10 November 2015

Garrison Center director: free Assange

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Garrison Center director Thomas L. Knapp has called for political prisoner Julian Assange to be freed.

Writing in a brief op-ed on 21 October for the Sun Sentinel, Knapp, who often goes by the nickname KN@PPSTER online, called on the British government to realize "the shame it has brought upon itself by conspiring with the Swedish and US regimes to illegally detain Assange for lo on five years".

Describing Assange as a prime example of a modern "political prisoner", KN@PPSTER said all calls for Assange's arrest are based upon a fraudulent European Arrest Warrant. Assange has cannot be legitimately prosecuted as he has been charged with only "a grand total of zero crimes", and the goal of Sweden had been to question him rather than actually arrest him.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks ironically obtained information proving the Swedish prosecutors to have been led by the US government to find any reason to arrest Assange. The goal was ultimately, as KN@PPSTER states, to hand Assange over to the US regime. Such a goal can be summed up as "vengeance on him for exposing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as for publishing US State Department cables that revealed various instances of US diplomatic malfeasance".

Referring to the detention and torture (so stated by human rights campaigners) of ex-US Army private Chelsea Manning based on the decision of a regime-led kangaroo court, KN@PPSTER pointed out "Assange knows he can expect no less if the US gets its hands on him."

Aggressive efforts to censor the truth of their war crimes has marred the image of so-called Western democracies in recent years. Even with Manning imprisoned under regime torture, Assange besieged in London, and Snowden in exile, the US regime still tries to promote itself as a haven of press freedom. Many so-called journalists in the US, who are sympathetic to the regime, are stooges who brag about their own "free speech" but who openly call for the deaths or imprisonment of fellow journalists if they dare criticize the regime.

At present, the US regime is also breaking all world records for censorship by hunting down journalists and whistle-blowers beyond its borders and trying to legally redefine them as enemy combatants.

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