29 December 2015

Peter Tatchell the 'anti-war' warmonger

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British "leftist" neocon warmonger Peter Tatchell has been criticizing Stop the War Coalition for its refusal to join his deranged calls for more Western-led military intervention in Syria and confrontation with Russia.

Tatchell, who claims to be an anti-war activist, has consistently advocated war as the solution to the violence in Syria. He sees the Syrian government as the problem, and Western military and moral support for violence as the only answer to the Syrian government.

Apparently, the main goal of Western interventionist commentators like Peter Tatchell has been to promote a Western-led war against the Assad government in Syria, under the guise of "stopping" this war the West itself started and funded against that country.

Although Peter Tatchell defends himself by saying he has criticized the current anti-ISIL bombing strategy of Western governments and has Syrian friends, this is irrelevant. His own advocacy is about imposing a foreign "no-fly zone" or "humanitarian corridor", exactly as advocated by the Turkish regime and US warmonger candidate Hillary Clinton.

Tatchell claims his strange "no bomb zone" for Syria would not involve any violence, despite it requiring the defeat of Russian aircraft and missile attacks on Russian airfields that will start a nuclear war.

Tatchell has even tried to hijack anti-war headlines and pictures in Britain to impose reactionary flags and slogans of pro-war neocons and Syrian rebel groups on anti-war and anti-imperialist rallies. This is despite the fact the anti-war movement in Britain is against intervention of any kind in Syria, and recognizes the war as a result of Western foreign intervention rather than the result of a failure to intervene.

Since the conflict started in 2011, Western governments offered a desperate lifeline of weapons and supplies to militant groups in Syria, convincing Tatchell and other neocons that the violence was going their way. Threats were made, as in 2013, that the US would bomb the Syrian Army and help the rebel groups defeat them after a chemical attack was blamed on them. Many of these groups only continued to fight because they believed Western warplanes would soon arrive to bomb their country and save their few surviving followers from the Syrian Army, just as Tatchell advocates.

Throughout the conflict in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad has stated that there would be peace within weeks if Western governments stopped giving weapons to his enemies and stopped encouraging them to fight on. This is reinforced by facts. The government, with no foreign support, managed to preserve much of its unity for multiple years and remains the sole provider of education and medical care. This was despite a vast coalition of up to 60 foreign states placing sanctions on it, supporting its enemies, bombing its territory illegally, or trying to annex areas.

Syria's survival is the achievement of Assad, whom the West and Peter Tatchell consider "illegitimate". Comparatively, anti-Assad rebels were only able to capture any territory through constant and intense support and training by foreign troops. Often, foreign troops even had to get directly involved in shelling Syrian forces and attacking Syrian aircraft to protect the unpopular fake "revolution" and make it look strong.

After US support for armed factions in Syria was counterbalanced by Russian airstrikes beginning in September, the war shifted decisively in Assad's favor again, with support for Syrian rebels evaporating and massive territories being liberated after years of starvation and mass executions by rebels.

As Assad's forces close in on Western-backed rebel groups, these groups along with so-called Human Rights Watch and other NGOs are no longer spreading propaganda about "Assad's barrel bombs" and now only talk about Russian airstrikes. The US regime has also only recently come to the negotiating table because of these terrible defeats.

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Google likes Alex Jones?

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Google's continued failure to allow ad revenue to some alternative media channels such as Representative Press has caused financial hardship for them and even prompted some commentators to stop using this source of income altogether.

A small online petition continues to try to attract signatures to ask Google to restore that advertising revenue. Although it has been signed by a handful of writers and activists from the Mont Order, as well as a small section of the Representative Press audience, the petition at Change.org has so far only enjoyed a small amount of publicity in the two months it has existed.

According to a recent Representative Press video, Google has in no way severed the advertising revenue coming to Alex Jones' "InfoWars" channel, despite this channel promoting apparently radical views and addressing supposedly sensitive information. The claim is made in the embedded video below.

Alex Jones is known for his conspiracy theories and anti-transhumanist beliefs. His anti-intellectual ideology is based on Daniel Estulin's confused research. The central belief is that scientists, states and NGOs have conspired to sedate and sterilize the global population to prevent it from expanding. According to them, global warming is also a lie invented for this conspiracy.

Meanwhile, the StormCloudsGathering channel has altogether given up on advertising revenue, deactivating all monetization features on their videos.

