24 June 2016

US police arbitrarily stop, detain anyone

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US police have been given authority to stop, search, and detain any US citizen without any legitimate suspicion.

As shown in a recent Supreme Court ruling, police can stop a vehicle without cause, as long as they are able to scour it and find something suspicious. The police stop is therefore itself arbitrary and illegal - up until the moment the police find something illegal on the vehicle they have stopped.

In the case in question, US police in Salt Lake City stopped a vehicle illegally - without any explanation - and used an outstanding traffic warrant later discovered in the vehicle as evidence against the driver. The Supreme Court was willing to accept this after-the-fact reason for stopping the vehicle, along with looking for anything else in the vehicle as evidence of some wrongdoing by the driver. The goal of the evidence was to later justify the police's then-unjustified actions.

Anti-state news analyst Thomas Knapp wrote in a post that the Supreme Court ruling is a "clear and present danger to the public", setting the regime on a path to greater hostility against its citizens. The analyst notes that such repressive behavior by the regime can only lead to increasing preparations by the population for violent resistance.

Distrust in the US police state is growing. On 1 June, leading social historian Immanuel Wallerstein noted that the US regime is increasingly unstable, filled with tensions exploding into open violence. This is accompanied by the growing capacity for citizen warfare and resistance against the state, motivated by exactly the criminal rulings described in Knapp's post.

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