31 August 2016

Clinton beats Snowden as national security threat

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US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is ahead of ex-NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as a threat to national security in a WikiLeaks poll.

Posting to Twitter, WikiLeaks asked followers to pick the biggest threat to a national security from four big names "accused of communicating classified information".

Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange released information exposing the US regime's atrocities and spying on its own population. Hillary Clinton recklessly mishandled secret information entrusted to her as Secretary of State by using a non-government email address through which messages could easily be hacked and disclosed.

Nevertheless, Clinton remains a hysterical holier-than-thou opponent of WikiLeaks, Snowden and others who want the US public to know the truth about their evil regime.

While pro-regime pundits accuse Snowden, Manning and Assange of being traitors and even advocate assassination, they offer endless praise to Hillary Clinton.

The demagogic Clinton and her supporters accuse all her critics, including the Green Party's Jill Stein, of being agents of Russian President Putin seeking to undermine America's "democracy" by telling the truth about it. Clinton's critics in turn accuse her of murdering her own campaign staff if they dare come forward as whistle-blowers against her corruption.

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30 August 2016

Mont Order course created by L'Ordre

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A free course to allow a small set of new followers to potentially learn more about the Mont Order society can be completed at OpenLearning.

Created by Mont Order friend L'Ordre of Dissident Voice, the course lets anyone to enroll and complete its challenges.

Mont Order - OpenLearning

The Mont Order is an ungoverned society of alternative media sites and writers opposed to US neoconservative agendas, mainstream media and fraudulent democracy. It emerged on the internet and is supportive of new technologies and new communication as means of social liberation.

Center for a Stateless Society writers such as Thomas Knapp and Kevin Carson are also listed as members of the Mont Order society.

According to a conspiracy theory, the Mont Order already existed thousands of years ago, but the small online group seems to ignore these claims.

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26 August 2016

American soldiers die "dressed up as women" in Syria

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In its shocking aggression, the US has declared a new illegal military occupation and no-fly zone in an Arab country. This time, Syria.

US soldiers, often dressed as civilians and terrorists, were occupying the country for some time already - supposedly just to "train" rebel fighters. Americans were already involved in combat and suffering losses, but fatality numbers in this latest invasion of an Arab country are supposedly limited to only one or two deaths - so told by US-led media.

Due to the constant evasiveness of the White House on questions of US losses and defeats, a more realistic number of wounded and dead US troops in the country cannot be stated. However, it is likely that many American soldiers are getting killed without their uniforms, fighting alongside illegal armed gangs propped up by the US government inside Syria. It is also credible that their deaths and their identities are being kept secret.

One former CIA chief had earlier encouraged American forces to fight "covertly" by sending soldiers into the country dressed up as civilians. This, of course, would leave them open to death in the ongoing Russian campaign in Syria.

Analysis: Mr. "I Ran the CIA" Doubles Down on Call to Kill Russians and Iranians

The CIA expert's claims would mean US soldiers "covertly" getting killed in combat while dressed in the rags of terrorists or even disguised as Arab women. These dead soldiers would be forgotten, without any acknowledgment of their sacrifice by the US government or any funeral taking place to remember their wasted lives. In light of recent events, it seems this is already happening.

Russia already bombed US-backed terrorist camps, sending a message to Americans they will share graves with terrorists.

In recent statements, US generals leading the invasion warned that their soldiers must not be threatened by Russia or the Syrian government, hinting at prior deaths of US soldiers in Syria and incredible fear of being attacked by the Russians.

This latest US invasion of a country comes at the same time as the United States loses and withdraws from Afghanistan, another in a series of defeats for the American Army.

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British regime seeks to end human rights

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Shocking many, the British regime is making a renewed effort to abolish the Human Rights Act 1998.

Protest action group 38 Degrees is seeking to rally its members to oppose the government's plans for abolition of the 1998 legislation.

Many believe the regime's attack on human rights could undermine some of the most basic rights of the British people, including the "right to life" - according to which the government must supply military forces with adequate equipment to survive. Affecting people back in the UK, removal of the Human Rights Act may mean parents have no control over whether their children are put into care, a 38 Degrees petition states.

