28 June 2016

EU breakup predicted to follow Brexit

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With the shocking, rebellious decision of the British people to leave the European Union in a recent referendum, analyses predicting the European Union's breakup should be revisited.

Describing the potential "leave" vote as a big loss for Britain's financial elite, on May 15 2015, historical expert and sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein had stated (as reported at this blog), "public opinion in more countries than Great Britain has become less and less enthusiastic about the EU and parties calling for a withdrawal are gaining strength."

Wallerstein wrote, also, "the EU is divided about how to respond to Russia’s reaffirmation of its political role in Europe, especially in relation to Ukraine. Adding a Brexit to this mix of difficulties might be just too much for the EU. The EU and the eurozone are a house of cards, which might simply collapse".

The EU is now in an economic and political war on two fronts, much as Hitler and Napoleon faced. With the loss of Britain, further political pressure on the EU over the Ukrainian crisis would be extremely demoralizing for remaining EU countries like Germany and France, who remember bitter historic defeats at British and Russian hands. It could be too much, with the EU overwhelmed by the economic and political consequences.

Such an analysis, however, was prior to the "Grexit" vote on Greek withdrawal, which had resulted in Greeks voting to remain in the European Union. The financial effects of a UK withdrawal, meanwhile, are potentially more extreme than Grexit due to Britain's eminent position in the EU and the world economy at large.

Also successfully predicted by Wallerstein was that Cameron would regret his electoral successes, which would ultimately strand him in failures and defeats even despite Scots voting to preserve the Union. With Cameron's resignation now certain, Wallerstein's brutal assessment of 2015-2016 political turbulence has proven true, just as his prediction of growing antistatism and regime collapse in the United States will come true.

Analysis by a different author at the US-based Stratfor intelligence firm just two days before the June 2016 referendum predicted:
If Britain leaves the European Union, it would throw the Continent into yet another political and economic crisis, giving Euroskeptic forces greater ammunition against the bloc and voters fewer reasons to defend it... regardless of what happens June 23, Britain has set a precedent that Brussels cannot stop other EU members from following.
While the French President, for example, has already rejected a request to hold a "Frexit" referendum, it seems abundantly likely that demoralized French and German officials will eventually have to agree to similar votes. With the loss of the second biggest economy in the EU already decided, any departure of its remaining big economies will simply caused the bloc to collapse.

The EU's failures to arrive at any common ground to save relations with Britain could signal greater problems in western supranational organizations and lead to the eventual dissolution of NATO.

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Evidence 'US regime is now police state'

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Aligned with a similar commentary by the Garrison Center director Thomas Knapp, one post argues that a recent US Supreme Court ruling is "admissible evidence of police state".

Addressing the ruling, in which any arbitrary arrest and detention by US police can be later justified by finding any unrelated outstanding warrant, Kelly Vee wrote, "Should we be angry? Absolutely. Should we be shocked? Absolutely not. Americans should not feel reassured or secure by the final arbiter in the U.S. justice system."

Vee's post appeared at the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) website on 23 June. Relating the problem to large numbers of the American population, Vee wrote, "The scope of this ruling is not limited to some small subset of violent criminals. Millions of Americans have outstanding arrest warrants. That speeding ticket you forgot to pay is enough to excuse an officer that stops you illegally."

Concluding that US authorities are now privileged to commit any abuse, Vee's conclusion argues that "The Police State, the Prison State, and the Court System are all a part of the same twisted, monopolized justice system run with perverse incentives at the expense of its constituents. Police abuse their power, the Court affirms their mistakes, and people end up behind bars."

Vee also pointed out that the United States imprisons more of its own people than any other regime in the world. Despite this, US shallow propaganda portrays it as the most "free" country in the world.

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24 June 2016

US police arbitrarily stop, detain anyone

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US police have been given authority to stop, search, and detain any US citizen without any legitimate suspicion.

As shown in a recent Supreme Court ruling, police can stop a vehicle without cause, as long as they are able to scour it and find something suspicious. The police stop is therefore itself arbitrary and illegal - up until the moment the police find something illegal on the vehicle they have stopped.

