28 June 2016

Evidence 'US regime is now police state'

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Aligned with a similar commentary by the Garrison Center director Thomas Knapp, one post argues that a recent US Supreme Court ruling is "admissible evidence of police state".

Addressing the ruling, in which any arbitrary arrest and detention by US police can be later justified by finding any unrelated outstanding warrant, Kelly Vee wrote, "Should we be angry? Absolutely. Should we be shocked? Absolutely not. Americans should not feel reassured or secure by the final arbiter in the U.S. justice system."

Vee's post appeared at the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) website on 23 June. Relating the problem to large numbers of the American population, Vee wrote, "The scope of this ruling is not limited to some small subset of violent criminals. Millions of Americans have outstanding arrest warrants. That speeding ticket you forgot to pay is enough to excuse an officer that stops you illegally."

Concluding that US authorities are now privileged to commit any abuse, Vee's conclusion argues that "The Police State, the Prison State, and the Court System are all a part of the same twisted, monopolized justice system run with perverse incentives at the expense of its constituents. Police abuse their power, the Court affirms their mistakes, and people end up behind bars."

Vee also pointed out that the United States imprisons more of its own people than any other regime in the world. Despite this, US shallow propaganda portrays it as the most "free" country in the world.

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