27 November 2015

Terror sponsors say borders are sacred

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Reports show an increasingly muddled and desperate regime in Turkey clashing with Russia, because of the defeats suffered by Turkish-backed terrorists at Russian and Syrian hands in recent days.

Despite being pushed out of the battlespace by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) backed by Russian airstrikes, the failing Western-backed militants in Syria are clinging to the Turkish border for survival. Here, they depend on streams of men and equipment from the Turkish regime to continue the terror against the people of Syria.

Recently, in full view of the world's media and global powers, Turkey shot down a Russian jet bomber inside Syrian airspace. Turkey claimed the bomber violated Turkish airspace for a few seconds, but Russia denies this. Even worse, there is evidence that terrorists supported by the Turkish regime murdered an unarmed Russian pilot who escaped the burning aircraft, and later joked on video that they should have tortured him.

What followed was the Turkish regime's muddled, hypocritical and conflicting rhetoric over the incident with the Russian jet. Turkey is known to have rejected Syria's reasoning for shooting down Turkish jets that violated Syrian airspace, but has followed even more hostile rules of engagement against Syrian and Russian jets.

In addition, rather than speaking directly with Russia about the incident, Turkey instead called a NATO session, where it cowered and begged for US protection from Russian retaliation. This protection is extremely unlikely, given NATO's record of only defending US interests and ignoring the interests of lower-ranked allies such as Turkey.

Writing at Counterpunch shortly after the Russian-Turkish air incident in Syria, analyst Mike Whitney noted that Turkey is trying to provoke greater NATO involvement in Syria, possibly even trying to instigate NATO-Russia military buildups in the Syrian territory. The problem here is that Russia is only acting in accord with international law, legally approved within Syria's airspace, while the NATO side is motivated by the political fantasies of conquest and regime change in Damascus. The rest of NATO is aware of the danger, but Turkey seems to be acting radically and unpredictably in Syria, even by US standards, and may attempt to drag NATO on a war of conquest.

Seeing the danger of having an unpredictable NATO state that wages war on the Kurdish people and shoots down Russian planes, Garrison Center director and Mont blogger Thomas L. Knapp recommended Turkey should be suspended from NATO.

The US, as expected, came out in support of Turkey's right to protect its "border", despite the US and its allies violating Syria's borders and breaking international law on a daily basis. The US and Turkey continue to keep the Turkish "border" wide open in order to supply men and materiel to terror groups inside Syria, despite their hollow rhetoric about the sanctity of borders when it serves their own security.

According to its hypocritical claims, NATO thinks it is okay for war to be waged across the Turkish border into Syria, but unacceptable for there to be any violation of Turkish territory. On one hand we see the West dismissing the borders of non-Western states or even planning to dissolve them. On the other, we see the West aggressively protecting its own national borders from even a tiny, seconds-long violation. In line with the cult of Western supremacy, the West's definition of "self-defense" continues to only be about the security of the American regime and its puppet states.

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France to exploit terror for censorship

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France and other Western countries will conflate terrorists with critics and dissidents and use the ISIL-inspired attacks in Paris as an excuse to target their own people.

This is the prediction of journalist Geroid O'Colmain speaking to the RT network, as shown in the embedded LiveLeak video below.

Members of the Mont Order society of dissidents and writers were recently interested in the video and discussed it as a model interview.

O'Colmain named alternative media as a likely target of Western governments' measures supposedly aimed against terrorism. The "established order" will be defended, he argues, by going after people who tell the truth about the state's domestic and foreign policy atrocities and mistakes.

The prediction given is similar to that of other analysts, who have quoted the British regime threatening to silence its citizens if they believe conspiracy theories or try to point out British and American crimes in Iraq. Such critics, the regime reasons, need to be silenced because offer a narrative that indirectly supports terrorist groups such as ISIL.

UK Prime Minister Cameron wants to silence "extremist" speech in the UK. Meanwhile, the British regime and its allies are directly arming ISIL by parachuting weapons into the Syrian battlespace for supposed "moderate" terror.

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24 November 2015

Much 'globalization' is positive: L'Ordre

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New extracts reproduced here are part of the second Mont Order commentary authored by L'Ordre. Analyzing the largest point, the second point of the Order's plan, this key essay addresses the political crisis of nation-states and technological change.

