29 July 2016

Media allege Putin behind WikiLeaks!

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So-called "experts" in US media accuse WikiLeaks of being run by Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to "attack" America (by revealing uncomfortable truths, one must assume).

In ridiculous news stories, the leaking of emails showing the Democratic National Convention rigging the nomination race to ensure Hillary Clinton's success over Bernie is portrayed as a Russian plot to undermine Clinton. Russian hackers invaded the DNC!

While scaremongering journalists think the DNC emails were hacked by Russian agents, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pointed out that no Russians were involved.

WikiLeaks is aware of its sources, although their identities are protected, and knows the sources of the leaks were not Russian hackers. The story is a desperate gambit by supporters of Hillary Clinton to distract people from the rigging and scandal that have marred her campaign and are driving her supporters away.

Rather than focusing on the leaked content, mainstream media are once again trying to turn transparency itself into a scandal rather than noticing the ugliness and lies exposed.

It follows a similar pattern to the way Edward Snowden was dismissed as a Russian spy, while US totalitarian surveillance and authoritarianism are justified by the media.

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India fails to contain truth on Kashmir

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Writing on recent Indian regime crackdown actions against Kashmiris, the Kashmir Times executive editor wrote "sooner or later the narratives will emerge" to expose the suffering and yearning for freedom.

India has sought to impose a media blackout to prevent Kashmiris and the wider world from being aware of the extent of repression.

However, images of children blinded by pellet guns used by Indian forces, together with other abuses, have circulated easily despite curfews and bans on print publications. Social media understandably played a key role in making people aware.

The editor wrote of the Indian government and its regional authorities in Kashmir, "Their aim is to make the narrative disappear". This effort will fail, the editor predicts, because stories will still "emerge to haunt, often with a dash of bitterness and sometimes peppered with rumours."

In addition, "stories have been told and re-told at individual and community levels", and the editor concludes, "Now, like then, when gory stories of boys dragged out of their homes and shot at point-blank range, tales of random arrests, crackdowns and molestations, of children blinded by pellet guns who have gone missing, abound, yet another unbridgeable chasm has opened, defying resolution of the churning that is Kashmir."

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26 July 2016

DNC only ever intended Clinton to rule

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Extreme bias guided the Democratic National Convention (DNC) involvement in the campaigns of opposing Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks-released emails indicate that the leadership of the Democratic Party had already decided who must rule the country well ahead of any kind of democratic choice made by the people.

While the DNC is supposed to be impartial, it had instead sided wholly with Clinton and sought to derail Sanders' campaign from the beginning (as reported at TheHill), showing constant frustration with Sanders and trying to portray his campaign in a negative light at every opportunity. With the national elite managing to defeat Sanders and ganging up on Donald Trump, the US presidential election has descended even further into farce.

Apparently, only the bare minimum appearance of a farcical election is enough for the US regime to declare itself the most vibrant and successful democracy in the world.

The leaked emails are a substantial blow to the US regime's claims of being a "democracy", and even worse for the Democratic Party's claims of being democratic.

So offended are many of Sanders' supporters, that many have pledged to vote for Donald Trump in order to only bar the dangerous and bloodthirsty foreign policy hawk Clinton from power.

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Mont Order club holds July conference

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A conference was held and various position statements came under discussion among members of the Mont Order society on July 23.

Issues discussed include the UK political Opposition and the dramatic coup attempt that took place in Turkey.

Position statements will be released relating to Mont announcements and world events once Mont Order society members have developed consensus positions on some remaining outstanding issues. Meanwhile, the public Mont Order continues to be driven by a shortened code of values it devised in October 2015 in an earlier conference.

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22 July 2016

28 pages expose "war on terror" lies

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In response to the previously censored 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report, which explain Saudi Arabia's role in the terror attacks, Garrison Center director Thomas Knapp gave the following commentary.