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25 December 2015

Fusion power vs future synbio-power?

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Fusion power plants would likely mean sole power plants feeding entire continents or countries with electricity, giving incredible political leverage to the government or company with the off-switch.

Critics of thermonuclear fusion power have therefore said alternative energy must not just be renewable. It must also be decentralized and easily shared.

At Beliefnet, a post of the L'Ordre blog argues that synthetic biology is the key to developing easily shared and decentralized power sources. They will be circulated to even the poorest communities.

Some attention has been given to developing sustainable fuels using new biologically-engineered bacteria that excrete types of petroleum or diesel (see the BBC report here). Although it has not been covered much in the media, such developments have been frequently successful. However, the microbes currently need such specific feedstocks (namely sugar, which has its own problems of labor, land and cost that make it hard to sustain forever) to create difficulties in supplying the microbes. They may also not be used on an industrial scale due to fears of them escaping and contaminating the environment or being stolen for commercial gain, which probably limits their use to highly secure scientific premises.

In the past, the Beliefnet blog expressed a disbelief in the explanations above, pointing instead to the preeminence of corporate greed over global human welfare as the only reason for the failure to make the microbes available more quickly. This theory was in turn challenged by a post at Afflictor.com, which pointed instead to the idea that synthetic biologists are a marginal minority of scientists, which means a lack of human resources to develop that industry.

J. Craig Venter, the scientist-entrepreneur father of synthetic biology, has since become less interested in developing synthetic biology-based fuel and chemical industries than in medicine and longevity, although the idea of inexhaustible fuels is occasionally used in his writing and lectures.

The new Beliefnet post declared using synthetic biology to make a new fuel industry as highly promising but also potentially dangerous, stating, "It could also literally set the world on fire, if handled incorrectly, so the question of how to handle it and at the same time ensure fairness and equal development in the use of synthetic creatures as fuel sources needs to be addressed more deeply."

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Media pretend Hillary won Dem debate

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Although online polls show Bernie Sanders winning the recent Democratic Debate of Saturday 19, some media insist instead that Hillary Clinton won.

Some news correspondents and apparent experts have been claiming that Hillary Clinton won simply because she knows best about foreign policy, in particular Libya and Syria, which she helped to turn into rubble by advocating US aggression.

Clinton's calls for the US to attack Russian and Syrian aircraft with a "no-fly zone" to help terrorists defend themselves in Syria particularly excited some Western journalists, along with repetitions of her arrogant judgment on behalf of Syrians that 'Assad must go'.

For these bellicose remarks, journalists seem to love Clinton and have concluded that what the American people want doesn't matter. For them, Clinton must be made President so she can start new wars, attack Russia, and kill more civilians to dignify their arrogance and hegemony.

At the same time, all online polls conducted show that Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly won the debate, reflecting that normal Americans are tired of warmongers. Polls conducted at Time, Slate, Fox, ABC , the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal all showed Sanders winning the Democratic debate by excessive numbers of votes even by conservative viewers.

These poll results only come from normal Americans, so they are worthless as as far as top media commentators close to the US regime and the Neocons in Britain and America are concerned. For them, only Neocon extremists and liars are allowed to be winners.

For example, the UK's Telegraph presented two "correspondents" as judges of who won the debate, rather than bothering with any kind of online poll. After all, this is Western democracy: who cares what the people think? "Hillary Clinton was the clear winner of tonight's debate", the first said, offering a generic response with no remark on anything she had actually said; "Hillary Clinton was far more accomplished tonight", the second parroted.

This may be a sign of how detached from popular opinion some media outlets are. They had handpicked the winner of a debate before spectators of the debate had even cast their votes. They have decided who must be President before any election has taken place. It's as if they were paid to say it, and they probably were.

Given the fraudulent and deceitful nature of US electoral tactics, it is highly likely that Clinton will become President no matter what the people want. The election results will magically adhere to what a tiny minority of thugs and millionaires want, as always. If she has the best credentials in the eyes of major news broadcasters and weapons salesmen as a Neocon who can be counted on to start new wars and write new hit-lists, she is perfect for the White House.

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22 December 2015

Economies escaping America's chains

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The IMF changed its rules on lending to allow lending to countries in arrears. This made it legal for the IMF, now part of the "New Cold War", to financially prop up the US-backed regime in Ukraine as a reward for its anti-Russian hatred and extremism.

