8 December 2015

Syria War producing excuses for WW3

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Different countries trying to gain the moral high ground and win in the Syrian war at any costs open up new ways for a Third World War to begin.

The growing involvement of great powers in the war-torn Arab country resembles the conditions leading to World War One and World War Two. The world is also divided into two clear sets of military alliances fighting it out in Syria, a theory at Beliefnet states.

In its conclusion, the Beliefnet post referred to a drone video of the devastation in Syria, comparing it both with World War Two in Europe and how the world would look after a nuclear war. "Today, Syria looks like it has been nuked", the post stated, predicting that the powers increasingly involved there would like to do similar devastation to each other.

The best solution to increased confrontation might be greater transparency, the post argued. Instead, what we see are the powers from opposing alliances, such as SCO members and the "resistance axis" on one side and the GCC and NATO on the other using covert methods and concealing their true intentions or involvement.

Although largely using proxies, world powers seem to have undeclared and invisible "red lines" which cause them to use military force against each other directly in Syria, as Turkey did. The fact that major powers are capable of launching surprise attacks on one another's forces in the conflict in Syria makes escalation highly likely, and even nuclear salvos launched by Russia and the United States on one another become very possible in such a scenario. The post added that there is no precedent for so many nuclear powers challenging each other directly with air forces and ground troops (the US and Russia both have commandos stationed in Syria) in the same civil war.

The scenario for a world war might involve NATO using its outer members such as Turkey as a paw to attack Russia directly, leading Russia to use missiles against Turkey. If it happened, this may be used to justify US missile launches against Russian territory, and their fire being returned with Russian nuclear attacks against US and NATO targets.

No powers want such a scenario to take place, the blog stressed. However, the previous world wars were not wanted either, and the Third could still happen anyway as a result of diplomatic failures and provocations like Turkey's attack on a Russian jet.

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