On the way Afghanistan (not to mention Iraq) were punished by the US military despite no connection to the attacks, while Saudi Arabia was rewarded despite a clear connection to the attacks:

"In response to those attacks, Afghanistan suffered US invasion, the overthrow of its government, and is now in its 15th straight year of war and occupation.

"Saudi Arabia enjoyed not just a 13-year reprieve from the exposure of damning evidence, but seemingly better relations with the US government than ever before. Go figure."

Full commentary

Many Americans were convinced US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan were revenge for the terror attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. However, the censored pages of the report reveal the US leadership knew Saudi Arabia was the real state backer of the attacks and yet they did nothing, due to political considerations.

US leaders therefore deliberately used the American military after 9/11 like dogs to remove regimes they didn't like and prop up the Saudi regime despite its guilt in the terrorist attacks. Does the revelation demonstrate that protecting lives was not the goal of the "War on Terror"? That US leaders ignored the real killers, and instead pursued US geopolitical aims with greater severity?

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Did Erdogan stage a coup on himself?

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Views have been circulating that the coup attempt in Turkey may have been plotted by Erdogan himself to justify gaining more executive powers.

According to a post by Hussain Saqib at the Pakistan-based Voice of East magazine:

"Erdogan has had plans to rewrite country’s constitution but has not been able to do that so far... It is now written on the wall that Erdogan will swiftly move to further tighten his iron grip over the country, further gag the media and dissenting voices and clear the way for absolute power in his hands. The failed coup will strengthen the hands of president Erdogan to realize his dreams of becoming the all-powerful Sultan of Turkey.

"Does all this prove the assumption that it was a phony coup?"

Full report

Saqib views the coup as "unprofessional" and apparently set up to fail. The mass arrests and accusations that followed - without any official investigation being conducted - also indicate lists being prepared in advance for a political purge throughout Turkey.

WikiLeaks has been undertaking efforts to release more documents on the Erdogan government's dealings to increase civil criticism of this government, which is becoming more authoritarian. On 19 July, WikiLeaks tweeted it would release 300 internal emails of the ruling AKP party, to which Erdogan belongs.

Meanwhile, other theories exist that the coup plot was the work of hyperactive agents of Washington and NATO, who believed Erdogan was an insufficient puppet of US interests. According to this view, Erdogan's rapprochement with Russia and hopes of restoring Turkey as a more honorable and independent power resulted in the conspiracy to depose him.

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19 July 2016

'NATO failed to overthrow Erdogan'

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Sources have indicated the recent coup attempt in Turkey was the work of pro-NATO generals attempting to ensure the country remains a loyal puppet of Washington.

Also, the Erdogan government's accusations against the US, which it sees as harboring anti-state cleric Fethullah Gulen, indicate a possible split by Turkey away from the US regime.

Anti-NATO sources on Twitter make this possibility quite clear.

The world was shocked on Friday by a conspiracy among Turkish military officers to overthrow Turkish democracy and seize power. The conspiracy may have included high-ranking generals in the NATO chain of command, who believed regime-change was needed in the country.

Turkey has already begun arresting those deemed to be traitors in the military, and has denied US forces access to Incirlik Airbase, where the US regime stores nuclear weapons and conducts airstrikes in the region.

Immediately prior to the coup, Turkish President Erdogan had apologized to Russian President Putin for the earlier deterioration in bilateral relations, and promised to work closely with Russia. Many believe this caused NATO military generals to become angry at the Turkish government and seek to depose Erdogan.

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The West should end its own terrorism

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Rejecting the notion that the West is simply a helpless victim of murder and mayhem committed by radical (and usually Muslim) groups, Garrison Center director Thomas Knapp gives a useful reminder.

From his article, posted on 15 July in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Nice, France:

Western (including American and French)  troops have killed hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, in the Middle East and Central Asia just since 1991.  Many (maybe most) have been innocent civilians. Their families, friends, countrymen and co-religionists have, unsurprisingly, responded in kind. We should stop supporting military adventurism not just because it inevitably results in “blowback” and dead bodies back home, but because it’s as wrong when “we” do it as it is when “they” do it.