More: The Mont Order's unofficial conspiracy

More: Articles tagged as "L'Ordre" items at The clubof.info Blog

L'Ordre's second commentary can be read at Dissident Voice, and the Mont society's video conference referenced in the commentary can be viewed below. It is titled "The Mont Order's Globalism", distinguishing between positive and negative globalization. 

The second point is one of a total of seven points, agreed at the "Mont October" discussion of 2015. The commentary, while important to the Order's recruitment and public relations efforts, is nonbinding and only issues L'Ordre's own opinion on the Second Point. Important parts of the commentary are reported by The clubof.info Blog below, in following up from the previous report on a L'Ordre commentary.

  • "It is negative globalization when one country tries to forcibly remake the world in its own image. When, on the other hand, there are winds of technological and social change compressing history and geography to create a more united global polity, that is positive globalization."
  • "The whole machinery of modern states is behind the speed of modern media and political mobilization, putting those states in opposition to the people’s will because of their own inefficiency."
  • "The theoretical framework for predicting the impact of recent and future technologies on states is well-practiced by both the Mont society’s members and Mont contacts in the political field, such as the social futurists."
  • "There has always been a deliberate economic schema by the West, often called the “dependency” model, to deny most of the world’s peoples access to their own resources by denying them the scientific and industrial knowledge to fully exploit them."
  • "It doesn’t do any good for statesmen to try to control the media anymore. The chains of technology have evolved and spread so much that the task is now impossible."
  • "Western governments today are more vulnerable than ever to the entire spectrum of opposition."

L'Ordre, "The Mont Order's Globalism: On the Second Point of the Mont Order", Dissident Voice, 19 November 2015

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Mass surveillance unjustified: NYT

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In an unusual step by a publication close to the US government and part of mainstream media, the New York Times editorial board has slammed mass surveillance in an article.

The article in question mentioned that CIA director John Brennan was trying to blame Edward Snowden and the youth of America, who idolize the whistleblower, for jeopardizing the country's security. In remarks, the CIA man tried to put some of blame for the outrageous terror attacks in Paris, which killed 129 civilians, on Snowden and others who condemn espionage.

Brennan even called the attacks in Paris a “wake-up call.” However, Brennan is a known liar, as the NYT article points out:

  • "Last year, he bluntly denied that the C.I.A. had illegally hacked into the computers of Senate staff members conducting an investigation into the agency’s detention and torture programs when, in fact, it did.
  • "In 2011, when he was President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, he claimed that American drone strikes had not killed any civilians, despite clear evidence that they had.
  • "And his boss, James Clapper Jr., the director of national intelligence, has admitted lying to the Senate on the N.S.A.’s bulk collection of data."

The article further states that mass surveillance would not have prevented the Paris attacks, as it was already being used on the attackers but there are simply too many extremists being monitored for the government to know who to arrest and when. As stated in the article, "the problem in this case was not a lack of data, but a failure to act on information authorities already had."

If this is so, then mass surveillance is useless, apparently impressive at a technical level, but in reality impractical in ensuring any security whatsoever for the state or the people. It does no good to have all the information in the universe if you don't know what to do with it. It must be remembered that millions of dollars continue to be poured into these programs, which do nothing to make anyone safe. Not a single terrorist attack has been stopped by intercepting phone calls or emails.

Commenting on the controversy, internet freedoms lobby group Fight for the Future praised the NYT article and asked Americans to forward it to their representatives in Congress. They also added that the technology actually used by terrorists to coordinate the attacks in Paris consisted of non-encrypted SMS messages, meaning that encryption is simply not needed in terror attacks.

The only possible goal of the government's plan for backdoors into encryption is actually to harass political opposition (which Britain's GCHQ admitted in a leaked slideshow), since militant groups and terrorists have shown no reliance on encryption anyway.

In its concluding paragraphs, the NYT article encouraged readers to ignore the lies of the CIA head John Brennan and the FBI's James Comey, who try to muddle Americans' minds by making them believe Snowden has put them at risk from terror when he has merely told the truth. If anything, the ones who are putting Americans in danger are rogue intelligence agencies.

