16 October 2015

Bernie Sanders won Democrat debate?

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Bernie Sanders won the recent debate setting US Democratic Party candidates against each other, the trend in a poll conducted at teleSUR has shown.

While only a small number of votes had been cast at the alternate media platform so far at the time of this post's writing on 14 October 2015, they showed the American left's apparent champion Bernie Sanders winning.

Sanders clashed with Hillary Clinton on the issue of Syria, describing the conflict as a "quagmire in a quagmire" and comparing it with the disastrous 2003 Iraq War. In contrast Clinton argued for more US involvement in the Syrian conflict, including direct military involvement by US forces to salvage what has become an increasingly embarrassing failed war for the United States.

You can see the latest direction of the poll now, by casting your own vote at teleSUR

In the poll in question, Clinton was significantly behind Sanders, with the remaining candidates getting a pitiful level of approval in the single digits.

Bernie Sanders, who has called himself a socialist, is seen as the main progressive, alternative and anti-war candidate for the White House. However, some disagree, instead referring to him only as a new puppet of the same interest groups responsible for corrupting current President Barack Obama and turning him against the democratic interests he originally defended. Obama, for example, criticized corporate lobbyists before taking office. Later, he turned in favor of them.

Lincoln Chafee was the only Democratic candidate who strongly came out in support of Edward Snowden - the NSA contractor-turned whistleblower in exile in the Russian Federation, who exposed government mass surveillance. Chafee also has a strong progressive history of opposing neoconservative lobbyists, wars, and US support for Israel.

While Sanders is considered the premier anti-war candidate, he has increasingly caved in to warmongering against Russia, Iran and even Edward Snowden, even giving his approval for the drone program that enabled so much murder by the US regime. For this, he has been heavily criticized by anti-war publications as a deceiver whose rhetoric is as untrustworthy as Barack Obama's in 2008.

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