It is indeed a hard heart that kills. Tools are mere distraction. Hearts — and minds — are where change begins."

With yet another atrocity occurring in the defenseless and open EU (many people forget the dates of individual terrorists acts now, as terrorism becomes a fact of life within the failing EU), Knapp expects more ridiculous measures by states. They may include "no drive lists" to prevent anyone with possibly radical views from driving heavy trucks, the Garrison Center director wrote on Friday.

Indeed, one consistent behavior of Western states seems to be increased monitoring and bans aimed at previously innocuous devices.

Pressure cookers, vehicles, and possibly even metal bars can expect to be deemed "weapons of mass destruction" in future, as politicians want the whole population in padded cells to enjoy "freedom and democracy".

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15 July 2016

'Jews have no duty to support Israel'

The Blog

Quotes from Jewish anti-Zionist blogger Thalwen's recent post, "The importance of being earnest":

"If no country is above the law and we must not hold Israel to double standards then it cannot be held to a double standard here. It cannot be given the right to violate basic human rights and to oppress a people [with] impunity – whether intervention takes the form of economic sanctions, military involvement or political pressure – impunity must end."

On Elie Wiesel and Zionism

"people like Wiesel want to take the Holocaust out of its context and that’s a shame. They vowed “never again,” so far, “again” has happened again and again and we have learned nothing."

On Israeli settlement-building

"The only thing they are doing is building more Palestinian and Jewish graves. Until the Israelis learn to love their children more than they hate Palestinians and covet their land, there will be no peace."

On BDS, and the criticisms of BDS campaigners

"The thing all of us have in common is that we see that Israel is doing great harm to the Palestinian people, and to itself. If that makes us horrible people, well, then being a horrible person isn’t so bad."

On America, greatness and patriotism

"If America is ever going to be great, then we have to acknowledge our wrongs and we have to fix them."

On the idea that all Jews should be loyal to Israel

"The idea that Judaism or Jewish identity comes with support for a criminal apartheid state is as illegitimate as saying that Christianity comes with hate for LGBT, or Islam comes with support for ISIS."

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Israel tries to drag Facebook into war?

The Blog

From the Garrison Center on 11 July 2016, reacting to a recent news story from 10 July 2016:

"On July 10, [Shurat HaDin, Israel Law Center] filed a federal lawsuit on alleged behalf of the families of five Americans (one American tourist and four Israeli-American dual citizens) killed in attacks which the suit blames on Hamas, the Islamist organization governing Palestine’s Gaza Strip area. Facebook, the suit alleges, assists Hamas (in violation of the US Anti-Terrorism Act) in “recruiting, radicalizing, and instructing terrorists, raising funds, creating fear and carrying out attacks.”

"The suit seeks to punish Facebook to the tune of $1 billion for failure to censor public communications of which the Israeli government disapproves."

From Garrison Center Director Thomas Knapp's analysis and remarks on the story:

"As I previously mentioned, Shurat Hadin characterizes itself as a non-governmental organization. In reality, it seems to at the very least serve as a front for, and quite possibly to function as a de facto litigation arm of, the Israeli state...

"The US government has no business involving itself in the conflict between Israel and Hamas — nor should the  US courts allow Shurat HaDin to turn Facebook and other US firms into collateral damage in that conflict."

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12 July 2016

Immanuel Wallerstein reacts to Brexit

The Blog

Immanuel Wallerstein offered the following selected comments on the outcome of Britain's referendum to leave the European Union.

The full commentary is available at Wallerstein's website and these quotes are used only for informative purposes to break the key details down.

"What are the matters underlying this debate? There are essentially four: popular anger at the so-called Establishment and its parties; the geopolitical decline of the United States; the politics of austerity; and identity politics. All of them have contributed to the turmoil...

