9 March 2017

Mont Order group appears in fantasy art

An artist at the image-sharing site DeviantArt has produced pictures themed on the Mont Order, with many portraying sword-wielding monks in a fantasy-like style.

The images make the Mont Order comparable with the Jedi knights of the Star Wars films, although the artist may have had something more "sinister" in mind. Some internet users skeptical of the Mont Order group have described the (allegedly) ancient order as something right out of a "bad movie plot". Although these pictures will only strengthen that idea, they certainly look epic enough to belong among your favorite all-time internet searches.

Ferocious-looking demons are portrayed being battled by a devout, humble warrior we can assume to be a knight or other devotee of the Order. A caption reads that the Mont Order has sent its men willingly through the gates of hell, as they were so driven to fight to the death against evil forms. Other pictures portray a "civil war" with one robed figure set against another. The story being told is not clearly something related to the real Mont Order group.

The real Mont Order "society" can be read about and even joined by people at LOrdre.net, with participation at a Facebook group and inclusion in exclusive email lists possible through the Mont Order. It doesn't look anywhere near as exciting as the image below would seem to suggest, however.

Members are not being given cloaks, Lord of the Rings style suits of armor, or swords at the Mont Order, but you may get a free badge and a surge of social media influence if you are part of the society.

For more weird fantasy pictures of the Mont Order, it's well worth adding the gallery of this DeviantArt user to your favorites and reusing the pictures, as these images are free to use under a Creative Commons license.
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