Comey's idea that Apple and Google should ensure all software is sabotaged to be easier to decode and spy on was criticized by Fight for the Future, who said this will actually make people more vulnerable to terrorists. The NYT board concurs with this analysis, having stated, "requiring that companies build such back doors into their devices and software could make those systems much more vulnerable to hacking by criminals and spies".

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20 November 2015

Petition: Google must end its censorship

The Blog

Following up on the post last week on Google's stifling of political news coverage at YouTube, we want to draw your attention to Representative Press's petition to get advertising revenue restored to alternative media videos.

Created via Change.org, the petition can be signed by our readers at the following link. It is really important to get this petition to Google's attention, if a victory for small alternative media channels is going to be scored.

YouTube, Please Restore Ad Revenue for Journalists Reporting on War + Political Conflicts

In a lengthy appeal to the public at the petition, Representative Press offered the following commentary:
Whatever the motivation for imposing the new policy, depriving independent journalists posting videos on Youtube or writing on their websites of the same financial opportunities which major media’s network news profit from is misguided and unfair. It puts those who challenge the dominating news outlets at a enormous disadvantage.
As we stated last week, alternative media is a vital part of the daily routine of millions of people who struggle to stay ahead of the mainstream media's unreliability and corporate-sponsored biases. Many political controversies and scandals have only reached the public via alternative media channels, and Representative Press itself has enjoyed a vast audience.

The channel's author writes that Google's suppression of advertising features on politically "sensitive" videos amounts to "effectively economic censorship imposing political censorship".

"Please don’t sit back and allow YouTube/Google to take away the same opportunities of revenue earning which major media outlets can and still do benefit from on TV and websites", the author asks the signatories of the petition.

StormCloudsGathering, another alternative media channel, simply gave up on advertising as a result of Google's changes, and moved to requesting donations from their vast audience. However, with this petition, at least a small chance exists to do something about the problem rather than bypassing it.

The clubof.info Blog is part of the alternative media blogosphere too, although by no means dependent on advertising revenue. If alternative media is an important part of your online experience, don't let it wither away by refusing to do anything about it. At least take the time to sign the Change.org petition today.

The clubof.info Blog

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Russia to carpet-bomb ISIL out of Syria?

The Blog

What will the Russian Federation's new deployment of strategic bombers to the battlefields of Syria mean for the war?

Russia's fighter jets have already been rolling back territorial gains by terrorist groups including the so-called Islamic State (ISIL, ISIS). But these inflict only piecemeal losses on the militants, compared with the area-bombing capabilities of aircraft like the Tupolev Tu-95 and Tu-160. Such strategic bombers are capable of leveling entire towns and destroying whole armies single-handedly.

The efficiency of all airstrikes against ISIL has been suspect. The US-led coalition has been striking ISIL positions for over a year with almost no effect. In fact, the terrorist group has actually gained more territory throughout the US-led air campaign in Syria, as is demonstrated by maps of the conflict so far. The Russian-led airstrikes have been somewhat more effective, clearing key highways and fortifications for the advancing Syrian Army - a force the US refuses to acknowledge or work with, in the belief that it is not "legitimate".

However, the course of the war is still slow, and thousands continue to face torture, genocide and persecution at the hands of the many sectarian militias supported by the West to take control of the country. Russia has compared ISIL with Nazi Germany, with no illusions about how the group should be dealt with and the kind of firepower that might be necessary to defeat it.

In an analysis for the Beliefnet website all the way back in June, it is advocated that strategic bombers are used instead of mere fighter jets (although in that case it was supposing the US would be doing all the bombing). The bombers should be used with the aim of wiping entire ISIL-controlled towns off the map and making it clear that this so-called "state" will be destroyed at all costs by the most powerful weapons available.

The analysis noted that the goal of such bombing is to put the enemy on the run, making them reactive rather than active, which will enable them to be fought on better terms. They will be drastically weaker on the battlefield, as they will be unable to hold any base or position for long.

ISIL has made no secret of the fact that it is in a state of war with Russia, the US and other major powers. It's recent attacks on Paris, and on a Russian airliner over Sinai, have been described as acts of war. France and Russia now not only say ISIL is intolerable and must be destroyed at all costs, but that they will do it themselves if the US is not capable.

World powers accept that ISIL is a significant military opponent. They want to eliminate  ISIL's capacity to wage war, which means they won't hesitate to use their most powerful weapons. Such weapons will be determined by the size and nature of military targets, as they were in the Second World War, and not by moral concerns about how such strikes may later be perceived.