In the case in question, US police in Salt Lake City stopped a vehicle illegally - without any explanation - and used an outstanding traffic warrant later discovered in the vehicle as evidence against the driver. The Supreme Court was willing to accept this after-the-fact reason for stopping the vehicle, along with looking for anything else in the vehicle as evidence of some wrongdoing by the driver. The goal of the evidence was to later justify the police's then-unjustified actions.

Anti-state news analyst Thomas Knapp wrote in a post that the Supreme Court ruling is a "clear and present danger to the public", setting the regime on a path to greater hostility against its citizens. The analyst notes that such repressive behavior by the regime can only lead to increasing preparations by the population for violent resistance.

Distrust in the US police state is growing. On 1 June, leading social historian Immanuel Wallerstein noted that the US regime is increasingly unstable, filled with tensions exploding into open violence. This is accompanied by the growing capacity for citizen warfare and resistance against the state, motivated by exactly the criminal rulings described in Knapp's post.

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Islamic faith irrelevant to Omar Mateen

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Commenting on the work of investigators looking at the attack by US citizen Omar Mateen that took the lives of a high number of LGBT people in Orlando, Florida, Beliefnet's Hesham Hassaballa argued it was nothing to do with Islam.

Investigators currently believe even the connection between the gunman and the ISIS terrorist group was nothing more than posing for publicity at best. The shooter had his own reasons for committing his crime. With extremist ideology not an important motivation for Mateen, his Islamic faith was even more irrelevant.

Nevertheless, many other commentators in the media are convinced the attack is just additional evidence to claim all Muslims are terrorists in waiting. The rhetoric of politicians such as Donald Trump is therefore likely to take a boost in popularity, as a result of the shooting.

In conclusion, Hassaballa writes, "it is becoming increasingly clear that this crime had nothing to do with terrorism and ISIS. Omar Mateen fit the typical profile of a mass shooter, and this time, he happened to be Muslim."

Many critics of western media and legal responses to mass murder sprees focus on how Middle Eastern attackers are quickly judged to be religious terrorists even if they were mentally ill, whereas white attackers are only ever judged to be mentally ill or incorrectly medicated.

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21 June 2016

US neocons demand aggression on Syria

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High-ranking neocons and other war criminals within the US regime have demanded a new US bombing campaign, this time directly against Syrian and Russian forces based in Syria.

Apparently showing no grasp of the costs of war with Russia, extremists working in the US State Department tried to lie that a US attack against Syrian and Russian forces advancing rapidly against ISIS is actually the "only way to defeat ISIS".

A still classified memo explaining the extremists' logic for starting a war with Syria and Russia might have offered more insights into how desperate, confused and divided the American regime has become. If not classified, the memo would also have helped demonstrate the pace at which the US regime's forces are being defeated and proving inadequate for the regime's once-high ambitions of dominating the world by force.

Although the demands of these world war-inciting extremists are likely to be ignored by the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton shares their unhinged and unrealistic view of war with Syria and Russia. Continuing to call for a "no-fly zone", the term she used for her earlier war crimes in Libya, bloodthirsty Clinton thinks Russian special forces, warplanes and missiles will fail to stop her killing more people after her coronation in a hollow election.

WikiLeaks hinted over Twitter that the State Department is likely to fully support Clinton's war aims in Syria if she becomes President. The Pentagon is likely to have a more accurate view of what may happen if US forces try to attack Russian personnel.

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India's Zionist settler tactics in Kashmir

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A report printed in the magazine Voice of East points out the "aggressive policies of [the] government of India to change the demography of [the] state [of Kashmir]".

Altaf Hussain Wani, a human rights activist for the Indian-annexed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, is quoted stating, "People under foreign occupation have not only been deprived of their political rights but also social, cultural and economic rights".

The report termed India's foreign policy as being based on a "colonial mindset". Indeed, much of India's behavior has included colonial military occupation and suppression of the many minorities and different nations India claims to rule over. This scandal occurs while India portrays itself as a modernized democracy and consorts with western powers.