Although this change has indeed annoyed the Russians as intended, they have pointed out that the International Monetary Fund will undermine itself in the long term by doing this, with top government figures making the following points.

  • Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: IMF now faces a "timebomb" due to recklessly changing its rules to allow lending to countries with arrears, in order to prop up the Ukrainian regime
  • Russian Prime Minister Medvedev: after IMF rule-change, "there will be a lot of pleas from different borrower states to the IMF to grant them the same terms as Ukraine. How will the IMF possibly refuse them?"

Both quotes were used by Michael Hudson in a realist analysis of the US's and NATO's "New Cold War" against Russia and the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), penned for Counterpunch on 18 December. Ukraine will never be able to pay off its debts, nor will the West be able to extract resources there, because they wage war against Ukraine's economic heartlands in the Donbass region, Hudson stated.

Hudson also presented the following evidence that the US-led world order is weakening, and many national economies are now able to rebel and escape the US regime's chains of debt, austerity and torture.

  • "The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) threatens to replace the IMF and World Bank"
  • China and Russia "Moving to denominate their trade and investment in their own currencies instead of dollars"
  • When US threatened cut Russia from SWIFT system, "China accelerated its creation of the alternative China International Payments System (CIPS), with its own credit card system to protect Eurasian economies"
  • "Instead of dismantling public spending, the AIIB and a broader Eurasian economic union would do what the United States itself practices, and seek self-sufficiency in basic needs such as food, technology, banking, credit creation and monetary policy."
  • China and Russia "create the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an alternative to NATO, and the AIIB as an alternative to the IMF and World Bank tandem"
  • Richard Koo: “If the IMF’s rival is heavily under China’s influence, countries receiving its support will rebuild their economies under what is effectively Chinese guidance, increasing the likelihood they will fall directly or indirectly under that country’s influence.”
  • "new basic guideline for IMF lending – is to create a new Iron Curtain splitting the world into pro-U.S. economies going neoliberal, and all other economies"
  • "President Putin patiently refrained" from demanding immediate repayment of loans from Ukraine; "He is playing the long game"
  • "The broad drive against Russia, China and their prospective Eurasian allies has deteriorated into tactics without a realistic understanding of how they [the US regime] are bringing about precisely the kind of world they are seeking to prevent – a multilateral world."
  • "Standing above the rule of law and national interests, American neocons proclaim that their nation’s destiny is to wage war to prevent foreign secular democracy from acting in ways other than submission to U.S. diplomacy."
  • "U.S. geostrategists seem to have imagined that if they exclude Russia, China and other SCO and Eurasian countries from the U.S.-based financial and trade system, these countries will find themselves in the same economic box as Cuba, Iran and other countries have been isolated by sanctions."
  • "The more [the US supports its terrorists and its neo-Nazi pawns in the Middle East and Europe respectively] the greater the catalytic pressure is growing for the [SCO] to break free of the post-1945 Bretton Woods system"

All of this evidence shows the US military and economic supremacy established at the end of the Second World War is under threat. The progress already made by Russia and China presently is more decisive than anything they achieved during the 'original' Cold War. In particular, the SCO is potentially the most powerful alliance ever conceived, uniting the whole of Eurasia in a single economic and military bloc that was never achieved by the Soviet Union and its allies.

As the United States has lost credibility with many poor countries and is perceived now as an aggressor, the appeal of Russian military support and Chinese financial support grows in developing countries.

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Libertarians and the immigrant "threat"

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In an open letter to the Platform Committee of the US Libertarian Party, Garrison Center director Thomas L. Knapp called for the party's platform document to remove a vague justification for denying the freedoms of immigrants.

Currently, the Libertarian Party platform mentions "a credible threat" as a suitable reason to refuse immigrants entering the United States. Knapp and others were concerned that this created the grounds for "authoritarian" misinterpretations of the document.

Some Libertarian Party supporters, according to Knapp, were interpreting the platform's wording as a justification for rejecting immigrants from entire social, ethnic or religious backgrounds, seeing them as a "threat". However, this search for exceptions to freedom and excuses to treat people as inferior would not increase freedom, and is in fact more threatening to liberty than the current US regime and its policies. With Libertarians having an obligation to be the party of minimum government, Knapp points out that it would be absurd for them to be perceived to argue for a more vigilant national security state than already exists.

