27 November 2015

France to exploit terror for censorship

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France and other Western countries will conflate terrorists with critics and dissidents and use the ISIL-inspired attacks in Paris as an excuse to target their own people.

This is the prediction of journalist Geroid O'Colmain speaking to the RT network, as shown in the embedded LiveLeak video below.

Members of the Mont Order society of dissidents and writers were recently interested in the video and discussed it as a model interview.

O'Colmain named alternative media as a likely target of Western governments' measures supposedly aimed against terrorism. The "established order" will be defended, he argues, by going after people who tell the truth about the state's domestic and foreign policy atrocities and mistakes.

The prediction given is similar to that of other analysts, who have quoted the British regime threatening to silence its citizens if they believe conspiracy theories or try to point out British and American crimes in Iraq. Such critics, the regime reasons, need to be silenced because offer a narrative that indirectly supports terrorist groups such as ISIL.

UK Prime Minister Cameron wants to silence "extremist" speech in the UK. Meanwhile, the British regime and its allies are directly arming ISIL by parachuting weapons into the Syrian battlespace for supposed "moderate" terror.

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