry crocodile tears for Ukraine, America and it’s allies are doing all they can to insure that the war leaves Ukraine in complete ruin. NATO hopes that as many Ukrainian civilians die as possible so that it can terrify it’s member states and demonize Russia for years to come. In fact they are so full of hubris that they are already boasting of what they call their “Afghanistan Option” and their plans to set up a Ukrainian GLADIO in the event of a Russian victory. Hillary Clinton has been given the job of publicly promoting the Afghanistan option and promising that the war will be as long and bloody as possible to bleed Russia. The fact that Ukraine like Afghanistan could suffer decades of war poverty and chaos in the aftermath does not concern her. NATO quite openly brag that they are setting up a stay behind network that will continue to launch terror attacks and create an insurgency that will continue long after the Russian victory. The strategy for now could more accurately be called “Plan Syria.” Ukrainian forces are preventing civilians from evacuating their cities so that they will die in the crossfire. They are stationing their military equipment in vital civilian infrastructure like hospitals, schools, and shopping malls then firing on Russian forces from these positions. When Russia fires back they then publicize the attack on the hospital or school (schools are thankfully empty at the moment ). In Syria it was the same story the terrorists turned hospitals into military bases and secret prisons. While the western press repeatedly claimed that Assad had destroyed “The last Hospital in Syria” Often Ukrainian forces, abandon fortifications outside of the city and move their military into civilian areas. There have been numerous reports of the Ukrainian military massacring civilians who try to flee the warzone. They plan to turn Kiev into a hellhole of urban combat handing out molotov cocktails and guns to untrained volunteers who will get themselves slaughtered. The reappearance of the same tactics used in Syria in the war in Ukraine reveals that NATO, the CIA, and western intelligence masterminded the Syrian terrorists criminal strategy all along and now they are giving the same disastrous advice to Ukraine. Syria meanwhile is suffering from the “Gaza option” harsh sanctions prevent Syria from rebuilding while the west is deliberately trying to starve the population into submission. In the case of Ukraine luckily the Russian military is already very experienced in foiling the strategies NATO employed to wreck Syria.     The west has also rushed thousands of fascists, mercenaries, and veterans to fight in the war in Ukraine however this strategy backfired when Russia fired a missile on March 13, 2022 at their training camp near Lviv the International Peace Keeping and Security Center.” killing 35 and sending the rest into a panic some of the survivors took to social media warning everyone not to come to Ukraine to die as canon fodder. The west has also been funneling billions in arms to Ukraine much of which Russia managed to blow up with more missiles. Russian, Donetsk, and Lugansk  ground forces have also seized huge stockpiles of American weapons. Every day another Ukrainian arms stockpile, logistics hub, or military barracks is destroyed by Russian air power. Short of starting a nuclear war by trying to enforce a No-Fly zone their is little the US and NATO can do to negate Russia’s advantage in the air. Still Russia will probably have to expand the size of their ground force if it wants to achieve victory.   Russia has declared it’s goal to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. If Russia wins two main scenarios are possible. Either the US will have Zelensky sign a peace deal and Ukraine will be divided into a pro-western part and a Russian controlled part. If the US refuses to make a deal Russia will takeover the entire country and install a pro-Russian government. Ukraine and Belarus will then become Russia’s buffer to the west. At this point there is no way to predict how long the war will last it could take months or it could take years. And even if Russia gains a victory it will face a NATO supplied Ukrainian insurgency for years after that. Thanks to the Maidan coup Ukraine has become a permanent battleground between Russia and NATO.  Sources A must read! a Spanish volunteer in the Donbass writes on the sickening hypocrisy of those condemning the Russian invasion who have ignored the suffering of the Donbass for 8 years.  https://libya360.wordpress.com/2022/02/28/the-hypocrisy-of-a-leftist-no-to-war-that-comes-too-late/ A very detailed account of NATO’s arming and training of Ukraine and plans to turn Ukraine into the next Afghanistan https://libya360.wordpress.com/2022/03/20/us-and-nato-allies-arm-neo-nazi-units-in-ukraine-as-foreign-policy-elites-yearn-for-afghan-style-insurgency/ A guide to Ukraine’s Nazis https://libya360.wordpress.com/2022/03/16/under-the-wolfsangel-the-truth-about-radical-ideologies-in-ukraine/ A history of the diplomatic background that led to the Russian invasion https://multipolarista.com/2022/02/27/us-nato-expansion-ukraine-russia-intervene/ Debunking the Mariupul theater bombing story https://libya360.wordpress.com/2022/03/19/was-the-bombing-of-mariupol-theater-staged-by-ukrainian-azov-extremists-to-trigger-nato-intervention/ - Hugo Turner
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NHS workers have given Rishi Sunak a clear message