Thomas L. Knapp, also known by the online nickname KN@PPSTER, is a member of the Center for a Stateless Society think tank (C4SS) as well as the dissident Mont Order society. His open letter to the Libertarian Party can be read here and can be endorsed by your signature here.

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18 December 2015

Pride in 'Western democracy' is cancer

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A third commentary has been issued by Mont Order society friend L'Ordre, addressing the Mont Order's third point in its recently conceived "code".

Published via Dissident Voice, the L'Ordre commentary joins two others addressing their own respective portions of the code of the Mont Order society (first point and second point).

More: The Mont Order's unofficial conspiracy

More: Articles tagged as "L'Ordre" items at The clubof.info Blog

In addition, the commentary was republished to the Mont Order content website lordre.net. As with earlier commentaries, the following are important selections of text from the Mont Order commentary, which focused heavily on the idea that democracy is largely false or deserving of heavy skepticism:

  • "anyone proud of “the West” and “democracy” today is as good as cancer"
  • "A person with anti-colonialist credentials must necessarily be skeptical of most so-called democratic regimes today. Frequently, the establishment of democracy is nothing but an idol, used as an excuse to bomb weaker states without effective technological means"
  • "When an “elected” government disagrees with the public, the ruler simply dismisses public opinion or even accuses the public of being terrorists and traitors, as the British Prime Minister regularly does."
  • "Being an elected representative today is meaningless and hollow. It doesn’t mean a person is liked, and, in fact, most of them are hated passionately. "
  • "only a few brats who attended expensive schools are ever raised as a politician."
  • "If it is worthless trickery, as the vast majority of the youth will acknowledge by not participating, then why is so-called democracy maintained in the West? "
  • "Not only are Western democratic regimes not superior or more legitimate than others, but they are inferior and illegitimate because they encourage and excuse crimes against humanity."

L'Ordre, "Illegitimate Democracies: On the Third Point of the Mont Order", Dissident Voice, 10 December 2015

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Erdogan cries "treason" over interview

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The Erdogan "caliphate" regime in Turkey has accused an MP of "treason" for telling the truth about Syria.

That case was opened by the Chief Prosecutor's Office against Istanbul MP Eren Erdem (Republican People's Party CHP) after he explained Turkey's role in supplying chemical weapons to terrorist groups in Syria at the Russian news network RT.

As shown in the video below, Eren Erdem told the RT network that ISIL received the needed chemicals to produce deadly sarin nerve gas via transit through Turkey. This was based on evidence from a criminal case. Erdem pointed out that there may have been a cover-up by the ruling Erdogan regime in Turkey.

The authorities had actually arrested 13 suspects for aiding ISIL in procuring chemical weapons. Erdem said the prosecution was abandoned and the suspects were allowed to cross the Turkish-Syrian border.

Erdem confirmed that Western-backed terrorist groups, not Syrian Army soldiers loyal to Bashar al-Assad as reported in Western media, carried out a chemical attack on civilians in East Ghouta in 2013. It may have been done using the weapons supplied through Turkey.

Turkey has been accused by many different powers of supporting the ISIL terrorists in Syria and Iraq. In addition, Turkey has acted aggressively and capriciously, invading Iraqi territory and shooting down a Russian warplane while it was bombing ISIL positions near Turkey.

Turkey's pro-ISIL actions have brought Turkey's Erdogan regime to the brink of war with Moscow, with Russia even massing troops against the Turkish border in Armenia, according to Fort Russ, and surrounding Turkey with anti-aircraft missiles including those of its naval cruisers.

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15 December 2015

John Kirby hates "tough questions"

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US State Department spokesman John Kirby refused "tough questions" from a Russian journalist and returned several questions angrily during a press conference.

During the press conference, Kirby was asked questions by the RT (Russia Today) network’s Gayane Chichakyan, who asked if the Iraqi government should have no concern over the US refusing responsibility for settling divisions in the so-called coalition against ISIL.

  • State Dept: US leads a 60-nation coalition
  • State Dept: US not responsible for coalition members and disputes, they work bilaterally

While at the same time bragging about the size and scope of the US-led campaign against ISIL, Kirby kept saying the US does not take responsibility for the actions of these forces and they must resolve any of their own problems bilaterally. The Russian journalist's apparently too "tough" and unanswerable question was a follow-up question to that apparent contradiction in Kirby's points.

