3 June 2016

UK war hero declares war on schoolgirl

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British "Colonel" Richard Kemp, who portrayed himself as a war hero and great military commander to have any relevance, has been caught in a diatribe on Twitter trying to incite hatred against a 15 year old girl.

Anger against Leanne Mohamad for winning a school prize produced not just one, but four tweets all by the so-called Colonel "RICHARD KEMP", who capitalizes his user name like an evangelical crank, hoping to rally condemnation of her. The pro-Israel media slob accused the young girl of "anti-Semitic lies".

Pro-Palestine blogger Thalwen commented that Leanne's only crime was "hoping for freedom" for her people from the barbarism of the Israeli military occupation.

Kemp additonally promoted a video by a pro-Israel vlogger, who issued blatant lies that Leanne's speech in favor of human rights amounted to "an ISIS recruiting video" for siding with Palestinian Arabs and opposing Zionist killers.

While it is creepy enough that a so-called Colonel would want to intervene in a school competition and incite hatred against a child, more disturbing is the way other Zionist fanatics reacted to Leanne. One Zionist cries out that Leanne is "evil" and must be "vigorously condemned and punished"; another racist tweets that all the minority "Muslim filth" in the UK are to blame and longs to "bring on the civil war".

Thanks to smears by far right bigots, racists, and Israeli worms like Kemp who pretend to be British while defending foreign war criminals, the school did in fact censor Leanne, providing another victory over a child for cowards everywhere to revel in.

Although he tries to to portray himself as an impartial military professional in his relations with the media, most of Kemp's time is taken up accusing the media of bias against Israel and trying to come up with reasons why it was okay for Israel to kill kids. With his latest attack on a child, it is also questionable that the overweight and dimwitted 57 year old has any military experience other than trying to prop up the Israeli regime's reputation in the media.

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