Removal of human rights in Britain could even leave people vulnerable to slavery, assassination, torture by the regime, and other affronts to humanity.

Many have feared the UK's withdrawal from the EU will lead to a despotic regime that refuses to abide by EU agreements governing environmental protection, consumers, and human rights.

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23 August 2016

When will all copyright get terminated?

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Efforts to reform copyright in an age of easy and convenient digital sharing could well "kill" copyright altogether, writes Kevin Carson.

Responding to an Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) lawsuit in a post for the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) on 21 August, Carson offered the following commentary.

The EFF lawsuit states, "Section 1201 of the [US] Digital Millennial Copyright Act (DMCA)... is a violation of free speech rights under the First Amendment" since it "criminalizes not only the circumvention of Digital Rights Management (DRM), but criminalizes the sharing of information about how to do it".

Quoting Zag Rogoff at Defective by Design, Carson states the success of the EFF lawsuit would "amount to obliterating the “DRM Curtain” model of capitalism in the information field".

"It would put an end to the centerpieces of copyright culture today — DMCA takedowns, “three strikes” laws cutting off ISP services to illegal downloaders, and domain seizures of file-sharing sites", the C4SS writer elaborates.
The model of proprietary digital capitalism we’re familiar with — the central model of global corporate rent extraction — is absolutely dependent on police state measures like criminalizing the circumvention of DRM, the takedown (without due process of any kind) of allegedly infringing content online, and government seizure of Internet domains and web hosting servers without due process. Without them, it would simply collapse. 
But fortunately, that model of capitalism is doomed regardless of the outcome of EFF’s lawsuit (and I wish it well!). Even as it is, circumvention technologies have advanced so rapidly that DRM-cracked versions of new movies and songs typically show up on torrent sites the same day they’re released, and Millennials accept it file-sharing as a simple fact of life. This culture of circumvention is now spreading into academic publishing with SciHub. How long before it spreads to proprietary spare parts and diagnostic software?
Full post: Why “Reforming” Copyright Will Kill It

The analysis offered by Carson agrees with his overall thesis that intellectual property of any kind is untenable in the long term, as information and other types of production are easier to circulate and harder to control. All this is thanks to a revolution in the way we all communicate, with the aid of the internet and the diffusion of skills and technologies.

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Scientists "rewiring" bacteria to feed the world

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In their task to unlock the infinite resources inherent in nature, scientists have achieved "the most far-reaching rewiring yet of a bacterial genome".

This may literally be a tiny task (microscopic, in fact), but the implications of it are enormous. By being able to re-engineer life with great skill and precision, scientists are on the path to eliminating scarcity and possibly reconstructing the world in a more humane and useful form.

According to Nature on 18 August, the breakthrough occurred with E. coli, as "scientists replaced 7 of its 64 genetic codons — sequences that code for amino acids — with others that produce the same components.".

Nature: ‘Radically rewritten’ bacterial genome unveiled

One synthetic biologist commented the breakthrough demonstrates "malleability of the genetic code and how entirely new types of biological functions and properties can be extracted from organisms through genomes that have been recoded". Nature also reported, "They can also be made entirely dependent on synthetic amino acids in their diets, to allay the fear that recoded bacteria could escape from a lab and wreak havoc in the wild."

Synthetic biology is one area in which science could produce a vast alternative supply of renewable energy. The world's leading synthetic biologist J. Craig Venter wrote in Life at the Speed of Light (2013), "the knowledge gained in doing this work would one day undoubtedly lead to a positive outcome for society".

Designer bacteria will be quickly "tailored to deal with pollution or to absorb excess carbon dioxide or even meet future fuel needs", Venter wrote. Overcoming the state of immense poverty affecting much of the world would therefore be dependent on sharing such gifts of science.

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19 August 2016

South Africa's ANC is on the way out

The Blog

South Africa's African National Congress (ANC) party is on the way out, global social theorist Immanuel Wallerstein wrote on 15 August.

This can be told in the outcome of municipal elections, which show the ANC on the run. Marred by corruption scandals, the old party of the country's anti-apartheid struggle is losing support across a whole spectrum of ethnic and political elements in the country.