"There is little doubt that popular anti-Establishment anger is a strong force. It has often erupted when economic conditions are uncertain, as they surely are today. If this seems a stronger motivation now than previously, it is probably because economic uncertainty is far greater than in the past...

"anti-Establishment movements have not won out everywhere or consistently"

"The geopolitical consequences of Brexit are probably more important. Great Britain’s withdrawal from Europe deals a further blow to the ability of the United States to maintain its dominance in the world-system. Great Britain has been in many ways the indispensable geopolitical ally (or is it agent?) of the United States in Europe, in NATO, in the Middle East, and vis-à-vis Russia. There is no substitute...

"Austerity is obviously nobody’s desired policy, except for the ultra-rich who alone profit from it. The fear of increased austerity, as promised by the British government, surely contributed significantly to the move for Brexit, which was promoted as a way to reduce austerity...

"Brexit is important as a symptom but not as a cause of turmoil."

"Since the turmoil is part of a chaotic structural crisis in the modern world-system... We are not paying enough attention to the middle run, where the long-run successor world-system (or systems) will be decided, and where the decision remains dependent on what we do in the middle-run struggle."

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Colonial-Era Debt and Free Banking

Vishal Wilde

The injustice of developing countries having to pay back extortionate rates of interest that emanate from sovereign debt with colonial-era roots is often rightly made due to the oppressive nature of imperialistic regimes of the time. However, one may wonder why such colonial-era debt cannot be feasibly defaulted upon? The standard argument suggests that this would ruin the country’s credit rating, lead to capital flight, devastate the country’s currency and, thereby, lead to economic and financial ruin. I argue, however, that this scenario only applies in the context of the monetary monopoly that is coercively imposed by most governments the world over through taxation laws, legal tender legislation, trade laws and financial market legislation. Under a Free Banking regime where agents would have an authentic choice of multiple monies, it may even be feasible to default on such unjust debt.

Let us consider the scenario under which a developing country was to default in its colonial-era debt. Standard arguments go along the lines of it ruining the country’s credit rating and thereby making it infeasible for them to borrow from international financial markets for the foreseeable future. This would most likely precipitate capital flight, make the country’s money (relatively) worthless for repaying debts or even internal trade and, thereby, lead to a devastating socio-economic calamity for the country’s inhabitants. Therefore, developing countries’ governments who are subject to such debts are presumed to have ‘no control’ over the status quo. This is nonsense, when examined more closely.

Firstly, these developing countries still often only accept taxes paid in their own monies that are issued by their central banks (thereby imposing a monetary monopoly). This means that the benefits of having access to and utilising multiple monies (whether they be trade benefits through having an access to a variety of exchange rates or credit market benefits through improving creditworthiness, for example) cannot be realised. This is often also reinforced through legal tender legislation (which varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in its rigidity and meaning) that can act to inhibit or even prevent the feasibility of conducting trade in multiple monies.

Imagine a system where agents actually had access to multiple monies; where they could trade, borrow, save, invest and so on in order to optimise the specificity of their individual, heterogeneous preferences accordingly. In such a scenario, developing countries’ governments could feasibly default on debt payments that have colonialist roots and, though the governments’ creditworthiness would be called into question by international financial markets, the inhabitants of that country could simply switch to other monies and continue with life rather normally even in the event of the collapse of that government’s own, issued money. Since the inhabitants would also be able to conduct trade normally and reap the trade and credit market benefits associated with having multiple monies, indigenous currencies could also be feasibly issued. Thus, it is not just in the interest of the creditor nation-states that these debt repayments are made but also in the interest of the debtor nation-states since these governments have an interest in maintaining their coercively imposed monetary monopoly regimes.