The more civilians are killed by ISIL, the more the case for 'pinpoint' strikes against ISIL weakens and the stronger the case for indiscriminate area-bombing of ISIL becomes. Russia's movement of strategic bombers to the battlefields of Syria might mean they are moving to apply exactly this ruthless approach to warfare.

If used to its greatest extent, such a weapon will batter ISIL's already ruined territory into craters, and demolish any semblance of "state" in the "Islamic State". If Russia and its allies intend to treat ISIL like Nazi Germany, the geopolitical analysts comparing Russia's involvement with the Soviet War in Afghanistan are far off the mark in their historical comparisons.

The clubof.info Blog

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17 November 2015

UK govt assassins get bombed by op-ed

The Blog

The killing of Mohammed Emwazi, so-called Jihadi John, by the UK government without a trial is a terrible precedent that opens the door to arbitrary executions by the British state.

Certainly, sentiments that he was a "scumbag" who deserved death or worse for his involvement in the Takfiri militant group ISIL were not misplaced. However, that isn't a sufficient reason for society to throw the law out the window and just trust the government to kill whoever it wants.

Such behavior by the assassins of the British government was recently struck hard in an op-ed by Steve Topple for Common Space, published 13 November. He accused the UK's ruling Conservative regime of demagoguery, using a "self-defense" argument and emotional appeals to the population to justify extrajudicial killings.

The killing, Topple says, shows that the UK government can now summarily execute anyone and not be held accountable. He wrote that the state is now "saying that they can decide who among their citizens are classed as 'threats', summarily do away with them first and then ask the questions later."

Describing the illegal assassinations by the British and American regimes as "psychopathy", the op-ed gave the following warning for all readers to consider:
The precedent it (and the killings of Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin in September) sets should not be underestimated. Who, in the next few years, will be deemed as a threat to national security, requiring action in 'self-defence'? The Marxist PKK in Turkey? The socialist coalition in Portugal which has just overthrown the right-wing government? Domestic extremist Jenny Jones of the Green Party?
As with out-of-control surveillance of the population, the hand of the assassins has been freed by Western governments to kill with impunity, on the basis that the population is sufficiently frightened by the "terror threat" that they'll allow the government to do anything. Ironically, Western regimes make constant references to preserving the "rule of law" to defeat terrorism, but are not afraid to break the law themselves.

In the US, the people are so determined to protect their Constitution from "foreign" enemies that they don't notice their own government violating it on a daily basis.

The clubof.info Blog

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Rockwell talk dismantled by antistatists

The Blog

C4SS analysts slammed a talk by Lew Rockwell at the Mises Institute, in which open borders were characterized as an attack on private property.

The argument by the anarcho-capitalist activist seemed to be based upon conflating the borders and roads of the states receiving immigrants with "private property", as follows:
...immigration decisions are made by a central authority, with the wishes of property owners completely disregarded. The correct way to proceed, therefore, is to decentralize decision-making on immigration to the lowest possible level, so... individual property owners consent to the various movements of peoples.
The Center for a Stateless Society's antistatist theorist Kevin Carson hit back at this analysis, refuting it by arguing:
...So the basic idea is that all roads are the “private property” of the majority, who can restrict comings and goings on them at will. This is nonsense on stilts... The streets of cities and towns were laid out as a public commons at the time of settlement, by and large, and were never privately owned.
Embracing his fellow C4SS writer's above response, KN@PPSTER wrote that Lew Rockwell will go as low as "he has to go to continue dragging in money from a market niche he considers under-served due to the fact that decent human beings find that niche too sickening to serve."

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13 November 2015

Google tries to stifle political expression

The Blog

Concerns continue to prevail that Google may be pulling advertising features from "hot" videos and other content on politically "sensitive" subjects.

Evidence of such concerns in the blogging community can be found at lone wolf publications such as StormCloudsGathering and Representative Press.

A video from StormCloudsGathering goes through the issue, as embedded below. StormCloudsGathering notes that challenging the mainstream narrative often results in a sudden loss of advertising features that normally appeared with the video content.

