22 April 2016

Audio book of "Catalyst" coming?

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The Catalyst thesis this blog is based on may be coming in audio form soon.

As announced at a post to the L'Ordre blog on Beliefnet, "I do indeed plan to produce an audio book version of it once I get the time, narrated in my own voice of course" (Harry J. Bentham, author).

Catalyst: A Techno-Liberation Thesis is a short educational futurist book from 2013 about how to use technology to diminish monopolies of wealth and power, and liberate millions of people from poverty-stricken, economically sanctioned or oppressed regions in which they were born. The book can currently be ordered in print or, if you love your Kindle e-reader, downloaded over Amazon.

According to Catalyst, extremely consequentially technologies involved in manufacturing will continue to get smaller, and eventually the act of one person stealing single objects like synthetic life-forms or items of micro-manufacturing atomically precise manufacturing (nanotech) equipment will be able to change the entire balance of power between countries and regions of the world.

This is a good thing, Catalyst theorized quite radically, because it will undo the global exploitation perpetrated by the few high-tech western countries against large poor regions of Africa, Asia and South America.

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