Thus, in brief, truly Free Banking that enables a genuine choice of multiple monies could feasibly allow peoples to overcome historical injustices and thereby alleviate poverty, inequality and the socially-divisive animosity that the colonialist-era plays, to this day, in perpetuating. In this sense, the historical institution of state-imposed, legally-enforced, Central Banking as opposed to freely-chosen Free Banking works to perpetuate the injustices that linger from colonialist eras. The fault lies not just with developed countries’ governments but also with developing countries’ ones, leading to animosity between various peoples and acting as a major obstacle to securing peace, prosperity and cooperation.

By Vishal Wilde. Originally at C4SS.org

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8 July 2016

Brexit will be "An Exit To Nowhere"

Ryan Calhoun

Elites will never be stripped of their privilege by the method of their ascension. The impoverished will never stop being robbed of their potential by handing it over to new elites. The decision by the majority of voting British citizens to leave the European Union has been seen as a mandate against unaccountable technocratic governors in the EU. Objections to this technocracy are not always pretty though. In place of a centralized system of control in Europe, those who voted to leave the EU wish for the tools of power to be shifted back to Britain.

No matter their intentions, and really no matter which side of the vote British citizens found themselves on, very little has changed for the control people have over their own lives. The nationalists wish to take back control of “their borders”. The economic isolationists want control of “their trade”. The Remain voters wish to sustain “their” unity with Europe. No matter the reason, the commonality here is one mass collective illusion. It is the illusion of democratic control and representation. Despite all evidence to the contrary people think this system exists in order to support them, and that a referendum is the best way to assert control.

Democracy has divested common people of control. It has made the individual’s decision making orders of magnitude from mattering. Your participation in the voting process is inconsequential. It may be one of the most inconsequential activities a normal person can engage in. But even if it wasn’t, even if the direction of your vote counted in the re-shuffling of the deck, it will never be you holding the cards. A resentment of technocracy has merely led to a reversion to an earlier model of false representation of your interests. The same institutions that will now decide the fate of borders and trade had previously negotiated away that control, and your opinion on it could not have mattered less.

Now those who had felt so disenfranchised hope to divest others of control, namely the immigrants they begrudgingly deal with now as neighbors. But the logic that denies the right to an open system of migration and residency for immigrants is also an attack on the freedom of natives. National borders advertised as “theirs”, as a tool of sovereignty for the people who call Britain home, is in fact the opposite. It is the tool of British elites. Those with the most political sway in Britain will now get to decide who citizens can communicate with, who they can employ, who they can live with, which countries they are permitted to travel to. It is also the tool of foreign elites, who will carve up trade agreements based on national boundaries rather than on the true will of the individuals. The right to a referendum on this matter is a right to a whispered suggestion in a sea of other whispered suggestions. Will these suggestions enhance your power? No. They merely change some terms of negotiations between the world’s most powerful economic and political interests.

The right to self-determine begins and ends with you. Any domestic ruler of yours telling you otherwise is selling your birthright back to you as a democratic privilege at 1/64,000,000th the value. If you wish to look for the true spirit of sovereign behavior and self-directed action look to your immigrant peers. Look to those who saw the conditions of their homeland they were told represented them, that defined them, that gave power to them. They left. They willed a better life for themselves regardless of borders. The European Union facilitates this behavior for those citizens of member nations, but it too is merely granting technocratic authorization on a matter they have no concern over. Those who cross borders legally and those who cross illegally have an equal moral right to self determination. The EU has acted inclusive of European travel and trade, but that same loathsome bureaucracy prevents you from networking with anyone unpermitted to cross its borders. While nationalist and federalist economic policies ensure the individual citizen’s disempowerment and impoverishment the same power structure is also trapping refugees into encampments rife with human rights violations. The EU is using its unjust and sweeping power to financially strong arm other nations into obedience with its migration policies. What of the sovereignty of people in these countries? Doctors Without Borders recently refused further funding from the EU in their efforts to ensure the health and safety of refugees, objecting to this form of bribery to aid human rights violations. Here is their grievance, from a press release:

“Last week the European Commission unveiled a new proposal to replicate the EU-Turkey logic across more than 16 countries in Africa and the Middle East. These deals would impose trade and development aid cuts on countries that do not stem migration to Europe or facilitate forcible returns, rewarding those that do. Among these potential partners are Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan – four of the top ten refugee generating countries.”

