8 April 2016

US isolated by its own savage aggression

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Responding to the idea that US libertarians are "isolationists" because they oppose the repeated acts of aggression by the US regime against other countries, Thomas Knapp wrote that in fact libertarians believe in an interconnected world.

The claim that politicians who oppose US and western wars of choice are "isolationists" is commonly repeated in political debates and rhetoric. Knapp, as always, has an effective counterargument to such nonsense.

Knapp wrote at the Garrison Center website on 2 April"we support, as Thomas Jefferson put it, “friendship and commerce with all nations, entangling alliances with none,” where real isolationists have historically opposed not just foreign wars but foreign commerce, calling for protectionist trade and immigration policies". This is, of course Knapp's idea of libertarianism, more closely aligned with the views expressed at the Center for a Stateless Society and less the bulk of members of the Libertarian Party.

In addition, Knapp quotes John McAfee, who is once again quoted below:
“I think isolationism is taking on the role of world policeman, making us a separate entity from the rest of the world. We’re the policemen and you guys are the people that we police. … Dropping bombs on families where mothers and fathers are killed, or brothers and sisters. I would be angry too. You would be angry too. So it is not isolationism to say that we need to bring our troops home, or that we need to stop interfering in the affairs of foreign nations. It is reality and practicality.”
With the above effectively summing up how the US regime is stupidly isolating itself and constantly creating and refining its own enemies with its continuous aggression, Knapp concludes Hillary Clinton and other presidential candidates "with their Caligula-style approach to foreign policy — “let them hate us so long as they fear us” — are the real isolationists."

The disastrous effects of America's self-imposed isolation can even be seen in Europe, where badly conceived US-led sanctions to suppress Russia's resurgent economy are failing, cause more harm and multiplying resentment towards the US in Europe now bordering on revolt against US control of Europe.

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