Wallerstein asks his readers rhetorically, "what next?" In addition to the above corruption scandal and the overall economic difficulty the country has run into, there is also "the fact that twenty years after the end of apartheid, no significant program of return of Blacks to land ownership has been enacted, and the ANC did not seem to seek to move forward on this issue".

One party that is pushing the land ownership issue, however, is the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) led by the controversial but charismatic Julius Malema. "The EFF performed better than expected" in recent municipal elections, Wallerstein points out, "obtaining more than 10% in several cities".

Malema's EFF uses a "combination of left language and xenophobic pressures" that "has been successful in several former Communist countries in East and Central Europe", and could also persuade many in South Africa.

Wallerstein concludes, "South Africa has now shifted from a democratic model that it has claimed to be, to being a center of internal turmoil of a sort that might be difficult to label as democratic".

The BRICS countries relied on South Africa's membership and wealth as as proof they "are truly concerned with Africa, the poorest continent", Wallerstein observes. BRICS could therefore be severely undermined as a bloc by South African economic setbacks.

Full analysis: South Africa's ANC is Slipping Away

A decline in South Africa's economic status could, in combination with Libya's destruction by NATO, seal Africa's fate as the continent of unrelenting poverty from its northernmost coasts to its southernmost cape.

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'Britain needs to retain EU standards'

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Pointing to environment-threatening "big business lobbyists" looking to exploit Brexit, grassroots campaign group 38 Degrees called on members to support its "People Powered Brexit".

Results of 38 Degrees polling show members of the public overwhelmingly voting to keep EU protections and regulations on wildlife and consumer products in place.

38 Degrees: DIY Brexit

In addition, however, those polled wanted to use the Brexit to ensure Britain does not have to comply with US treaties benefiting corporate interests over the population such as TTIP. Over 91% believed "The UK must not be subject to the TTIP trade deal between the EU and the US... if it passes before the UK officially leaves the EU. Any deal we make with the EU must not make us subject to TTIP."

Those polled favored overall mirroring EU regulation while avoiding including the UK in EU treaties. Results show people saying any new UK treaties made "should maintain current safety standards" for all products when it comes to trade.

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16 August 2016

Mont society includes Kevin Carson

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The Mont Order society includes Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) writer Kevin Carson on its lists as of 14 August. Writings by Carson are henceforth a key part of the feeds promoted by several Mont services and pages.

Kevin Carson's "free market anti-capitalism", the mission of the Center for a Stateless Society, combines hopes for popular social and technological liberation as captured in books such as The Homebrew Industrial Revolution.

Among the demands advised by the anti-statist commentator is the view that artificial scarcity, intellectual property and mandatory high overhead enforced by states to benefit monopoly capitalism must all be abolished. The state colludes with capitalists, liberals and the "vulgar libertarians" of the political right to create an environment in which a leaner, more efficient economy cannot develop.

Of course, such abolition need not be imposed from above. The people in general can circumvent corporate monopolies, in much the way pirated software is shared and movies uploaded to online services such as Putlocker.

It isn't hard. Thanks to the widespread adoption of personal technologies, apps, and internet sites, everyone's lives are connected. Creators are connected without the need for owners and masters.

Even better, the costs for success in media have declined so substantially that, starting in this "immaterial" realm people can already reject and build alternatives against large brands. Networked organizations can outmaneuver hierarchic ones, and even the costs of physical production are declining so rapidly that eventually a real-world economic revolution in manufacture and delivery of goods will take place.

With the lies and pillars of modern industrial civilization being gnawed at by the "smart rats" once described as such by Julian Assange, governments in the West will descend further into crisis. As they rot away, they will be replaced by a stateless, tolerant and anti-authoritarian culture.

While not all Mont Order friends are likely to endorse such ideas, they boost the existing counter-state dissident credentials of the Mont Order in a Western context.

Visit Kevin Carson's articles at the Center for a Stateless Society

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Whistleblowers chilled by DNC deaths

The Blog

WikiLeaks sources are "concerned" by the murder of a Democratic National Convention staffer who may have been the source of leaked emails from the DNC. 

The leaked emails had shown the Democratic presidential primaries to be a scam, as Hillary Clinton's win over Bernie Sanders was planned by the organizers.