Put aside your nationalism. Put aside your false hopes for democratic resolutions. These are false idols. These representatives of your identity you think you have chosen were decided for you by people you have never known, for reasons beyond your interests or understanding. It is time to not reject globalism, but to make it own up to the name. The power to communicate, to network and trade, to travel and connect has never been greater. It should be you that benefits and not some fraudulent system of representatives and delegates. Nations, federations, trading zones carved up by multinationals and political opportunists have grown stronger by keeping the world divided. The Leave Campaign merely shifted the balance. It is time to dismantle it. It is time to demand no less than full access to the social, economic, and technological capacities stolen from you and sold back to capitalist and democratic institutions which have no place in a truly global age. It has kept you down. It has kept the people of your nation and of Europe down. It has nearly destroyed regions of the world and created refugees out of people who wanted nothing more than their home and their communities to prosper as you do. Brexit is over. Let’s start talking about a true exit from this nightmare.

Originally published 28 June, Center for a Stateless Society

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Clinton campaign nuked by WikiLeaks

The Blog

Despite much of the political left deciding to endorse Hillary Clinton amidst exaggerated campaign rhetoric against Donald Trump, WikiLeaks hasn't held back from striking out at Clinton.

In June, WikiLeaks editor and political prisoner Julian Assange promised "enough evidence to indict" Clinton, relating to her emails.

This has been followed by WikiLeaks releasing emails to and from Clinton related to the situation in Iraq. Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq War in 2003, as well as being in favor of other military interventions. She was the main criminal responsible for the disastrous NATO aggression in Libya, which plunged the country in chaos and murder and was later described by Obama as the worst mistake of his career.

During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton also was largely responsible for decisions to escalate the conflict in Syria by illegally smuggling weapons into the conflict zone. This, she wrote in an email, was necessary to help the Israeli regime maintain security during its policies of genocide, apartheid and expansion.

Clinton continues to favor direct US military strikes on Syrian government targets, despite them being protected by Russian military forces and being the main ground opponents of ISIS.

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5 July 2016

Criminal tries to become US President

The Blog

In an obvious attempt to prop up war criminal sadist Hillary Clinton's disgraceful campaign to become US President, the US State Department seeks to delay disclosure of documents related to her conduct as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton used a private email address during her reign as Secretary of State - a reign that saw her deep personal involvement in US interference and war crimes in both Libya and Syria. Not soon before, she had been a big fan of the US invasion of Iraq, never shy of sacrificing American soldiers on the altar of stupid idols and lies.

The use of a private email address alone was sufficient grounds for a public servant to be sacked and permanently barred from office, yet the criminal was allowed to campaign to be President. The criminal remains the only major candidate to have ever been under investigation by hundreds of FBI officers while continuing to campaign for leadership of a nation.

Also during Hillary Clinton's role as top US diplomat, US embassy staff stationed at Benghazi, Libya, were left defenseless, attacked and assassinated.

Overall, commentators recognize Clinton's role in Libya from start to finish to be a disaster. The war itself was a mistake. US President Barack Obama has admitted the US-led intervention in Libya - in which Clinton helped to kill thousands of women and children to ensure a divided and broken regime would replace ousted dictator Gaddafi - was the greatest mistake he made. Clinton went on to start a failed revolution in Syria similar to the civil war in Libya, with the goal of killing an anti-US leader.

Clinton's grand vision for her future as President consists of civil wars, assassinations, dead soldiers, a nuclear contest with Russia, and a strong stance against victims of pedophilia.