Rather than answering the question, Kirby tried to insult Chichakyan on the air and condemn the RT network for asking "difficult questions". Kirby pointed out that RT does not pose this type of question to the Russian government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), as if this indicated double standards in the network's reporting. This is despite the clear difference that Russia is not offering arrogant propositions to lead 60-nation coalitions or trying to dominate the world - behavior that at least requires RT to ask a few more challenging questions.

The questions Kirby would like RT's Gayane Chichakyan to ask of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were never mentioned. However, Russia's MFA has openly asked the State Department itself to pose any questions for it to answer. The State Department refused that opportunity, feeling it better to imagine and speculate about Russians than talk to them.

This arrogant refusal to listen to the Russians and desire to ignore them may be why the US strategy in Syria has proven such a failure while the Russian strategy is succeeding.

It does not occur to Kirby that the reason Russia is not being asked "tough questions" of the variety asked by Chichakyan is because no one has tried. Kirby instead insinuates another explanation: Russian diplomats escape tough questions by getting RT and other Russian media to screen them out. There is no evidence of that behavior by the Russians, but there is evidence of the State Department hiding from tough questions. Just look at John Kirby himself.

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Response to the San Bernardino attack

D. Helene

A Spiritual Response to the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

Where is the Muslim Gandhi?

The terrorist attack in San Bernardino hit very close to home for me. San Bernardino is 55.5 miles from where I live.

In my humble opinion, before we start to point fingers, engage in conspiracy theories and chastise those who would use this tragedy for any political agenda, we need to view the entire incident through a spiritual lens, focusing on compassion.

So, let’s take a look at each of the parties involved.

Obviously, the victims and their families deserve our compassion. They were innocent victims, going to a holiday work party to celebrate the holiday season. So, let’s shine compassion on the souls of the victims and on their families.

Secondly, the neighbors who saw “suspicious” activities by the alleged perpetrators. They deserve our compassion as well. Those that saw what they believed to be suspicious activity and did not report it to the proper authorities need our compassion – they are suffering severe emotional turmoil right now after 14 people were killed and many more injured. They deserve our compassion because they did not trust their intuition. If you observe anyone doing anything suspicious, it doesn’t matter if they’re black or white, Muslim or Jewish or Christian. All that matters is what they are doing and what your gut feeling is. We here in the West have been so discouraged from trusting our intuition. In the spiritual realm, intuition is honed and honored. So, this must be one of the take-aways from this incident.

Third, we need to have compassion for the perpetrators. They are acting out an agenda that must be examined from the root cause. What Muslim terrorists (and this is a very small portion of the Muslim population, as the religion itself is based on peace) are doing is based on a century or more of oppression and colonialism. They are choosing violence to protest this. I am by no means condoning their action. What they did in San Bernardino - as in Paris, as anywhere where violence is used - was reprehensible. I am trying to widen the lens and look at this from the root cause. The root causes are manifold including:

All of this is now coming to roost as Muslims demand freedom, autonomy and integrity of their land, all of which they deserve.

Fourth: Compassion for the baby the perpetrators left behind. It is unfathomable how a couple hell-bent on destruction would bring a baby into this world. This baby needs our infinite compassion as its parents are murderers. To start one’s life with that kind of blood on one’s soul will take a tremendous amount of unconditional love.

The spiritual question is: Who is the Muslim Gandhi who will choose peace over violence and lead Muslims to freedom and autonomy through peace?

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11 December 2015

Blair rants to defend himself in article

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Wanted war criminal Tony Blair ranted in a recent article published at the UK magazine Spectator, in an attempt to defend himself.

Blair avoided mentioning Iraq or his crimes in that country throughout his article, instead focusing on what he called the "tragedy of the Labour party's current position".

Most of Blair's article was vacant and avoided making any particular statement other than vague references to his own ideas being more "realist", despite them leading to failures, humiliation and defeats such as the Iraq War or strongly related ongoing Syrian conflict. At one point, Blair almost mentioned the Iraq War, stating as follows:
Post 9/11 I became convinced that Islamist extremism was the security issue of our time. People can agree or disagree with the decisions which I took and the emphasis I put on the partnership with the USA, but I took them not in defiance of progressive politics but in furtherance of them.
In essence, Blair was trying to conflate illegal British aggression in support of right-wing American thuggery with "progressive politics". Other commentators may see Blair's article as Nineteenth Century imperialist drivel trying to portray the West as a superior civilization that is morally compelled to conquer others.

