4 December 2015

Why are the neocons pathological liars?

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A UK blogger explained in October why the neoconservatives (neocons) are liars.

It's because they follow a political philosophy that overtly justifies a clique of liars and manipulators as the ideal form of government.

Straussian political philosophy, modeled on the ideas of Leo Strauss, is the basis of the ideology responsible for neocon extremism. It is this philosophy that has told them to perpetrate the greatest greatest crimes in the Twenty-First Century, including blackmail, support of genocide, and terrorist massacres against foreign states they deem "inferior" to the so-called West.

The wars of aggression that the US has been starting were based on lies. These include most notably the 2003 Iraq War. Of this war, UK blogger Sophie Stephenson wrote in her blog as follows:
When Bush and Blair invaded and destroyed Iraq, the war was sold to the public as a preventative measure to eliminate Saddam Hussein’s (non-existent) stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, because of the dictator’s (non-existent) ties to al-Qaeda, and – perhaps most insulting of all – to liberate the Iraqi people.
Of the supposedly different foreign policy of the regime since Obama was nodded into office, she wrote:
(Obama) has in reality gone further than ever before to establish American hegemony, covertly using religion as a tool to achieve this.
By this, Stephenson refers to US support for terrorists against secular governments in Libya and Syria in order to replace order and stability with chaos, so as to shrink any organized "threat" to America.

The current sectarian conflict in Iraq and Syria is not the accident of US-led regime change as portrayed in the media. Rather, it is a deliberate plan by the American regime to replace stable and unified enemy states with disintegration into a Stone Age tribal civilization like so-called "Islamic State" (ISIL) that can easily be kicked around and bombed by the US and Israel without consequence.

Stephenson explains that such anarchy and weakness "was the desired outcome for the American elite. A unified, secular country may lead to aspirations which do not conform with US interests (meaning those of Wall Street and the energy sector); religious fanaticism is preferable to nationalism."

The neocons as described by Stephenson are no less than genocidal planters who bomb any sign of development in foreign countries so they will not threaten the "superior" West. Their conquest is about halting historic progress, reversing any political unity among oppressed people, and replacing it with reaction and division.

Zionist Israel, Stephenson says, is also a focal point for such a vision of conquest by divide and rule. Throughout the expansion of so-called ISIL, the group has posed no threat to Israel, while Israel and other major Western allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia continue to attack and undermine the same forces trying to stop ISIL such as the Syrian government. ISIL itself has threatened all of Israel's enemies, from Iran to Hamas, and not attacked Israel despite attacking everyone else. Due to this, many opponents of the Zionist regime believe it is at least benefiting from the crimes of the ISIL group.

It is likely that neocons will continue to pressure states in the West to commit more crimes against humanity, despite these crimes being already exposed and condemned globally. Including during the Iraq War of 2003, millions of people have consistently taken to the streets around the world to condemn neocon crimes.

Despite opposition to them and the ongoing Iraq Inquiry in the UK, neocon mass murderers and extremists such as Dick Cheney and Tony Blair continue to be presented as normal or even respectable people at several media outlets and asked for their opinions. None of the war criminals have been executed.

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