NHS workers took a clear message to Rishi Sunak before his Spring Statement. You couldn’t miss their demo either, as they hired an open-top … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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22 March 2022

GOP Senators’ Case Against Ketanji Brown Jackson: She Did Her Job

Facing questions during her confirmation hearing before the US Senate on March 22, Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson caught what may be the strangest sort of flak I’ve seen in one of these circuses. “Do you support, then, the idea that indefinite detention of an enemy combatant is unlawful?” asked US Senator Lindsey Graham … Continue reading GOP Senators’ Case Against Ketanji Brown Jackson: She Did Her Job → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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21 March 2022

Interpreting Pakistani Prime Minister Khan’s Praise For Indian Foreign Policy

Interpreting Pakistani Prime Minister Khan’s Praise For Indian Foreign Policy By Andrew Korybko Even those who casually follow South Asian affairs know that Prime Minister Khan despises the Hindu nationalist policies of India’s ruling BJP, which he’s described as fascist, Islamophobic,... Read More › - Voice of East
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19 March 2022

When The Press Tries to Hide or Discredit the Facts, It Discredits Itself Instead

When the New York Post broke its “Hunter Biden laptop” stories in October 020, mainstream media tried to ignore them. On the social media side, Twitter  banned linking to them and Facebook used its algorithm to minimize discussion of them pending “fact checks” that apparently never happened. The Streisand Effect — a tendency toward keen … Continue reading When The Press Tries to Hide or Discredit the Facts, It Discredits Itself Instead → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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18 March 2022

Energy bills: direct action looms with the #BigPowerOff

The sharp increase in energy bills is now just weeks away. On 1 April, prices will go up by 54% – potentially sparking chaos … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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17 March 2022

Daylight Saving Time: Finally, Some Government Action I Can Get Behind

If my picture appeared in the dictionary next to a word, that word would likely be “anti-government.” Or perhaps “pro-gridlock.” I don’t like government much, and I’m happier when it’s not getting anything done. Especially anything described as “bi-partisan,” which usually means something incorporating the worst instincts of Republicans and Democrats alike. But on March … Continue reading Daylight Saving Time: Finally, Some Government Action I Can Get Behind → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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16 March 2022

It’s the Tories’ spring conference this weekend. Time to protest.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) was supposed to be protesting at this year’s Tory spring conference, but it ended up redirecting its energy to … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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15 March 2022

The Importance Of Neutrality In The New Cold War

The Importance Of Neutrality In The New Cold War By Andrew Korybko It’s easy for folks to get caught up in the US-led West’s pressure to classify any given state as taking one side or another while ignoring those that have... Read More › - Voice of East
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Rand Paul’s Solution to Anthony Fauci: Three More Anthony Faucis

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, as the US approaches — according to the official statistics — 80 million confirmed cases and a million deaths, most Americans seem to finally understand that America’s “public health” institutions were the opposite of helpful in combating the disease. US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has a solution: Triple the … Continue reading Rand Paul’s Solution to Anthony Fauci: Three More Anthony Faucis → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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14 March 2022

High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. President Biden has explicitly ruled out a direct confrontation with Russia, no matter what happens in Ukraine.

However, there are disturbing indications that some individuals in high places in the US (or representing the thinking of many in such high places) are okay with a nuclear war that will destroy the United States, or in fact are encouraging such a war.

A "no fly zone" of death would expand across the globe instantly

Imposing a no-fly zone in Ukraine will trigger a third world war because it will require targeting Russian airfields, radar and defense systems on Russian territory with American missiles. Russian defenses have vast ranges that prohibit the use of US aircraft over Ukraine. Russian weapons can also easily reach all American airfields in Europe that would be involved in any such operation. The vastness of the Russian military means that the US would have to launch a devastating attack on Russia to neutralise all the threats to US planes as they attack the Russians. Russia would invariably respond by attacking US airfields in turn, and very quickly targeting the US mainland and cities in response to its own territory being attacked by America.