To date, Tony Blair and others who helped his regime commit a war of aggression in Iraq in 2003 have so far escaped trial or execution by international authorities for their crimes, despite overwhelming demands for neocon criminals to face justice.

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British regime refuses to learn in Syria

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The British regime, which considers opposition figures "terrorist sympathizers" for not backing its illegal aggression in Syria, has learned nothing from past failures and defeats in the Middle East.

This was the overwhelming message in various media items capturing the public mood in Britain in relation to its decision to wage war in Syria.

One YouTuber commented that the UK has learned nothing from its past mistakes. He said it is unbelieveable that UK leaders admit to causing so many deaths with their mistakes, but additionally claim to have learned from them and repeat them.

It is as if Western leaders are killer doctors. Military action destroyed Iraq and Libya, and now they want Syria. Despite a history of rampant murder and incompetence, they get to try their war option again.

The examples of Libya and Iraq are offered by the YouTuber mentioned, whose video message is now embedded below.

Jeremy Corbyn is mentioned in the above video, who along with many other MPs was smeared as a "terrorist sympathizer" in despotic remarks by Prime Minister Cameron. Cameron is also on record comparing any Briton who criticizes him with terrorists such as ISIL and al-Qaeda, as previously noted at this blog.

Statements that the UK's bombings in Syria will make Britain safer in Syria amount to absolute lies, the Beliefnet-based L'Ordre blog friendly to the values of dissidents at the Mont Order society stated recently. The MPs who voted for the war immediately put everyone at risk, and in fact they "voted for the stabbing to take place in London", the blog argued, referring to the recent attack by a man shouting "for Syria" at a London Tube station.

Luckily, no lives have been lost in this Syria bombing-related violence caused by incorrect voting and warmongering by MPs in the Commons, although one serious injury occurred. A recent Syria bombing-related attack in the US did result in 14 fatalities, with Western media encouraging racial profiling of refugees as a possible solution.

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8 December 2015

Media wants "batsh*t" fear of dark skin

The Blog

Garrison Center director Thomas L. Knapp has commented on the irresponsible and provocative way some media, in particular the Daily Mail, responded to a recent terrorist incident in California.

Media quoted some residents from the scene of the crime in San Bernardino, California. Some of them were reported stating that they knew "middle easterners" were receiving many deliveries and working at night, but that they did not report it to law enforcement for fear of racial profiling. Knapp was quick to point out that they were correct: their refusal to racially profile the killers for having dark complexions cannot be blamed for the killings.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27 committed what is now considered to be an ISIL-inspired terrorist attack on US soil on December 2 using pipe bombs and semi-automatic weaponry. Both were eliminated by US security forces at the scene of the crime, but had managed to murder 14 civilians during the tragic events.

Earlier on The clubof.info BlogUS wants a terror attack to justify spying

Thomas L. Knapp, who goes by the nickname KN@PPSTER and is also part of the Mont society which recently declared a revolutionary value system in October, wrote on his blog Friday that the media's biased comments amount to "encouraging everyone else to go batsh*t insane if a swarthy new neighbor orders too much stuff from Fingerhut". KN@PPSTER argues the reports were presented in such a way that they imply racial profiling is an acceptable standard for judging someone's guilt and reporting them to the police. This much is apparent in the comments section of the Mail article, in which users condemn "political correctness" for enabling the attack.

In full, the director offered this commentary obtained by The clubof.info Blog's network:
If you think your neighbors tinkering in their garage at night and receiving lots of packages is "suspicious," you're paranoid... And if your reason... is that they look like "middle easterners,"... what you are doing is racial profiling...
Further information can be found at knappster.blogspot.uk

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Syria War producing excuses for WW3

The Blog

Different countries trying to gain the moral high ground and win in the Syrian war at any costs open up new ways for a Third World War to begin.

The growing involvement of great powers in the war-torn Arab country resembles the conditions leading to World War One and World War Two. The world is also divided into two clear sets of military alliances fighting it out in Syria, a theory at Beliefnet states.