Representative Press, for its part, made much the same points. YouTube states that it reserves a right to "suspend monetization feature" on videos for a number of potential violations, which include publishing content on "Controversial or sensitive subjects and events". This vague language is referenced by both Representative Press and StormCloudsGathering as perhaps the reason why Google can justify its discrimination against lone alternative media reporters.

Google's top minds have themselves shown a profound ignorance of censorship and political freedom, including in their book The New Digital Age. This ignorance is matched only by their bizarre, chauvinist assertion in the book that Western countries are not applying censorship but "compliance with the law", as if to say that the law in China or North Korea isn't quite the law.

If Google can't see the difference between censorship and "compliance with the law", it's not surprising that it can't see the difference between inconvenient content and "sensitive" content.

The clubof.info Blog is utilizes advertising but is in fact a zero-cost endeavor, using the free Blogger platform offered by Google to publish. So, although Google is not being very supportive of full-time self-employed journalists, it does maintain several powerful platforms for people around the world to publish less ambitious content.

The clubof.info Blog

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"Stateless strength" the answer: L'Ordre

The Blog

The extracts here are from a commentary issued by L'Ordre on the subject of the Mont Order as a model information club. In the extracts, the Order's strengths are presented, along with reasons why the expansion of the Mont society is beneficial.

More: The Mont Order's unofficial conspiracy

More: Articles tagged as "L'Ordre" items at The clubof.info Blog

The items were published in a brief commentary and appeared at the well-known alternative media publication Dissident Voice back on Sunday, 8th November. Said commentary is itself a response to the highly public video articulating the Mont Order's views in its own members' voices via YouTube.

L'Ordre is known to be a handle used by an apparent lone "dark knight" of the Mont Order society, identifying only as a "friend" of the intentionally elusive coalition calling itself the Order. The Mont Order is itself a global society of writers and political "provocateurs", to borrow the description offered by one member on a blog.

Interestingly, L'Ordre is also a name used by a blog hosted at leading global religious website Beliefnet and also friendly to the Mont Order. It is additionally an alias of the Mont Order itself, in short for "L'Ordre de la Montagne".

  • "Where only the elusive international Order can be tracked, and full responsibility cannot be placed on an individual, campaigns of persecution collapse with their own folly."
  • "Indeed, being party to an international collective not only denies these regimes power over you but robs them of their legitimacy, which is why such membership is a strategy for stateless strength and resistance across the globe."
  • "All the traditional mobilizing capabilities of a political party, media outlet or pressure group can be achieved without a formal organization or headquarters."
  • "In order to survive disruption, alternative media groups and dissident movements will have to mimic the structure of the internet itself, linking to countless other sites and movements rather than emphasizing any single site or entity."
  • "Activists standing against the world’s most powerful regimes can take refuge in the internet. If we understand and mimic the social structure of the internet, promoting all solidarity and mutual assistance eventually between millions of users, the archaic states and authorities will find themselves powerless to silence the will of the people."
  • "By the same facts, the world’s most arrogant regime will spy on everyone, but it will not stop everyone."

L'Ordre, "Organizing without Organization: On the First Point of the Mont Order", Dissident Voice, 8 November 2015

The clubof.info Blog

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10 November 2015

Demo-skeptic criticizes Pakistan MPs

The Blog

The people of Pakistan have contempt for their Parliament, according to a demo-skeptic op-ed published at Pakistan's Voice of East magazine.

Hussain Saqib penned the article for publication on 6 November. It follows a similar demo-skeptic article at the Passive Voices, also by Saqib, calling for a presidential system to be restored in Pakistan rather than the current flawed parliamentary system in the country.

Saqib referenced a comment made by Salim Bukhari, who had been apparently subject to a crackdown by Pakistan's PEMRA information agency and had apologized for insulting comments against the elected Parliament. Bukhari had apparently called members of Parliament by a term translated to "pimps", perhaps a reference to their tendency to amass wealth and power by morally questionable means.

The crime of Bukhari was "stating the obvious", in Saqib's opinion. The people of Pakistan may in fact be demo-skeptics who agree with how he characterized MPs, considering the apparent democracy as consisting of "cheats, thugs and imposters" who seek only personal profit by entering into politics. Saqib notes that MPs often forge their academic qualifications in order to be considered suitable for office, and abuse their power to promptly change the law to make it easier for them to remain in office despite forged qualifications.