Despite this, there are calls from seemingly well-qualified individuals to go ahead and start this suicidal conflict anyway.

Here are just three examples. There are no doubt others, possibly more influential, but these are just picked at random for being prominent examples of Anglo-American leadership on both sides of the Atlantic.

General Philip Breedlove

This man is no crank. Breedlove is a US general and the former supreme military commander of NATO (Supreme Allied Commander Europe, or SACEUR). He has explictly pleaded, "How many casualties does it take before we take a different approach to this war?" While this may simply seem like a stupid remark, based on emotion, this man is trained and competent enough to be fully aware that what he is advocating will entail killing not just everyone in Ukraine but everyone in Russia, Europe and North America too. Why, then, is he advocating it?

Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham, an influential and powerful US senator, has stated that the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine (which he will only blame on Russia) will make the moral case to forget about the risk of nuclear war and begin attacking the Russians. He is also too well-informed in briefings to be unaware that his suggestion to start a world war against Russia would kill far more people than a chemical attack and would quickly kill everyone in the United States and Russia under the fire of hydrogen bombs.

Jonathan Powell

The former Downing Street Chief of Staff under Tony Blair from 1997-2007 has advocated against "appeasement" and argued for launching a war on the Russians if they use a chemical weapon in Ukraine. He cites the example of Syria and the need to take a firmer moral stand (apparently that will do a whole lot of good when we are all skeletons). He is advocating this despite the fact that Western governments were never even fully confident that Syria used chemical weapons, and they bombed Syria merely because of intelligence assessments stating it was "likely". Apparently, we will be very impatient to immolate ourselves and not bother to wait for any investigation in Ukraine, too.

As horrifying as the pictures may have been, the use of chemical weapons in Syria barely killed anyone and had little to no effect on the battlefield other than prompting Western strikes. More people died from knives in Syria. The nuclear exchange that would be guaranteed by attacking Russia on such a flimsy, emotionally manipulative pretext about "chemicals" would kill almost everyone in Ukraine, and then kill almost everyone in both the West and Russia. Apparently, politicians don't see a moral issue with the scenario of mass immolation of people, followed by the larger group of us whose skin will melt and their eyeballs will fall out, followed by another percentarge who will be vomiting blood. No, these scenes don't worry them; they are just worried about the "chemicals" and the idea of people choking, such that they think it is worth risking the nuclear scenario.

These interventionist leaders we are talking about may be insane, but the unique mental health problems of those with power are less important to talk about than the need to stop them.

Who will stop these men?

The answer is... currently serving American officers and generals, who want their troops to live, and probably want their families to survive too.

It should be observed that military experts and officials tend to always warn against what will cause a nuclear war, as happened in Syria. Here we are again, and the same kind of "hawks" are trying to impose a situation where deescalation could become too difficult for the military personnel tasked with a nation's safety, as if the politicians had reached out and ripped the brakes from your car to make sure you crash.

Getting closer and closer to Russia and trying to enforce the US's will closer and closer to them potentially creates an ever more uncontrollable and unpredictable series of conflicts between the US and Russia that make it almost impossible for troops to avoid a nuclear war, even if they have the maximum will to avoid one.

Being responsible for a larger population, if the US gets into a nuclear war with Russia, it will suddenly make the world record for being the country with the biggest piles of dead bodies in human history. Every American officer and general's family will most likely perish, meaning that they have utterly failed not only in their duty as a soldier but even as a human being.

The only solution can be that American officers must continuously resist the pressure of politicians to put them in a situation of nuclear escalation that they cannot escape. Finally, if American officers are unable to prevent themselves being put in that situation, it would become their duty to preserve their country by, in the worst case scenario, mutiny. One should be prepared, privately, to kill their own political leaders and seize control of the government, even at grave risk to their own lives, if the alternative is to obey orders that will directly lead to nuclear war.

- ClubOfInfo

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13 March 2022

Biden’s Latest Excuse for Inflationary Monetary Policy: Blame Putin

“Today’s inflation report, US president Joe Biden told us on March 10, “is a reminder that Americans’ budgets are being stretched by price increases and families are starting to feel the impacts of Putin’s price hike.” It’s the latest in a long line of dodges on the causes of US inflation, which took a dive … Continue reading Biden’s Latest Excuse for Inflationary Monetary Policy: Blame Putin → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Who’s Really Plotting A Chemical Weapons False Flag In Ukraine: Moscow Or Kiev?