The US government has requested a 27 month delay in the release of emails related to Clinton's crimes and negligence, to keep voters from being able to see the extent of her deranged behavior and the danger it presents to the American people. Another government excuse even claimed "it could take at least 75 years to compile emails from a handful of Clinton’s aides" as reported at TheHill.

The clubof.info Blog

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You should have mourned 4th of July

The Blog

The US has fallen short of what its founders fought for and has restored the oppression that was protested in the Declaration of Independence.

Today, Americans are subject to illegal searches of their vehicles and personal mail on an almost constant basis. Email may be read at will by the state. This kind of hostile warrantless surveillance, arguably, is the thing American colonists found most offensive and it encouraged them to take up arms against British colonial authorities.

One might have thought the type of lack of representation in the British Parliament might have been avoided by America's newfound liberty after it achieved independence. As it turned out, Americans got even less representation. At the moment, the narrow US "democratic" system is hardly capable of representation of the vast population at all.

Writing on taxation, Thomas Knapp at the Garrison Center noted that fewer representatives exist for each US taxpayer than exist for each British taxpayer, despite "taxation without representation" being a major point of complaint by Americans against colonial authorities. In the US, there is one representative per 600,000. In the UK, one per 100,000.

On this, Knapp advised ahead of 4th of July celebrations, "America, it seems to me, has fallen far short of what she could have been had we actually secured our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and jealously guarded them to this day. Between the fireworks and grilling out, take a moment to shed a tear with me for what might have been and isn’t."

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1 July 2016

Brexit can't affect freedom of movement

The Blog

Contrary to much hysteria in the media and stock market, Britain has not actually left the European Union.

It's not even clear how Britain will leave the EU or how long it will take. Many fear for freedom of movement of people after this referendum and UK withdrawal from the EU. However, the effect on freedom of movement will in fact be up to the negotiations between the UK and EU.

Students and workers traveling between the EU and the UK will not have their travel plans affected in any way even after Britain's total withdrawal from the EU. To quote a government research summary made available the day after the referendum:
... the UK and other European governments would likely favour a solution that protects the immigration rights of people already exercising their free movement rights, given the widespread disruption and administrative burden that retrospective changes could cause.
This means the British state is fully aware of the chaos that could be caused by halting the freedom of movement already being exercised by millions of people. All will remain in place, without being threatened by Britain's exit from the EU.

Britain's withdrawal from the EU may in fact open up more opportunities for migration by Commonwealth citizens. According to the government research summary, "gaining greater control over EEA immigration as a result of leaving the EU could (or should) lead to enhanced scope to prioritise Commonwealth immigration". This is similar to the enhanced scope to pursue trade with countries outside the European Union after leaving the EU.

While freedom of movement for existing residents was not a concern to Brexit campaigners, migration was a key issue, viewed as a source of social unrest and potential influx of terrorist agents from war-torn regions.

The clubof.info Blog

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Ecuador threatened for Assange asylum

The Blog

While the US seems intent on regime change to overthrow its critics in Latin America, the small country of Ecuador has been separately threatened for sheltering political prisoner Julian Assange.

The country's Foreign Minister has accused US ally the UK of threatening Ecuador repeatedly over its refusal to allow the arrest of the persecuted WikiLeaks founder.

According to the Foreign Minister as quoted in a teleSUR report, "It's an interfered (with) and hacked embassy." Western countries are complying with the wishes of the US regime by refusing to cooperate with Ecuador on any issue until Assange is made to leave the Embassy.

Assange knows that due to his exposure of US war crimes and deception by leaking military reports and diplomatic cables, he will face extradition, torture and possibly execution by the US regime if he is arrested by puppet authorities in Europe. The EU arrest warrant against Assange, which is based on irrelevant and trumped-up charges from a Swedish court that were directly recommended by the US regime, may soon become invalid due to the UK future withdrawal from the EU.

The United Nations has ruled Assange to be victim of political persecution and imprisonment, but the Britain and Sweden refuse to comply with the ruling as they continue to obey orders from Washington.

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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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