MP's are not the "saints and sages" they are elected to be, Saqib says, much as he also argued in his Passive Voices op-ed. Pakistan is, Saqib says, victim to "crooks entering the House through fake degrees, rigged polls and proceeds of crime who insult the august house of Parliament." Because of this, their ability to conduct the national economy responsibly or avoid corruption should be questioned, he implies.

To conclude, Saqib says Pakistanis do not respect the officials elected to represent them in Parliament. Questioning the validity of such a democracy, he compels us to ask the kind of question demo-skeptics like to ask, "Why [do] people rejoice when some military dictator packs up the democratic dispensation to bring in stability and prosperity through competent, honest and presentable technocrats"?

If Saqib's argument is sound, stronger rule might be needed in Pakistan, whether by diminishing the power of corrupt MPs or by revising the political system to presidential rather than parliamentary democracy.

The clubof.info Blog

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Garrison Center director: free Assange

The Blog

Garrison Center director Thomas L. Knapp has called for political prisoner Julian Assange to be freed.

Writing in a brief op-ed on 21 October for the Sun Sentinel, Knapp, who often goes by the nickname KN@PPSTER online, called on the British government to realize "the shame it has brought upon itself by conspiring with the Swedish and US regimes to illegally detain Assange for lo on five years".

Describing Assange as a prime example of a modern "political prisoner", KN@PPSTER said all calls for Assange's arrest are based upon a fraudulent European Arrest Warrant. Assange has cannot be legitimately prosecuted as he has been charged with only "a grand total of zero crimes", and the goal of Sweden had been to question him rather than actually arrest him.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks ironically obtained information proving the Swedish prosecutors to have been led by the US government to find any reason to arrest Assange. The goal was ultimately, as KN@PPSTER states, to hand Assange over to the US regime. Such a goal can be summed up as "vengeance on him for exposing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as for publishing US State Department cables that revealed various instances of US diplomatic malfeasance".

Referring to the detention and torture (so stated by human rights campaigners) of ex-US Army private Chelsea Manning based on the decision of a regime-led kangaroo court, KN@PPSTER pointed out "Assange knows he can expect no less if the US gets its hands on him."

Aggressive efforts to censor the truth of their war crimes has marred the image of so-called Western democracies in recent years. Even with Manning imprisoned under regime torture, Assange besieged in London, and Snowden in exile, the US regime still tries to promote itself as a haven of press freedom. Many so-called journalists in the US, who are sympathetic to the regime, are stooges who brag about their own "free speech" but who openly call for the deaths or imprisonment of fellow journalists if they dare criticize the regime.

At present, the US regime is also breaking all world records for censorship by hunting down journalists and whistle-blowers beyond its borders and trying to legally redefine them as enemy combatants.

The clubof.info Blog

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6 November 2015

America faces a historic defeat in Syria

The Blog

It is well known that the US regime was behind the war in Syria, and has invested heavily in bringing a fraudulent "democratic" puppet state to power in Damascus.

WikiLeaks documents have already proven that the US was plotting the downfall of President Bashar al-Assad in 2006, long before so-called "protesters" began to conduct their mass executions and terrorism in 2011, prompting the Syrian Army to strike back to protect civil infrastructure. Today, the US is losing the war, after a turning point that came about with its failure to get enough support to bomb the country after lying about a so-called chemical weapon attack by Assad's forces in 2013.

Much of the credit for making the US lose the war in Syria goes to Russian President Vladimir Putin. After escalating Russia's involvement in the war at the end of September 2015 by targeting the sites used by US forces and their allies to attack and displace pro-Assad civilians in the country, Putin has caught the US by surprise.

An already flimsy and faltering plan to remove President Bashar al-Assad, despite nearly 80% of the Syrian population firmly supporting the president, has now become impossible and doomed to defeat. Despite this, reports show that the US cannot think of any way of responding other than to commit even more naked and blatantly illegal terrorism against the Syrian government.

US ground forces arriving to attack the Russian base in Syria?

One report states that the US has sent military advisers to Latakia Province, with the goal of assisting so-called "moderate" terrorists. If Latakia sounds familiar, it is because it is the same Province housing the Russian air base that has been targeting the very same "moderate" terrorists being trained and equipped by the US government to assassinate Syrian civilian and government employees.