Who’s Really Plotting A Chemical Weapons False Flag In Ukraine: Moscow Or Kiev? By Andrew Korybko There’s no credible reason why Russia would employ chemical weapons when it already has uncontested military superiority in all warfighting domains, not to mention when... Read More › - Voice of East
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11 March 2022

Here’s all the news the Tories would prefer you missed

As Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine dominates the news cycle, it’s important that the public is aware of what else is going on. So, … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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10 March 2022

Elizabeth Warren’s Solution to Every Problem: Put Elizabeth Warren in Charge

Whenever and wherever too much government power produces bad policy and terrible results, US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) can be counted upon to pop up with the same proposed solution: More government power and more bad policy. Surely that will fix it. Current case in point: Oil prices. “Putin’s war is causing gas prices to … Continue reading Elizabeth Warren’s Solution to Every Problem: Put Elizabeth Warren in Charge → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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8 March 2022

The DWP is set to essentially cut £10bn from people’s benefits

A think tank has warned that the extent of the cost of living crisis is going to become so bad that it will hit … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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Putin’s Alleged “Kill Lists”: Evil, but Not Unusual

In the fog of war, it’s difficult to tell which claims are true and which aren’t. What are Vladimir Putin’s forces up to in Ukraine? Apart from some high points (real or media-manufactured), it’s often hard to tell. Even when we think that the US government’s claims are true, they’re difficult to credit as uniquely … Continue reading Putin’s Alleged “Kill Lists”: Evil, but Not Unusual → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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Ukraine’s US-Backed Bioweapons Program: Bogus Or Believable?

Ukraine’s US-Backed Bioweapons Program: Bogus Or Believable? By Andrew Korybko Russia’s allegations of Ukraine’s US-backed bioweapons program are credible since they align with America’s consistently hostile intentions driven by its self-interested desire to destroy its historical rival through Hybrid War. Had... Read More › - Voice of East
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7 March 2022

An Ill Informed Anti-war Movement Bodes Ill

… the claim that Russia should not have violated Ukrainian sovereignty is based on the erroneous belief that Ukraine was invaded. This assertion is based on ignorance. Quite aside from the international-law issues posed by the sovereign claims of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), and hence whether they could exert sovereign […] The post An Ill Informed Anti-war Movement Bodes Ill first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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The Concept of Human Rights in Islam – Part 3

The Concept of Human Rights in Islam – Part 3 By Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai It is an historical fact that during the battle of Badr, no prisoner of war was tortured, because of the specific orders given by Prophet... Read More › - Voice of East
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6 March 2022

Support Sanctions on Russian Oil? Don’t Complain About High Gas Prices

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on March 4, 80% of Americans support a  US government ban on the importation of Russian oil. Meanwhile, Americans are also complaining about high gas prices, which reached an average of more than $4 per gallon over the weekend following the poll’s release, in large part due to US … Continue reading Support Sanctions on Russian Oil? Don’t Complain About High Gas Prices → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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4 March 2022

CNN Is Leading People To Their Doom By Promoting Mercenary Propaganda For Ukraine

CNN Is Leading People To Their Doom By Promoting Mercenary Propaganda For Ukraine By Andrew Korybko CNN’s information warfare piece that was analysed in this analysis is a perfect example of warmongering propaganda and should be universally condemned by all peace-loving... Read More › - Voice of East
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3 March 2022

Inflation Whips Labor

Jacobin‘s Seth Ackerman tells us that “Higher Inflation Doesn’t Reduce Real Wages” (February 22) since it “can only be sustained over time if the demand for labor is strong enough, relative to the supply, to force employers to continually bid up wages.” In those cases, “wages tend to rise faster than profits,” so their purchasing … Continue reading Inflation Whips Labor → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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A Labour council is ‘torturing’ a disabled man by threatening to evict him

A Labour-run council is still trying to evict two brothers, one of whom is disabled, from their family home. It comes after the council … Read more By Steve Topple - Steve Topple
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2 March 2022

Three ways for Russia to punish the West

Due to the ongoing operation to eliminate radical anti-Russian nationalists in Ukraine, Russia is under pressure unseen since the Axis powers attacked its territory in the Second World War. The following are three decisive methods the Russian government could consider, to severely punish the NATO countries.