In its conclusion, the Beliefnet post referred to a drone video of the devastation in Syria, comparing it both with World War Two in Europe and how the world would look after a nuclear war. "Today, Syria looks like it has been nuked", the post stated, predicting that the powers increasingly involved there would like to do similar devastation to each other.

The best solution to increased confrontation might be greater transparency, the post argued. Instead, what we see are the powers from opposing alliances, such as SCO members and the "resistance axis" on one side and the GCC and NATO on the other using covert methods and concealing their true intentions or involvement.

Although largely using proxies, world powers seem to have undeclared and invisible "red lines" which cause them to use military force against each other directly in Syria, as Turkey did. The fact that major powers are capable of launching surprise attacks on one another's forces in the conflict in Syria makes escalation highly likely, and even nuclear salvos launched by Russia and the United States on one another become very possible in such a scenario. The post added that there is no precedent for so many nuclear powers challenging each other directly with air forces and ground troops (the US and Russia both have commandos stationed in Syria) in the same civil war.

The scenario for a world war might involve NATO using its outer members such as Turkey as a paw to attack Russia directly, leading Russia to use missiles against Turkey. If it happened, this may be used to justify US missile launches against Russian territory, and their fire being returned with Russian nuclear attacks against US and NATO targets.

No powers want such a scenario to take place, the blog stressed. However, the previous world wars were not wanted either, and the Third could still happen anyway as a result of diplomatic failures and provocations like Turkey's attack on a Russian jet.

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4 December 2015

Why are the neocons pathological liars?

The Blog

A UK blogger explained in October why the neoconservatives (neocons) are liars.

It's because they follow a political philosophy that overtly justifies a clique of liars and manipulators as the ideal form of government.

Straussian political philosophy, modeled on the ideas of Leo Strauss, is the basis of the ideology responsible for neocon extremism. It is this philosophy that has told them to perpetrate the greatest greatest crimes in the Twenty-First Century, including blackmail, support of genocide, and terrorist massacres against foreign states they deem "inferior" to the so-called West.

The wars of aggression that the US has been starting were based on lies. These include most notably the 2003 Iraq War. Of this war, UK blogger Sophie Stephenson wrote in her blog as follows:
When Bush and Blair invaded and destroyed Iraq, the war was sold to the public as a preventative measure to eliminate Saddam Hussein’s (non-existent) stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, because of the dictator’s (non-existent) ties to al-Qaeda, and – perhaps most insulting of all – to liberate the Iraqi people.
Of the supposedly different foreign policy of the regime since Obama was nodded into office, she wrote:
(Obama) has in reality gone further than ever before to establish American hegemony, covertly using religion as a tool to achieve this.
By this, Stephenson refers to US support for terrorists against secular governments in Libya and Syria in order to replace order and stability with chaos, so as to shrink any organized "threat" to America.

The current sectarian conflict in Iraq and Syria is not the accident of US-led regime change as portrayed in the media. Rather, it is a deliberate plan by the American regime to replace stable and unified enemy states with disintegration into a Stone Age tribal civilization like so-called "Islamic State" (ISIL) that can easily be kicked around and bombed by the US and Israel without consequence.

Stephenson explains that such anarchy and weakness "was the desired outcome for the American elite. A unified, secular country may lead to aspirations which do not conform with US interests (meaning those of Wall Street and the energy sector); religious fanaticism is preferable to nationalism."

The neocons as described by Stephenson are no less than genocidal planters who bomb any sign of development in foreign countries so they will not threaten the "superior" West. Their conquest is about halting historic progress, reversing any political unity among oppressed people, and replacing it with reaction and division.

Zionist Israel, Stephenson says, is also a focal point for such a vision of conquest by divide and rule. Throughout the expansion of so-called ISIL, the group has posed no threat to Israel, while Israel and other major Western allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia continue to attack and undermine the same forces trying to stop ISIL such as the Syrian government. ISIL itself has threatened all of Israel's enemies, from Iran to Hamas, and not attacked Israel despite attacking everyone else. Due to this, many opponents of the Zionist regime believe it is at least benefiting from the crimes of the ISIL group.

It is likely that neocons will continue to pressure states in the West to commit more crimes against humanity, despite these crimes being already exposed and condemned globally. Including during the Iraq War of 2003, millions of people have consistently taken to the streets around the world to condemn neocon crimes.