Wikileaks editor Julian Assange made the comment in an interview with a Dutch television station prior to August 9 2016. When prompted to reveal whether the murdered man was a WikiLeaks source, Assange declined, but continued to reiterate that the staffer's death is of concern to WikiLeaks sources.

To date, Assange has not actually confirmed that the murdered DNC staffer was a WikiLeaks source. Opponents of Clinton's campaign, in contrast, have pointed to a growing number of other shady murders of critics, describing it as the "body count" of Clinton's campaign.

US propaganda mouthpiece The Washington Post responded that Assange's belief a DNC staffer might have anything to do with DNC emails is "a nonsensical conspiracy theory" promoted by "Russia".

Such claims only prove how damaging the truth is to the US political system, with Putin apparently using it to melt Washington DC without nukes. US leaders are allegedly mulling cyber-attacks and sanctions if "Russia" fires more truth and transparency at Washington. Meanwhile, there is no evidence Russia even did anything.

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12 August 2016

Opinion: NATO "ought to be disbanded"

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US presidential candidate Donald Trump thinks NATO membership costs should be paid by European states rather than the US. Sheldon Richman reminds readers that NATO serves US goals, not European goals, in the first place.

NATO is often taken as some kind of protector of Europe, with American soldiers acting as knights in shining armor who do nothing but make Europe safer. This myth captures the imaginations of some European puppets eager to please their masters in Washington, despite the fact the US troops are the targets of Russian nukes in the first place.

Commenting on the misconception at the center of Trump's views regarding NATO, Richman noted in a recent analysis published by the Center for a Stateless Society that "NATO is America’s tool. The member states don’t need it". Rather, Richman says, "America’s ruling elite does. That elite got rather upset in 1966 when French President Charles de Gaulle, resenting US overbearance, withdrew his country from NATO’s military structure".

Richman concludes NATO should be disbanded. "Of course, the US should not really pay NATO’s members. Rather, the alliance ought to be disbanded", he wrote, "It was never just a defensive alliance, and the defensive mask fell away entirely when the Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union disbanded. Since that time it has been openly aggressive".

Obviously referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin's military preparations against NATO, Richman notes "any sober Russian leader" would be concerned by the constant aggression, despite it being sanitized in the media as the act of concerned democracies worried about human rights.

US presidential candidates have been unable to resist the fact that the US is in decline against Russia and China and have been constantly referencing the 'old days' when the US was not weak. Richman offers the view that "American strength" has killed enough babies and a weakness would be better.

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GOP elites pretend to oppose Trump?

The Blog

Some in the GOP elite like Mitt Romney seem more determined to see Donald Trump fail than to see Hillary Clinton fail in the presidential race. Apparent competitors to Trump are offered, but are they really what they seem?

One is David Evan McMullin, a longtime Republican now running for president against Trump even after Trump won the Republican nomination. The effort goes under the Romney-funded campaign slogan "Better for America" with the apparent aim to give voters a third alternative.

According to Thomas Knapp at the Garrison Center, "The conventional wisdom says that he’s there to keep Trump out of the White House — even at the cost of a Hillary Clinton presidency —  by giving anti-Trump Republican voters somewhere else to go."

However, Knapp sees Republicans in fact plotting to use Trump to win the White House, no matter how much they actually dislike the man. The goal is "to help Trump get elected, but with plausible deniability so that the GOP wins the White House without #NeverTrump leaders having to lose face" considering their earlier opposition to Trump.

In his commentary addressing this issue, Knapp concludes, "The most likely purpose of the McMullin campaign is to fragment the anti-Trump vote in New Mexico, Utah and perhaps other states, allowing Trump to win those states with smaller pluralities than he’d need in a race with fewer significant opponents — and to contain the threat of a third party breakout that might carry over into, and expand in, future elections."

While it is unlikely that third party candidates will be elected to the White House in the current polarized election, for a candidate like the Green Party's Jill Stein to win widespread support would certainly embolden American voters to consider third parties the next time they vote.

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9 August 2016

The Homebrew Industrial Revolution

The Blog

The following are selections from the foremost global transhumanist publication H+ Magazine's review of Kevin Carson's book, The Homebrew Industrial Revolution (2010).

If you don't have time to read books or even reviews, at least read these few observations.