1. Proxy war in Ukraine

Americans have already taken the lead in making a European proxy war possible, suggesting the supply of armaments to rebels and foreign volunteers who are expected to arrive in Ukraine. They want to copy the success of foreign fighters in Afghanistan during the 1980s, believing only the Russians will suffer from this policy, but Europe could be more at risk itself. After all, this "Afghanistan" would be in Europe, and Ukraine already has a problem with armed neo-Nazis.

In fact, NATO has more reason to fear this scenario of a failed state in Ukraine than Russia.

Unlike Afghanistan, Russians are natives of this area, with large populations and families supporting Russia in parts of Ukraine. They will not be withdrawing like the Soviet Army. Returned to Russian protection, they could contribute to a strong buffer zone of sympathetic forces to help secure Russia's Ukrainian frontier. There is already the Donetsk People's Republic, DPR, and Lugansk People's Republic, LPR, able to provide Russia with mutual security against Western nationalist proxies in Ukraine. Russia could be restrictive about travel from Ukraine to Russia, but the European Union would never be so strict, having opened its doors to Ukrainian exiles and aided their travels. If Ukraine becomes a ruined failed state, filled with protracted warfare and resentment, home to many shadowy groups including local Russian proxies, Russia would be able to use Ukraine to threaten Europe, while enjoying security itself. The inevitable blockback of weapons and radical ideas into Europe from a European repeat of Afghanistan could be uncontrollable, and may result in armed insurgents seizing cities across Europe and spreading civil war and chaos. We must remember that the foreign fighters of the Afghan jihad set about trying to topple the local regimes after they returned home, for example in Algeria, being convinced of their just cause. Foreign fighters who are radicalised in Ukraine would be returning to places like Berlin and Paris.

2. Impounding ships

Russia encompasses a huge amount of land with a vast coastline, meaning potential dominance at key shipping routes, especially those icy seas along its north. It possesses a powerful navy and air forces, more than enough to interdict shipping. In retaliation for sanctions, Russia could impound all cargo ships and tankers it encounters if they belong to the countries carrying out sanctions on Russia, taking their cargo as compensation. The US already did this to Iran, and France even was bold enough to do this to Russia itself. The occasional disappearance of a tanker could produce negative economic effects and denying them passage could be just as disruptive.

With the French declaring "total economic and financial war on Russia", Russia has no reason to let any French cargo ship pass if it can intercept it. An even more aggressive option is for Russian navy vessels to actively hunt, intercept and board all vulnerable ships of the European Union and throw their cargo overboard, destroying the goods (unless they contain things that are extra valuable, such as gold!)

European countries could retaliate in a number of ways, but they would likely be too costly. Freight shipping is a notoriously cost-averse business, maintaining ageing ships often of dubious quality and crews on fairly minimal salaries, so it seems unlikely that warshups will be used for this task or assigned for protection in peacetime.

3. Turning off the gas to Europe

Russia can simply turn off the gas to Germany and instead supply its gas to China and other Asian countries. If done in combination with delaying, diverting or seizing US LNG shipments bound for Europe, this could be catastrophic to European economies, forcing them to shut down industry and even fail to keep their citizens warm.

Owing to its size and resources, Russia has proved to be invulnerable in many ways as a country, and numerous alliances have shattered when trying to take this country on.

- ClubOfInfo

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The Hypocrisy and Immorality of Sanctions

“I friggin’ hate war,” stammered Nicole, clenching her fists. “Doesn’t everyone hate war?” asked Hiro. He meant it as a rhetorical question. But Nicole retorted, “No. Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon and other weapon manufacturers like, er … looove war. Wall Street loves war. Blackwater, or whatever they are called now, love war. And so do the […] The post The Hypocrisy and Immorality of Sanctions first appeared on Dissident Voice. - Kim Petersen
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Reasons Behind India And Pakistan’s Neutrality In The New Cold War

Reasons Behind India And Pakistan’s Neutrality In The New Cold War By Andrew Korybko It admittedly sounds strange to write about India and Pakistan of all countries practicing very similar policies during a global crisis, especially with respect to Russia, but... Read More › - Voice of East
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1 March 2022

Ukraine's desperate onslaught of fakes

Russia has been carrying out various crossborder military actions in Ukraine, referring to it as a "special military operation", causing rage in NATO governments that hoped for Ukraine's accession and hysteria among passive worldwide audiences.

