2 October 2015

Dissolve borders to help Syria refugees?

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The solution to the suffering and inhumane treatment of Syria's refugees fleeing into Europe is to dissolve the borders of nation-states, an anarchist writer argues.

In his short post published via the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS), Dylan Delikta urged humanity to move beyond the "tyranny of borders". Delikta wrote, "Borders create feelings of animosity that cause people to turn their backs on fellow humans simply because they come from a different region and don’t share their customs".

Added to this, the anarchist accused Western states of "decades (arguably centuries)" spent promoting war, exclusion and poverty in poorer regions of the Middle East, giving rise to these refugee flows.

Blaming the ideology of the inviolability of nation-states for justifying the use of "humiliation, detainment or outright slaughter" of whole populations who don't look or sound like us, Delikta expressed longing for a civilization without borders and constraints on the flow of humans. Much of what Delikta argues is already established liberal thinking in the West, but government leaders refuse to apply this ideology of liberty and equality during times of political crisis. Instead, at times of crisis affecting their own security, Western leaders tend to abandon their high humanitarian rhetoric revert back to archaic Nineteenth Century thinking about national integrity and sovereignty.

Delikta's argument to dissolve the borders for the Syrian refugees is mainly an antistatist theoretical one rather than a humanitarian one, with the end goal of antistatists being the dissolution of all current regimes. In practice, however, border dissolution is spreading the Takfiri Islamist violence to other countries and increasing suffering on the ground, with Lebanon and Iraq being existing examples of this cross-border spread of terrorism.

Of grave concern to many Europeans is the threat of infiltration by Takfiri militants from Syria into Europe. Western powers have constantly insisted on heavy counter-terrorist screening of Syrians before giving any help to them within Syria but no such screening is used on thousands of refugees actually entering Europe.

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