The Pentagon had earlier stated it gave up on training Syrian rebels, and had resorted instead to air-dropping supplies to known hostile anti-US terrorists associated with al-Qaeda (the US cannot land on the ground to help these terrorists because its forces would probably be captured and beheaded by the so-called moderates). The hope was, that these forces would be more interested in targeting Bashar al-Assad's forces than US forces. Therefore, air-dropping weapons to sworn enemies like al-Qaeda's branch "al-Nusra" who have vowed to destroy the United States was accepted as a sane choice by top officials at the Pentagon.

Because the US had given up on the "train" part of its so-called "train and equip" program to prop up terrorist groups with US taxpayer dollars, it is unlikely that US "advisers" are in Latakia Province to train anyone. If indeed they are there for other reasons, it is possible that they are actually in Syria to carry out direct combat missions. Islamic State (also Daesh, ISIL, ISIS) has no base in Latakia Province, so who are the US forces targeting?

If US so-called advisers are in Latakia Province to help terrorists, they will come into direct conflict with Russian helicopters and attack jets. The outcome of such an encounter can be left to one's imagination, considering Russian warplanes have yet to suffer a single casualty and have efficiently blown up anyone who got in their way.

While their soldiers try to escalate the conflict and get directly involved in the fighting in Syria, US diplomats are busy trying to convince Russia that they are going to negotiate an end to the war to prevent escalation. The US regime has so far destroyed both Libya and Ukraine by lying to Russia and breaking diplomatic agreements. Russia is well aware of such deceit, so US diplomats' words are not likely to get the Kremlin's attention, especially when the US regime's actions show a commitment to more violence and even direct attacks against Russian forces in Syria.

At CounterPunch, Mike Whitney speculated that Russia may choose to unleash its own special forces in Syria to counteract any US units found on the ground.

US "allies" will abandon the US to die alone in Syria

At a diplomatic level, the US is actually facing increasing isolation in Syria. Many of its regional allies want a more aggressive stance with direct military action by the US against Syria, Russia, and Iran, although the same powers seem too cowardly to attempt such action themselves. Turkey, whose territory the US needs in any attack against Syria, is far more interested in bombing Kurdish factions the US has been supporting, and undoing any territorial gains they have made under US air cover.

The UK, the US's closest strategic ally, has once again declined to commit to any military action alongside the US in Syria. It didn't even come to a vote in the UK Parliament as it did in 2013, this time, as the Cameron government was so afraid of losing all credibility if it lost a second vote on the issue of UK intervention in Syria. The argument given was that Western airstrikes against ISIL had proved ineffective, and MPs were not convinced that doing more would produce any results.

There are also massive numbers of reports that Western airstrikes have massacred thousands of civilians, while Western media instead focused only on the few remaining reports hinting at possible civilian deaths caused by Russia.

A superpower no more?

The situation for US regime change efforts in Syria is worse than ever and is getting worse every day, but US politicians cannot think of any solution other than more involvement, even in a situation of total strategic isolation for US forces. Analysts have suggested that defeat in Syria would shatter the US's image as a superpower in the eyes of its allies, while at the same time reviving Russia's image and establishing Russia as the most serious military power in the Middle East instead of the US.

Having US forces in Syria at the time of this historic defeat, and watching them get killed by Russian and Syrian forces in front of the world's media, could make America's apparent defeat a real one. It would change the way the world sees the US.

The clubof.info Blog

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The Tory housing disaster to come?

The Blog

The UK's Housing and Planning Bill, which extends the “Right to Buy” to housing association properties and forces local authorities to sell off their most valuable stock is a "potential catastrophe", a political analyst predicts.

What the Tories call an "opportunity" is in fact threatening only to "further enhance their poor-beater CV", Steve Topple has argued in an op-ed at the Political Sift political and social commentary blog.

Statistics already show 1.4 million households on social housing waiting lists in 2014, which contrasts with only 43,000 new homes being built. Cameron's UK has also witnessed a devastating 55% rise in homelessness since he came to power in 2010. Calling the new bill "self-serving" Topple predicted such legislation would only worsen these already horrifying statistics.