Poverty is used by India to inflict misery on the people it attempts to rule over. As the Voice of East report stated, "Indian-occupied Kashmir is one of the regions, where Indian state has failed to respect its international obligations to frame policies to eliminate poverty". India's policy has been to "grab the land of state subjects and render them landless" as the Indian regime works to re-engineer demographic balances to suit its power goals.

Evidence of India's re-engineering of the population to assert its power lies in the way "occupation forces have already occupied 1,000,000 of acres of [agricultural] land". In addition, India is "planning to construct colonies for retired Indian army persons [and] homeless Indians in Kashmir valley".

Occupying powers including Zionist Israel have a long history of building their colonies on occupied territories to change "facts on the ground" to justify their rule on so-called democratic grounds. When such efforts succeed, the result is often deemed to be genocide because it entailed destruction of the indigenous people.

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17 June 2016

Assange "pretty much" supports Brexit

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In a televised interview, WikiLeaks founder and political prisoner Julian Assange expressed the view that he supports Britain leaving the European Union.

In the interview, Assange broke down the different camps relating to the EU referendum, ultimately favoring the minority "left Brexit" faction in the debate.

While right wing campaigners who support Brexit want the "old empire" and right wing campaigners who oppose Brexit want the "new empire", Assange characterized left wing opponents of Brexit as reactionaries who think "another world is not really possible". This, he contrasted with the more optimistic left who do believe "another world is possible".

The phrase "another world is possible" is associated with the alter-globalization movement and the World Social Forum, attended by Latin American leaders and global sociologists and left wing academics including Noam Chomsky and Immanuel Wallerstein throughout the years. This sentiment is not necessarily against globalization, but against the negative globalization imposed by the US government and corporations on the world's poor and in favor of positive social globaliztion and mixing.

When pressed on whether he supported Brexit, Assange replied "pretty much". He judged that the British regime is using the European Union as "political cover" for human rights abuses and its subservience to the US, including during his own political persecution by the state.

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Democracies kill with your tacit consent

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Most theories of government taught today suggest that by paying taxes and merely living in a country, a citizen gives tacit consent for the state to do whatever is needed, including for their "national security".

This argument is even extended to warfare and assassinations. "Democratically elected" politicians are more than capable of killing millions of innocent people in wars, and are likely to be even more arrogant about it, reminding us that they won democratic elections.

Politicians like Tony Blair and George W. Bush viewed themselves as "legitimate" rulers, and viewed others like Saddam Hussein as "illegitimate". Nevertheless, their actions arguably killed more innocent people than the Iraqi dictator. Their crimes are rendered even more offensive by the fact they would like to cite "democracy" as an argument for shifting the blame away from their own bloody and arbitrary hands onto their people.

Writing at the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) on 10 June, Tommy Raskin counters the view that voters really approve of the actions of even a "democratic" government. He states, "many citizens do not vote for government action but are forced to facilitate it nonetheless. Citizens who endorse losing candidates, for example, still have political obligations. So do the millions of citizens who choose not to vote".

Noting that when the state does something good, it is merely a gift, because it goes out to people who never requested it or specifically donated funds for it but were instead taxed, Raskin concludes that "Simply living under a democratic government does not count as requesting government action". While Raskin's article does not specifically address the bloody conflicts and genocidal actions by western democracies, the anti-statist's comments are useful in uncoupling the people from their rulers when it comes to understanding who should be held accountable.

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14 June 2016

Raqqa compared with Battle for Berlin

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The "capital" of ISIS in Syria is being approached rapidly by the opposing forces of the Russian-led and US-led led coalitions in the country.

With both sides eager to be the first to claim total victory over the bloodthirsty terrorists and executioners, the developing battle has been compared with the Battle for Berlin in 1945.

In the closing days of World War 2 in Europe, forces aligned with the United States and Soviet Union approached the Nazi German capital of Berlin from west and east, respectively. The ultimate victory finally went to the Soviet Union, who proved far more determined to take the German capital even despite great sacrifices of men and materiel.

One analysis posted to Fort Russ on 11 June notes that while US-backed Kurdish Peshmerga forces have held positions close to the ISIS terror capital for a longer period than the Russian-backed Syrian Army, recent gains by the latter have been astonishingly rapid.

