21 June 2016

US neocons demand aggression on Syria

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High-ranking neocons and other war criminals within the US regime have demanded a new US bombing campaign, this time directly against Syrian and Russian forces based in Syria.

Apparently showing no grasp of the costs of war with Russia, extremists working in the US State Department tried to lie that a US attack against Syrian and Russian forces advancing rapidly against ISIS is actually the "only way to defeat ISIS".

A still classified memo explaining the extremists' logic for starting a war with Syria and Russia might have offered more insights into how desperate, confused and divided the American regime has become. If not classified, the memo would also have helped demonstrate the pace at which the US regime's forces are being defeated and proving inadequate for the regime's once-high ambitions of dominating the world by force.

Although the demands of these world war-inciting extremists are likely to be ignored by the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton shares their unhinged and unrealistic view of war with Syria and Russia. Continuing to call for a "no-fly zone", the term she used for her earlier war crimes in Libya, bloodthirsty Clinton thinks Russian special forces, warplanes and missiles will fail to stop her killing more people after her coronation in a hollow election.

WikiLeaks hinted over Twitter that the State Department is likely to fully support Clinton's war aims in Syria if she becomes President. The Pentagon is likely to have a more accurate view of what may happen if US forces try to attack Russian personnel.

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