1 December 2015

Obama to fail on Gtmo closure promise

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Writing at Examiner.com, human rights expert and Mont society member Deborah Dupre criticized US President Barack Obama's weakness on his former promise to close the Guantanamo Bay torture camp still maintained by the US regime.

In a short report, Dupre said Obama's existing rationale for blocking the insidious National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was "short of what constitutional and human rights defenders view appropriate". From the report:
Obama's stated rationale... neglects constitutional and human rights issues. It was about funding "national security" and economics. In what constituted treason and flagrant breach of human rights, according to rights groups, the NDAA stripped Americans of their constitutional rights like no other legal document in history...
Following Obama's veto against the legislation, critics claimed that Obama needs to do more than simply prevent more excessive national security legislation. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) claimed "lawmakers’ attempts to keep Guantánamo open for partisan political gain are no excuse for President Obama’s failure to close the prison". In sum, Obama should fulfill his promise to actually close the camp, and not try to merely battle those trying to make America's national security state even more pervasive and dangerous.

Dupre claims that Obama is unable to pressure the political will to close Guantanamo Bay. Further, she adds, "If he doesn’t take bold steps now, he will fail to close Guantánamo", tainting his legacy as the US President.

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