US-aligned forces have been almost constantly positioned about 40 kilometers from Raqqa. On the other side, al-Masdar News reports that in a mere two weeks the Syrians and their Russian allies pushed a fresh 80 kilometers towards the city and obtained a similarly proximate position, threatening to take it first.

As explained by the Fort Russ report, the capture of Raqqa would be a devastating defeat to ISIS. "A successful storm of the city would show that the “Caliphate” can’t even keep what it has proclaimed to be its own home", the blog noted.

Emphasizing the comparison between the Battle for Raqqa and the race towards Berlin in 1945, the Fort Russ blog stated, "In both cases, the position of Moscow was more altruistic and constructive, while Washington’s was cynical".

This latter point in the post may be a reference to the US's belief that fascists and terrorists are worth supporting and consorting with if they will interfere in the progress of Russia and its allies. Such behavior has been spotted in US and western policy supporting not only terrorists in Syria but also nationalists in Ukraine.

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UK oversees cluster bombing in Yemen

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As "hospitals, schools, markets and mosques" in Yemen were targeted by Saudi Arabia, British and US advisers were in Saudi command centers overseeing the use of internationally banned cluster bombs.

As explained in a recent Parliamentary Briefing breaking down the facts on Yemen, UK personnel were present in Saudi military headquarters alongside those of the US regime while Saudi forces committed war crimes using British-made weapons.

The Briefing states irrefutable evidence exists of British-made cluster bombs (banned under international law) being used against civilians in a village on the Saudi-Yemeni border. Despite this, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond's only response was to lie. "There is no evidence of deliberate breaches of international humanitarian law", the Secretary had said when confronted by Labour MP Hilary Benn over the role played by British personnel in the Yemen Conflict.

According to the British government, UK advisers are in Saudi Arabia to ensure the country and the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen comply with international law and strike only military targets. Despite the government's claims that Saudi Arabia has complied, most of the victims of the Saudi aggression continue to be civilians.

A disproportionate number of women and children have been killed in Saudi Arabia's bombing of Yemen and the accompanying blockade aiming to starve the impoverished country into submission. Meanwhile Britain and America say Saudi Arabia is acting responsibly. They even repeat Saudi propaganda that the real threat in Yemen is Iran.

To date, no evidence exists of Iran having any military presence in Yemen, although Iran has strongly noted its opposition to the slaughter of civilians in the country.

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10 June 2016

Surveillance state's setbacks in Britain

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The British regime has been forced to make concessions to the Opposition on a controversial surveillance charter in progress.

Based on demands by the Labour Party, the Investigatory Powers Bill will need to include a clause guaranteeing the importance of privacy, among other concessions.

Calling the concessions a "historic move" that had been won thanks to campaigning by Labour, Opposition MPs still consider the bill to be deeply flawed. Nevertheless, they are confident that recent changes to the bill adequately protect trade unions, and also provide for all decisions to be questioned by authorities independent of the Government.

The Investigatory Powers Bill had been intended to justify and broaden already extensive human rights-violating surveillance programs used by the regime to target its own people, supposedly in the belief they are a threat to the regime. Although claiming to be protecting "British values" and "national security", Britain subserviently sends all its data to foreign powers such as the United States and Israel, imperiling its own subjects and helping other countries kill them.

Experts, including within the US regime who are developing and applying all the latest totalitarian surveillance methods, believe the British public are more accepting of surveillance than other populations. Arguably, Britain's archaic political system and traditions have left many taxpayers in apathy, with a view that rulers are somehow magically ordained to do whatever they want once they get into office.

Any severe criticism of the British Government is prohibited in all spaces where it might have any effect on the lives of politicians, especially in or near Parliament. The regime continues to be heavily guarded and insulated from its subjects or the consequences of its rule, including unemployment, poverty, terrorism, and declining security.

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Anti-NATO micro-activism group is live

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Tweetcasting the views of some of the most active but under-appreciated citizen activists against the violent NATO military alliance, a small group channel has gone live on the web.

