10 June 2016

Surveillance state's setbacks in Britain

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The British regime has been forced to make concessions to the Opposition on a controversial surveillance charter in progress.

Based on demands by the Labour Party, the Investigatory Powers Bill will need to include a clause guaranteeing the importance of privacy, among other concessions.

Calling the concessions a "historic move" that had been won thanks to campaigning by Labour, Opposition MPs still consider the bill to be deeply flawed. Nevertheless, they are confident that recent changes to the bill adequately protect trade unions, and also provide for all decisions to be questioned by authorities independent of the Government.

The Investigatory Powers Bill had been intended to justify and broaden already extensive human rights-violating surveillance programs used by the regime to target its own people, supposedly in the belief they are a threat to the regime. Although claiming to be protecting "British values" and "national security", Britain subserviently sends all its data to foreign powers such as the United States and Israel, imperiling its own subjects and helping other countries kill them.

Experts, including within the US regime who are developing and applying all the latest totalitarian surveillance methods, believe the British public are more accepting of surveillance than other populations. Arguably, Britain's archaic political system and traditions have left many taxpayers in apathy, with a view that rulers are somehow magically ordained to do whatever they want once they get into office.

Any severe criticism of the British Government is prohibited in all spaces where it might have any effect on the lives of politicians, especially in or near Parliament. The regime continues to be heavily guarded and insulated from its subjects or the consequences of its rule, including unemployment, poverty, terrorism, and declining security.

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