26 April 2016

Hillary Clinton's four paths to defeat

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Mont Order brother and Garrison Center director Thomas L. Knapp recently plotted out four paths for defeat for Hillary Clinton, highlighting how unstable her prospects are as a US presidential candidate.

Whether Hillary Clinton falls prey to illness or her shady criminal dealings with the Saudi regime and major arms dealers, there are a number of ways her rival Bernie Sanders could pass her to claim the Democratic Party nomination.

Knapp explains these four possible Hillary Clinton defeats in the following commentary at the Garrison Center website:
Path #1: (HEALTH PROBLEMS) "Clinton’s health fails"- "multiple public fainting spells since 2005" - "cerebral venous thrombosis, a life-threatening blood clot condition" - "hypothyroidism"
Path #2: (SERVERGATE) "Clinton is indicted in, or otherwise dragged down over, the “Servergate” affair, in which she appears to have illegally mishandled classified information while Secretary of State."
Path #3: (CORRUPTION) "Clinton comes to big legal or political grief over apparent connections between large donations to her family’s foundation on one hand and her actions as Secretary of State on the other. For example, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia donated $10 million to the Clinton Foundation and Boeing donated $900,000. Later, Secretary Clinton cleared a $29 billion arms deal involving the two parties...
Path #4: (LEAKED SPEECHES) "The texts of Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, for which she received millions of dollars in honoraria, are leaked"... "Everything comes to light sooner or later. If it’s sooner — that is, before July —  we may find out how just how damaging"...
Hillary Clinton's supporters tend to ignore her history of lying and all her vices, to believe she is the default candidate to keep the much-loathed Republican (almost-certain) nominee Donald Trump out of power. A sense of inevitability plagues their narrow vision of what may happen, unaware of all that may go wrong with Clinton's faltering campaign.

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