In recent years, NATO has appeared more and more in the media, often just being slammed for being an obsolete hangover from the Cold War. Desperate to look heroic in order to receive funds, NATO portrays Russia and Iran as villains to justify its fading mission among new gullible fans in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, most people in Western Europe and the US are not convinced, having become tired of the pompous "Atlantic Alliance" and believing it should be scrapped. US presidential candidate Donald Trump has even said he will destroy NATO in a single phone call, seeing it as nothing but a waste of money.

Below are some tweets already from members of the small Twitter-based list of microbloggers, who post their criticisms of NATO and Western war crimes regularly.

Although the North Atlantic Treaty Organization exists ostensibly to make the world more secure, its military campaign in Libya reduced the country to chaos, with large areas taken under control of ISIS terrorists and armaments being traded across the Middle East. Determined only to get Europeans to sacrifice themselves as slaves for their American generals, NATO is committing war crimes, provoking fresh conflicts, and undermining the rule of law in every region where it has any influence.

Click "follow" at @NukeNATO to keep track of the micro-activist channel as it develops.

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7 June 2016

Game over! America can't be great again

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A return to the "golden era" promised by Donald Trump when he says he will "make America great again" is not historically possible. The world has changed, and it hasn't changed to America's advantage.

Furthermore, all Trump's opponents, including Hillary Clinton, are no different than him in longing for a return to America's past glory days. America's stature in the world, in the eyes of ally and enemy alike, has degenerated and cannot be recovered

Such facts are recently articulatated by global top social historian Immanuel Wallerstein. Wallerstein's commentary appeared at his website on 1 June 2016, and argued the top social scientist's judgment again that America has already long lost its crown as a hegemonic superpower. As asserted in the commentary:
Life in the United States is not as good as it once was. Trump has used as his slogan “make America great again.” The “again” refers to the golden era. And Sanders also seems to refer to a previously golden era in which jobs were not exported to the global South. Even Clinton now seems to look back at something lost.
Looking at escalating gun violence in America (mainly confined to Black ghettos and ignored by the national media, insofar as middle class whites aren't the victims), Wallerstein speaks of a cycle of social instability in the US that will only increase in coming years. Such violence may reach non-Black areas of US society soon on a large scale, causing a vicious circle of insecurity that panics everyone and feeds back on itself, leading to increasing numbers of people leaving America and fewer migrants entering. It also feeds into another pattern of force, already inflamed to levels that made the US government tremble recently.

Wallerstein writes of a "very small band of deeply anti-state militias, who call themselves the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom (CCF)".

Unsurprisingly, the regime considers such ranchers and militiamen to be a greater "threat" than foreign terrorists, although these alleged "domestic terrorists" largely seek only to reclaim the original Republic formed by George Washington. And the biggest way the regime acknowledges the magnitude and prestige of this threat is by negotiating with them, rather than simply killing them as it does with other enemies.

Although the regime has in fact used force against homegrown militias if "negotiations fail", it has set itself on a grave path by doing so. Alluding to various standoffs between militias and the government, Wallerstein believes, "This more extreme version of action may soon spread. It is not a question of moving to the right but of moving towards more violent protest, towards a civil war".

With the paranoid regime ignoring increasing gun crime expanding beyond ghettos and threatening to inflame community tensions, together with anti-Federal militias taking matters into their own hands to restore order, the country's future as a failed state seems frighteningly certain.

It is not that left-wing sociologist Wallerstein means to endorse right-leaning militia forces like the CCF by ideology, but that he sees them playing an essential historic role in the demise of the US regime and ending its global oppression starting at home. Of that demise, Wallerstein promises we can "make the world a better place for everyone... only if we stop longing to go back to a golden era, which was not so golden for most of the world."

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Muhammad Ali's sacred communication

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Following the iconic African American sportsman's recent passing on 3 June, Garrison Center director Thomas Knapp draws our attention to Muhammad Ali's days as a conscientious objector and anti-war campaigner.

Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali refused the draft three times in 1967, and is known to have declared his sympathy with the victims of the US state's war crimes in Vietnam, saying "I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong — no Viet Cong ever called me nigger".