Agreeing with other commentators that the legislation especially attacks poorer families living in rural areas, with no guarantees of where new housing stock will be built, Topple had the following commentary:
The proposed plans to force local authorities to sell off their most valuable properties looks disastrous, at best. Aside from the fact the government is ignoring the fact many of these properties are adapted for the disabled, it also appears to brush over the serious effect it will have on council’s ability to replace these homes.
In addition, Topple comments that the "Right to Buy" will further inflate the housing bubble, which is projected to burst, although the real victims of the bill will be poor families in desperate need of social housing. Accusing the Tory government of running a "chumocracy", he points out that personal debt is already at record levels, but it will not stop Cameron's regime and his cronies from getting the helpless and the poor further into debt.

Housing Associations have already backed the "Right to Buy" legislation, but Topple urges opposition parties to "do everything in their power to stop this despicable legislation" when it comes to a vote in the Commons.

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3 November 2015

Mont Order new philosophy goes public

The Blog

The Mont Order society has scaled back its fixation on being an organization, and is now more of a value-based club with a declared set of principles and autonomous members who act with or without blessing from above.

Background: The Mont Order's unofficial conspiracy

As always, the overarching priority at the Mont Order society of writers and publications is to promote its members and their agendas. This has not changed, but the model of the group has been reformed slightly to put more energy towards supporting individual members and stop using the group as a vessel that requires its own devotion or resources.

This change can be understood from what little content was actually made public after a long conference among the Order's top members. The content takes the form of a short set of written values on cards, which can be seen at the Order's unofficial press release archive "lordre.net" and also in a video originating at the Wave Chronicle. The Wave Chronicle is a leading publication associated with the Order.

The released content for the public contains a code with seven values that the Order will not withdraw, and which sum up the philosophy or ideology guiding the present plans of the Mont Order. Of these, the second may be of the greatest interest to readers of The clubof.info Blog.

"Principle Two" declares to the world the Mont Order's most unique attribute, which is its open glorification of technological modernity, regarding it as the origin and future of the Order:

The Order accepts positive and popular globalism based on the inevitable trajectories of technology to unite disparate people across borders. Our own identity is closely tied to events in the world, mainly involving technology, as the internet enabled this group to exist. We see how technology is escaping its creators' designs and we celebrate this trend, which has also empowered us. However, we oppose with absolute conviction the neoconservative and neoliberal views of some major tech corporations including Google.

As shown, the Order has a powerful understanding of what it is and where it is going. It could be that some of the slower and less efficient features of the modern Mont Order may soon disappear, as the Mont program of values is acted upon and expounded for the foreseeable future.

The clubof.info Blog

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Clash of the Titans? Technology vs God

The Blog

In a feature article popular at Beliefnet within the category of "Tech Gospel", the idea of an angry God who wants to smite engineers and scientists for their apparent hubris gets discredited.

Titled "Does God Endorse Tech", the op-ed is part of the same educational effort as the L'Ordre blog, also popular at Beliefnet. The article asked, "For those of us who believe in a personal God, how should we see the relationship between technology and the divine, if there is any at all?"

It went on to confess that the God portrayed in the Bible, as well as the deities of other religions such as the ancient Greco-Roman religion, do indeed attack engineers and seekers of knowledge. The religions do all too often portray engineers and seekers of knowledge as sinful. However, it only happens when there are other factors involved.

What offends God, or gods, in most religious traditions, tends to be the attitudes behind feats of engineering and science, rather than these accomplishments themselves. In other parts of religious lore, God actively commands technological accomplishments, such as Noah's construction of the ark in order to save animals from extinction.

The op-ed concluded:

"where one seeks technology for sharing, or to give it to others unconditionally to help them (a treatment for a disease, for example) no righteous God could do anything but endorse such efforts. The god of Christianity, Islam and Judaism appears to approve of sharing, and would not hesitate to endorse or even command the creation of technologies enabling sharing."

Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Tech-Gospel/Articles/Does-God-Endorse-Tech.aspx?p=3#OiKvtlFf3GMItb7f.99

In sum, the observation of the article was that technologies should pursue sharing, dignity and equality, rather than empowering a privileged few or usurping moral authority. Further, religious people should actually consider such technologies, e.g. personal computers and smartphones, to have even been endorsed by God.

As part of its effort to gain greater recognition, the L'Ordre blog has created a new Facebook page at facebook.com/lordrecolumn, and invites its readers to actively share and sign up to its posts.

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