22 December 2015

Libertarians and the immigrant "threat"

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In an open letter to the Platform Committee of the US Libertarian Party, Garrison Center director Thomas L. Knapp called for the party's platform document to remove a vague justification for denying the freedoms of immigrants.

Currently, the Libertarian Party platform mentions "a credible threat" as a suitable reason to refuse immigrants entering the United States. Knapp and others were concerned that this created the grounds for "authoritarian" misinterpretations of the document.

Some Libertarian Party supporters, according to Knapp, were interpreting the platform's wording as a justification for rejecting immigrants from entire social, ethnic or religious backgrounds, seeing them as a "threat". However, this search for exceptions to freedom and excuses to treat people as inferior would not increase freedom, and is in fact more threatening to liberty than the current US regime and its policies. With Libertarians having an obligation to be the party of minimum government, Knapp points out that it would be absurd for them to be perceived to argue for a more vigilant national security state than already exists.

Thomas L. Knapp, also known by the online nickname KN@PPSTER, is a member of the Center for a Stateless Society think tank (C4SS) as well as the dissident Mont Order society. His open letter to the Libertarian Party can be read here and can be endorsed by your signature here.

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