10 June 2016

Anti-NATO micro-activism group is live

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Tweetcasting the views of some of the most active but under-appreciated citizen activists against the violent NATO military alliance, a small group channel has gone live on the web.

In recent years, NATO has appeared more and more in the media, often just being slammed for being an obsolete hangover from the Cold War. Desperate to look heroic in order to receive funds, NATO portrays Russia and Iran as villains to justify its fading mission among new gullible fans in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, most people in Western Europe and the US are not convinced, having become tired of the pompous "Atlantic Alliance" and believing it should be scrapped. US presidential candidate Donald Trump has even said he will destroy NATO in a single phone call, seeing it as nothing but a waste of money.

Below are some tweets already from members of the small Twitter-based list of microbloggers, who post their criticisms of NATO and Western war crimes regularly.

Although the North Atlantic Treaty Organization exists ostensibly to make the world more secure, its military campaign in Libya reduced the country to chaos, with large areas taken under control of ISIS terrorists and armaments being traded across the Middle East. Determined only to get Europeans to sacrifice themselves as slaves for their American generals, NATO is committing war crimes, provoking fresh conflicts, and undermining the rule of law in every region where it has any influence.

Click "follow" at @NukeNATO to keep track of the micro-activist channel as it develops.

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