With the technology of individual creativity expanding constantly, the analysis goes, “increasing competition, easy diffusion of new technology and technique, and increasing transparency of cost structure will – between them – arbitrage the rate of profit to virtually zero and squeeze artificial scarcity rents” (p. 346)...

“The worst nightmare of the corporate dinosaurs”, Carson writes of old-fashioned mass-production-based and propertied industries, is that “the imagination might take a walk” (p. 311). Skilled creators could find the courage to declare independence from big brands...

But “as the system approaches its limits of sustainability”, “libertarian and decentralist technologies and organizational forms” are destined to “break out of their state capitalist integument and become the building blocks of a fundamentally different society” (p. 111-112)...

The decentralization brought by computers has meant “the minimum capital outlay for entering most of the entertainment and information industry has fallen to a few thousand dollars at most, and the marginal cost of reproduction is zero” (p. 199).

If the “transferrability” of individual creativity and peer production “to the realm of physical production” from the “immaterial realm” is a valid observation (p. 204-227), then the economic singularity means one thing clear. “Knowledge is free” shall become “everything is free”.

Abolish artificial scarcity, intellectual property, mandatory high overhead and other measures used by states to enforce the privileges of monopoly capitalism, the author tells us (p. 168-170). This way, a more humane world-economy can be engineered, oriented to benefit people and local communities foremost. Everyone in the world may get to work fewer hours while enjoying an improved quality of life, and we can prevent a bleak future in which millions of people are sacrificed to technological unemployment on the altar of profit.

Inspired? Go and read the full review by Harry J. Bentham at H+ Magazine

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Two years of posts end at Beliefnet

Harry J. Bentham

My work for the L'Ordre blog held at Beliefnet is at its close. All posts will be retained by the website as its intellectual property.

In descending order, I would like to embed some of my most memorable Beliefnet posts below, with their greatest relevance to The clubof.info Blog's mandate to watch technology, politics, and technopolitics.

I would like people to know that the quality and reach of my written work will only increase now I have left paid blogging behind me. From this point forward, I will release only quality book reviews and commentaries about the subjects and issues I am most passionate about.

With such works, a new chapter in my writing and political advocacy begins. These will appear at well-known web-based and possibly print-based publications as they become available, like the recent review I authored of Kevin Carson's book The Homebrew Industrial Revolutionand can be followed at my Twitter account.

In addition, I will be revising and advertising my 2013 Catalyst booklet once again as I still stand by every argument and prediction I made within that short futurist work. This could include releasing more free audio readings of sections of that book, created when I tried to prepare an audio book version of the thesis (that project turned out to be too costly).

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5 August 2016

Turkish regime's "collapse" possible

The Blog

Despite the triumph of the government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan over coup plotters in Turkey, sociological expert Immanuel Wallerstein still foresees possible collapse for the AKP-led government.

"It seems unlikely that Turkey can stem a bubbling up of internal opposition, which might lead to a total collapse of the regime", Wallerstein wrote Monday 01 August 2016 in a commentary on the "rise and fall" of the Turkish president.

Wallerstein was commenting on the apparent repressive measures applied by President Erdoğan against his opponents in the wake of the failed coup. Overall, Wallerstein's analysis of the political developments in Turkey seems balanced:
"When Erdoğan says that Gülen had long plotted the coup, his arguments seem plausible. It is for this reason that all the opposition parties – CHP, NMH, and HDP (left party with a strong base in Kurdish areas) – went into the streets to oppose the coup. When, however, the CHP and HDP plus commentators in Turkey and elsewhere say that Erdoğan seemed prepared to use the excuse of the coup to purge the country of every conceivable possible opponent, these arguments also seem plausible. In particular, his proposal to change the constitution to create an “executive presidency” is considered as leading to a dictatorship."
Wallerstein's comment about the "total collapse of the regime" is based on his analysis that Turkey's two biggest strengths in international relations at present - its control of refugee flows to Europe and the critical role of its airfields to the United States and NATO - may be "illusory". The "world context" has changed, Wallerstein writes.

"Erdoğan may have overplayed his hand" considering the way his efforts to reconcile with the Kurds and Armenians and unseat Bashar al-Assad from power turned into such failures. These losses, in addition to any further hostility in relations with the EU, the United States or Russia, may still turn the tide against his regime and result in him falling from power quite rapidly.