Despite opposition to them and the ongoing Iraq Inquiry in the UK, neocon mass murderers and extremists such as Dick Cheney and Tony Blair continue to be presented as normal or even respectable people at several media outlets and asked for their opinions. None of the war criminals have been executed.

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'Punish Turkey for assisting terror': WC

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A top Mont society member and newsletter editor has called for Turkey to be thrown out of the so-called NATO alliance.

Citing the recent incident when Turkish fighter planes shot down a Russian bomber aircraft while it was striking Turkish-backed terrorist targets, Wave Chronicle editor Mike Dodd described the Turkish government as idiots whose actions are beyond belief.

Not only did the Turkish authorities take lethal action against Russian lives to protect terrorists , but Turkish-supported militiamen also broke the Geneva Convention by murdering an unarmed pilot who had parachuted from the burning aircraft before he had even landed. The Wave Chronicle recommended the RT network video, embedded once again by The clubof.info Blog below.

"It does not require a single brain cell" to realize that the Russian aircraft should not have been shot down, Dodd stated, noting a video was subsequently shown off featuring the destruction of a Russian rescue helicopter with the loss of one soldier using a US-made TOW missile. In response to this, the editor decried the use of American military hardware in supporting terrorists in Syria and condemned the so-called moderate foreign-backed opposition, stating that "the Free Syrian Army are terrorists".

US support for terrorists can be considered treasonous and someone should be on trial for this, according to the Wave Chronicle article. US weapons are being used illegally, by an illegal army, for attacks on Russia and Syria.

The Wave Chronicle editor appealed to world leaders for three steps to be taken in response to this crime. First, the US Congress should bring any Americans involved in illegally arming terrorists to trial for treason against the American people. Second, an investigation should be conducted into the illegal act and all involved should be punished with severity, "no matter who or where they are". Third, NATO needs to strike criminal regimes such as the Erdogan government off its membership lists.

Since Turkey shot down the Russian aircraft, Russia has intensified its air strikes on terrorists near the Turkish territory and has sent additional fighter planes to destroy Turkish jets if needed.

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1 December 2015

UN needed vs ISIL: UK Transhumanists

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UK Transhumanists commented on possible UK airstrikes against ISIL Takfiri terrorists being extended to the battlespace of Syria. Already, the UK is conducting such strikes in Iraq in collaboration with US allies, with apparently no impact on the course of the conflict.

In a press release last week on 25 November, the UK Transhumanist Party explained its position. Attacking Syria without unambiguous approval of the United Nations or a request from the Syrian government still in power in Damascus would be an action without blessing from the party.

The party said it would support bombing in Syria only if it meets three important conditions as follow:
(a) That the military action is limited to strikes against Islamic State and will not be widened to include other factions in the civil war or elsewhere.
(b) That it is part of a wider plan to end the war in Syria to enable refugees to return home, even if it means backing Assad on a temporary basis with Russian assistance.
(c) It must have the consent of the Syrian government or the United Nations.
Stating that the achievement of a lasting peace settlement in Syria should be the priority of all sides combating ISIL, UK Transhumanists continue to condemn ISIL. However, the determination to destroy this group should not be used as a justification to break international law, as David Cameron is trying to use it in his arguments at the House of Commons.

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Obama to fail on Gtmo closure promise

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Writing at Examiner.com, human rights expert and Mont society member Deborah Dupre criticized US President Barack Obama's weakness on his former promise to close the Guantanamo Bay torture camp still maintained by the US regime.

In a short report, Dupre said Obama's existing rationale for blocking the insidious National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was "short of what constitutional and human rights defenders view appropriate". From the report:
Obama's stated rationale... neglects constitutional and human rights issues. It was about funding "national security" and economics. In what constituted treason and flagrant breach of human rights, according to rights groups, the NDAA stripped Americans of their constitutional rights like no other legal document in history...
Following Obama's veto against the legislation, critics claimed that Obama needs to do more than simply prevent more excessive national security legislation. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) claimed "lawmakers’ attempts to keep Guantánamo open for partisan political gain are no excuse for President Obama’s failure to close the prison". In sum, Obama should fulfill his promise to actually close the camp, and not try to merely battle those trying to make America's national security state even more pervasive and dangerous.

Dupre claims that Obama is unable to pressure the political will to close Guantanamo Bay. Further, she adds, "If he doesn’t take bold steps now, he will fail to close Guantánamo", tainting his legacy as the US President.

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