6 October 2015

'No-fly zone' is dead and Assad will win

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Russia's intervention in Syria with airstrikes has been remarkably successful. Reacting to this, terrorist groups in Syria and their supporters in the United States government preach ineffective and self-defeating ways of retaliating using their already overused swords of terrorism and aggression.

Some commentators have been unable to resist the temptation to compare Russia's new intervention with its last major intervention in the Islamic world, Afghanistan. Insisting that Russia is a trapped occupying power, despite only using 50 planes stationed at a single airfield, these commentators fail to recognize an important fact. Russia has already won, achieving its goal of permanently preventing  a US-led no-fly zone to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power. Without being able to threaten Assad with a no-fly zone for fear of hitting the Russians, the West has no choice but to watch Assad take control of his country again, one city at a time.

What anti-Syria media pundits are doing is a remarkable case of turning defeat into victory by altering the parameters of victory. The war isn't about overthrowing Assad anymore but about kicking the Russians out. But this type of mission-creep is exactly what Russian President Putin intended the US and its extremist allies to fall into, thereby forcing them to pull back from any possible no-fly zone and come to accept that Assad will never be overthrown.

All talk of removing Assad or creating a no-fly zone against Assad's warplanes from Turkey has been eclipsed by Russia's actions, as the West instead goes into despair about how to deal with Putin in Syria. But such anti-Russian hysteria will hit a brick wall because it is still Assad's vast and powerful armies, not the smattering of Russian planes, who will continue to retake the country and kill who needs to be killed. Now, no-one can possibly stop them, least of all the US Air Force.

It has been almost half a decade since the West said Assad would fall from power, and Assad is still in power. How many decades, how many millions of deaths, are needed before the West accepts that Assad is not going anywhere and withdraws the support for terrorism?

At the faith website Beliefnet, the L'Ordre blog had the following mocking comments for the US's commitment to the quagmire of a "failed revolution" in Syria:
Considering that the US can’t give the rebels the weapons needed to shoot down Russian and Syrian warplanes without also giving ISIL the ability to shoot down airliners and Coalition jets, the incompetent US Coalition has now become a key part of the Russian plan in Syria. It is effectively blocking the US’s only option for confronting Russia’s new assistance to the Syrian government. 
Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre#ixzz3ndPz0aHx
Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre#1XPq11KFmXjbkgI0.99
The author remarked the US successful elimination of Assad's chemical weapons had proven worthless, as US aggression only provoked the nuclear-armed Russian Navy and Air Force to enter Syria and pose an even greater threat to US interests.

The blog also called on Russia and the United States to engage in bilateral talks to end the crisis in Syria, acknowledging that both nuclear-armed powers are now deeply involved in the conflict and must bring it to an end together. Any attempt to bring one another's planes down, the blog stated, must be avoided because of the risks of escalation.

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