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The Mont Order reacts to world events

The Blog

The digital Mont Order society talked about world events on July 23.

Below are some of the comments that came out of the text version of their audio conference.

On Jeremy Corbyn's future

"Labour MPs in the UK have demonstrated backstabbing behavior in their efforts to remove Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Opposition. The Order, while not being a pro-Corbyn group, considers ongoing schemes against Corbyn to be illegitimate acts of bullying."

On the failed coup and Erdogan's actions in Turkey

"Members of the Mont Order believe Turkish President Erdogan plotted and exploited the failed military coup against him in order to seize more power and demand the detention or execution of his opponents. Lists of those arrested appeared to have been prepared prior to the events."

On events in Indian-occupied Kashmir

"The solution to the military occupation and actions by resistance groups in Indian-controlled Kashmir is a referendum on the future of this conflict-prone region. The blinding of children caused by pellet guns, and the killings by Indian forces, amount to cruelties and atrocities by the Indian regime"

On Islamophobia and terrorism in Europe and the US

""Integration", humiliation of Muslims by the state, and blaming Islam for violence are non-answers to terrorist threats. These steps will only deepen tensions and extremist views on all sides in European countries, where terrorist incidents have occurred. We have noted that incidents in Europe are beginning to resemble a more American pattern of "mass shootings" but similar tragedies have curiously not been occurring in the UK"

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2 August 2016

Hurt Hillary faces wicked WikiLeaks

The Blog

Asked if he had anything personal against Hillary Clinton in the midst of emails exposing the Democratic National Convention's (DNC) lies and biases to support her, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange rejected false media stories.

CNN journalist Anderson Cooper confronted Assange with the allegations that WikiLeaks may be unduly interfering in the US election, that he may be helping Russia interfere in the US election, and that he may be acting on his own personal contempt for Clinton.
Despite the fact Hillary Clinton is opposed to press freedom and the circulation of the truth about the US regime, and despite the fact Hillary Clinton is a war criminal, Julian Assange defended the "pristine" nature of information published by WikiLeaks. The organization is not motivated by anything personal against Clinton, he said. All WikiLeaks does is expose raw data given to it in a timely manner and with minimum curation, so it can allow the public to form their own opinions. It is for this reason that the US regime has been so devastated and humiliated by WikiLeaks and is losing the information war with its critics.

Hillary Clinton has already been vetted and nodded in as the next president by the undemocratic regime. The criminal has already played a key role in planning and orchestrating catastrophic aggression by the US regime in the Middle East and intends to continue such crimes once in office.

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Garrison Center takes WikiLeaks side

The Blog

Director of the Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism Thomas Knapp took the side of WikiLeaks, in a recent small disagreement over Twitter between WikiLeaks and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Penning a tweet on 28 July, Edward Snowden had commented WikiLeaks should be more vigilant at withholding damaging information when leaking sensitive material relating to world events. "Their hostility to even modest curation is a mistake", Snowden wrote.

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange had in the past talked of WikiLeaks' curation in terms such as his remark "It disturbs me that we are redacting at all" (When Google Met WikiLeaks). Assange has believed control of information, for good or ill, should be completely stripped from states or large publishing houses and restored to the public.

Edward Snowden, by contrast, has tended to rely more on large publishers such as the Guardian and famous journalist Glenn Greenwald to carefully redact anything damaging. Snowden himself was the arbiter of what data would be harmful and what would legitimately benefit the public during his own leak of the NSA's PRISM mass surveillance programs.

The Garrison Center director, for his part, rejected the idea that any curation is necessary. Siding with WikiLeaks, Knapp pointed out that any type of redaction manifests state-like power to pull the wool over the public's eyes. He wrote on 29 July, "They [Snowden and friends]’re merely parceling out the information THEY’VE decided it’s OK for the public to have. But the the NSA and the US State Department do the same thing. Snowden and friends differ from those organizations merely on content selection criteria, not on the principles involved."

Knapp declared continued support to Edward Snowden as an exile persecuted by the US regime, but concluded, "Wikileaks is right and Snowden is wrong here".

The clubof.info Blog

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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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