Without the stand Ali took against the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King Jr. would probably not have come out with the same view, inspired by the former's courage. And without that, the superpower might not have been so pressured to withdraw from its misguided wars.

Ali's legacy has already reached far beyond his own time and beyond America itself. Admired by many people across the globe, Ali's international popularity will still symbolize what Frantz Fanon meant when he mentioned an "illuminating and sacred communication" between all oppressed and colonized people. Here we see how virtue can transcend one's time and one's country. Ali's life offers a certain story of resistance and victory that will continue to inspire all people - but perhaps Muslims most of all - against imperialism, hegemony and injustice.

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3 June 2016

UK war hero declares war on schoolgirl

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British "Colonel" Richard Kemp, who portrayed himself as a war hero and great military commander to have any relevance, has been caught in a diatribe on Twitter trying to incite hatred against a 15 year old girl.

Anger against Leanne Mohamad for winning a school prize produced not just one, but four tweets all by the so-called Colonel "RICHARD KEMP", who capitalizes his user name like an evangelical crank, hoping to rally condemnation of her. The pro-Israel media slob accused the young girl of "anti-Semitic lies".

Pro-Palestine blogger Thalwen commented that Leanne's only crime was "hoping for freedom" for her people from the barbarism of the Israeli military occupation.

Kemp additonally promoted a video by a pro-Israel vlogger, who issued blatant lies that Leanne's speech in favor of human rights amounted to "an ISIS recruiting video" for siding with Palestinian Arabs and opposing Zionist killers.

While it is creepy enough that a so-called Colonel would want to intervene in a school competition and incite hatred against a child, more disturbing is the way other Zionist fanatics reacted to Leanne. One Zionist cries out that Leanne is "evil" and must be "vigorously condemned and punished"; another racist tweets that all the minority "Muslim filth" in the UK are to blame and longs to "bring on the civil war".

Thanks to smears by far right bigots, racists, and Israeli worms like Kemp who pretend to be British while defending foreign war criminals, the school did in fact censor Leanne, providing another victory over a child for cowards everywhere to revel in.

Although he tries to to portray himself as an impartial military professional in his relations with the media, most of Kemp's time is taken up accusing the media of bias against Israel and trying to come up with reasons why it was okay for Israel to kill kids. With his latest attack on a child, it is also questionable that the overweight and dimwitted 57 year old has any military experience other than trying to prop up the Israeli regime's reputation in the media.

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Soldiers don't fight for your freedoms

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We owe "our freedoms" to the government and the soldiers and thugs it commands around killing people (including its own people). So will say your government, various prostituted scribblers in the press, and self-justifying murderers who otherwise can't bear to look in their bloodied mirror.

Constantly repeated in the media, post-9/11 in particular, is this view that the threat to Americans' "freedom" always emanated from foreign rulers - Hitler, Saddam, etc. Even more absurd is the idea that Middle Eastern terrorists are a new threat to freedom in the US, although they have made no real or imagined moves to overturn the US Constitution or seize power in the US.

In the meantime, the US government robs people of their freedoms, spying on them all and treating them all as the enemy. Even the people working for the US government are not exempt, being kept on a controversial "insider threat" database for having the slightest dissenting views from the regime.

One think tank contributor argues that in fact the threat to one's Constitutional liberties (in the US in any case) has always been the government itself.

Kevin Carson at the Center for a Stateless Society pointed out in a recent short article that "Our civil liberties are fundamentally protections, not against foreign countries, but against the government that claims to represent us right here at home." He rejected Charles Province's 1970 poem "The Soldier", often used in Memorial Day ceremonies, as "cringingly stupid" for crediting members of the US Military rather than dissidents and campaigners for winning people's freedoms.

Carson corrects the record for Americans, writing, "it’s the dissidents, the hell-raisers, the dirty flag-burning hippies, the folks with bad attitudes towards authority in general, who have given us our rights throughout history, by fighting for them".

So no, soldiers don't fight for your freedoms - unless you are talking about some ex-soldiers like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, who know who the real enemy is.

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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

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