14 June 2016

UK oversees cluster bombing in Yemen

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As "hospitals, schools, markets and mosques" in Yemen were targeted by Saudi Arabia, British and US advisers were in Saudi command centers overseeing the use of internationally banned cluster bombs.

As explained in a recent Parliamentary Briefing breaking down the facts on Yemen, UK personnel were present in Saudi military headquarters alongside those of the US regime while Saudi forces committed war crimes using British-made weapons.

The Briefing states irrefutable evidence exists of British-made cluster bombs (banned under international law) being used against civilians in a village on the Saudi-Yemeni border. Despite this, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond's only response was to lie. "There is no evidence of deliberate breaches of international humanitarian law", the Secretary had said when confronted by Labour MP Hilary Benn over the role played by British personnel in the Yemen Conflict.

According to the British government, UK advisers are in Saudi Arabia to ensure the country and the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen comply with international law and strike only military targets. Despite the government's claims that Saudi Arabia has complied, most of the victims of the Saudi aggression continue to be civilians.

A disproportionate number of women and children have been killed in Saudi Arabia's bombing of Yemen and the accompanying blockade aiming to starve the impoverished country into submission. Meanwhile Britain and America say Saudi Arabia is acting responsibly. They even repeat Saudi propaganda that the real threat in Yemen is Iran.

To date, no evidence exists of Iran having any military presence in Yemen, although Iran has strongly noted its opposition to the slaughter of civilians in the country.

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