30 October 2015

US targets its own people instead of ISIS

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The US government is more concerned by its own people than foreign terrorist threats such as the so-called ISIL Takfiri terrorist group, the founder of We Are Change has alleged.

Luke Rudkowski, founder of the American grassroots alternative media team We Are Change, has lashed out attempts to label his organization an extremist group. In one video, he confronted mainstream media journalist Chris Matthews for using just such a description of his organization. The video shows a stumped Matthews refusing to answer questions about his slander of the media activist group, and trying to flee.

In a stunning analysis in a different video, Luke Rudkowski connected the mainstream media attack on his organization with the US Department of Justice's "pivot" away from foreign terror groups like ISIL towards its own people. Much of this attack, Luke says, will consist of misrepresenting progressive or nonpartisan groups who merely criticize the US government as "racist" and "bigots", as Matthews did in a televised broadcast mentioning We Are Change.

Fixated on what it sees as the internal threat of vigilant armed Americans and Americans exercising other Constitutional rights such as their free speech, elements of the US government would like to abandon the almost farcical few airstrikes the US carries out against ISIL. Their idea is to focus instead on targeting Americans, who are described as "domestic terrorists" in the regime's clouded language of murder and deceit.

Vowing never to stop his reporting, no matter what threats and intimidation come from the US federal government, Luke described the regime as "power-hungry parasites" and "insane". The final portion of the video called for viewers to counter the regime's lies by tuning in to his videos and other media.

The momentum of US efforts to censor criticism of the regime appears to be growing, and alternates between calls to prosecute Americans for speaking to shutting down foreign news broadcasters. A think tank led by US Senator John McCain recently called for alternative media channels like the RT network to be taken off the air in the US. While the think tank described its agenda as stopping "propaganda" from Russia's President Vladimir Putin, it must be seen in view of the larger pressure to censor all alternative media and criticism of the regime.

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