2 October 2015

Catholic Church should take on the NSA

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The L'Ordre blog based at the top world faith press source Beliefnet called on the Roman Catholic Church to strike back at the US government for its spying.

The Roman Catholic Church has secrets, such as what the L'Ordre blog called the "machinations of succession" within the Church. When the US National Security Agency (NSA) spied on such activities, it violated centuries of Catholic tradition and directly committed sacrilege within the property of the Church. This was the argument given in a recent post at Beliefnet.

Calling the NSA's spying against Pope Francis as "aggression at a diplomatic, military, political level", the blog said this should not go unanswered by the Vatican. The blog noted the great wealth of the Roman Catholic Church and suggested legal action would be the way to resolve the conflict. The NSA's offenses should be "challenged in the highest courts in the land", the blog argued.

In addition to this analysis, the blog characterized the "wall of separation" between church and state as failing because government has become too aggressive in its surveillance and meddling in civil society. While churches are shy to do anything that might be interpreted as political, the government has no hesitation about invading, offending and hurting churches on a daily basis.

The conclusion of the post said that the targeting of the Catholic Church proves  the US is not only going after Muslims, but will target any religious group it distrusts. It is setting a precedent that can and will violate the Constitution if it wants to monitor or incarcerate a religious sect.

What the US government has done by targeting religions and thwarting their privacy is one of many mounting blatant violations of its own Constitution.

The full post can be read and shared via social media at Beliefnet.

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