Critical thinking has diminished, as people graze like cattle upon the news brought to them on their television screens or social media feeds and only react to what is put in front of them by someone else. Nobody takes the initiative to actually investigate things or seek out the different views, to see who is lying by falsehood or by omission.

Russia has no stated aim of occupying Ukraine, despite the obvious violations of its sovereignty. This is supported by the fact that plenty of images and videos show Russian troops leaving civilians unmolested (but not necessarily without being molested by them!) They have no interest in the Ukrainian population, other than to leave them alone.

Nevertheless, Ukraine portrayed the affair as a valiant struggle of the people for their dignity against occupation by cruel Russians.

The immense hostility towards the polite, passing Russian personnel is likely the result of the near-total control of the "narrative" by Western, pro-Ukraine media outlets hoping to portray the Russian operation as a cruel occupation, a genocide, and a defeat all at once (this combination of alleged superhuman power and yet simultaneously subhuman ineptitude is typical of the most vicious propaganda and a telltale sign of it). They cite the lack of destruction Russia is causing as proof of military ineptitude, coupled with evil. We have seen almost everyone here in the West uniting fully against Russia.

As you consider this, consider also the evidence that many Russians (including the invading troops) have Ukrainian family members mixed in the action, meaning they have absolutely no reason to want to kill the population. This turns the entire invasion and atrocity narrative on its head and reveals how ridiculous the international response led by Kiev and Washington actually is.

The Russians seem to do everything they can to warn civilians to step away, and only show an interest in destroying elements of infrastructure that hinder their mission. The Ukrainian authorities can be observed in real time refusing to take any action to minimise civilian casualties and instead letting everyone stay in the path ofairstrikes, and tell civilians with no military expertise to undertake suicidal actions against Russian forces, with gory results recorded later. As such, every indication seems to be that the Kiev government wants as many dead civilian bodies as possible in Ukraine.

Despite calls for war crimes investigations against Russia already, we have no clear understanding about the civilian death toll, and a lot of what we are shown is fake.

If you ask someone in the UK what's so bad about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they will cite one of these fakes as their reason. They cannot be blamed, as they do not know better. This is more the case now that the West is resorting to suffocating and banning Russian news networks like RT, an act that inadvertently gives Russia the right to cut all Western broadcasts in Russia in turn.

It may seem that wild media reporting, exaggerations and fakes would serve no purpose in a combat situation. However, it does. Reports clearly show that some gatherings of the population in Ukraine are quite confrontational and hostile to the Russians, even when the Russians show absolutely no interest in them or try to stay away from them, to keep them safe.

Even the vaunted videos of Ukrainian civilians cursing Russian soldiers don't seem to show the latter raising a weapon. Comparatively, there are numerous videos showing Ukrainians killing one another, shooting civilians at checkpoints, and having firefights against each other in Kiev because of rumours about Russians dressing up as civilians and Ukrainian soldiers.

Realising the hold that bloodthirsty Ukrainian and Western propaganda has over many residents of the areas they are operating in and how this is causing civilians to endanger themselves, Russian forces have done limited strikes on the infrastructure responsible for creating and broadcasting the fake information to support the Ukrainian war effort.

Bear in mind that the Russian side has no doubt created fake information as well, but the above is so clearly incriminating that it leaves no doubt that Ukraine is the worse of the two. People who profess to stand with Ukraine in the conflict would do well to consider their desperation to involve other countries in their predicament and to mislead people into traveling to Ukraine to fight for them in their interethnic conflict.

The duping of many people to believe Ukraine is a heroic and innocent nation resisting some exceptional evil that must be fought, is the result of people being passive viewers of information on conflict zones, with no access to a comprehensive breakdown of the world's conflicts and their root. All is based on omission.

- ClubOfInfo

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The West’s SWIFT Kick is Aimed at Russia, But it Will Also Hit the US Dollar

As part of the western  response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, several regimes acted on February 26 to exclude certain Russian banks from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)  network. As of March 1, Reuters reports, SWIFT says it’s awaiting a list of the sanctioned banks so that it can cut them … Continue reading The West’s SWIFT Kick is Aimed at Russia, But it Will Also Hit the US Dollar → - by Thomas L. Knapp
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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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