3 November 2015

Mont Order new philosophy goes public

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The Mont Order society has scaled back its fixation on being an organization, and is now more of a value-based club with a declared set of principles and autonomous members who act with or without blessing from above.

Background: The Mont Order's unofficial conspiracy

As always, the overarching priority at the Mont Order society of writers and publications is to promote its members and their agendas. This has not changed, but the model of the group has been reformed slightly to put more energy towards supporting individual members and stop using the group as a vessel that requires its own devotion or resources.

This change can be understood from what little content was actually made public after a long conference among the Order's top members. The content takes the form of a short set of written values on cards, which can be seen at the Order's unofficial press release archive "lordre.net" and also in a video originating at the Wave Chronicle. The Wave Chronicle is a leading publication associated with the Order.

The released content for the public contains a code with seven values that the Order will not withdraw, and which sum up the philosophy or ideology guiding the present plans of the Mont Order. Of these, the second may be of the greatest interest to readers of The clubof.info Blog.

"Principle Two" declares to the world the Mont Order's most unique attribute, which is its open glorification of technological modernity, regarding it as the origin and future of the Order:

The Order accepts positive and popular globalism based on the inevitable trajectories of technology to unite disparate people across borders. Our own identity is closely tied to events in the world, mainly involving technology, as the internet enabled this group to exist. We see how technology is escaping its creators' designs and we celebrate this trend, which has also empowered us. However, we oppose with absolute conviction the neoconservative and neoliberal views of some major tech corporations including Google.

As shown, the Order has a powerful understanding of what it is and where it is going. It could be that some of the slower and less efficient features of the modern Mont Order may soon disappear, as the Mont program of values is acted upon and expounded for the foreseeable future.

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