29 December 2015

Google likes Alex Jones?

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Google's continued failure to allow ad revenue to some alternative media channels such as Representative Press has caused financial hardship for them and even prompted some commentators to stop using this source of income altogether.

A small online petition continues to try to attract signatures to ask Google to restore that advertising revenue. Although it has been signed by a handful of writers and activists from the Mont Order, as well as a small section of the Representative Press audience, the petition at Change.org has so far only enjoyed a small amount of publicity in the two months it has existed.

According to a recent Representative Press video, Google has in no way severed the advertising revenue coming to Alex Jones' "InfoWars" channel, despite this channel promoting apparently radical views and addressing supposedly sensitive information. The claim is made in the embedded video below.

Alex Jones is known for his conspiracy theories and anti-transhumanist beliefs. His anti-intellectual ideology is based on Daniel Estulin's confused research. The central belief is that scientists, states and NGOs have conspired to sedate and sterilize the global population to prevent it from expanding. According to them, global warming is also a lie invented for this conspiracy.

Meanwhile, the StormCloudsGathering channel has altogether given up on advertising revenue, deactivating all monetization features on their videos.

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