5 April 2016

Arab Spring as a violent failure in Syria

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Reflecting on the Syrian Civil War, now in the final stages with defeat looming for all the armed factions except the Syrian government and the Kurds, Zena Chamas wrote about the fate of the so-called Arab Spring.

With the exception of Tunisia, the Arab Spring simply didn't really bring changes in the Arab world and can be considered a failure, the journalist noted in a recent post.

In Egypt, the result of the Arab Spring was the ousting of dictator Hosni Mubarak, but the joy lasted very shortly before the new ruler Mohammed Morsi began to suppress dissent, and was himself overthrown after popular demonstrations culminated in a coup. The new ruler, President Sisi, comes from the same clique of generals to which Mubarak belonged, establishing himself as a dictator and simply continuing Mubarak's legacy. In the end, Egypt showed that it simply lacks any democratic candidate to rule and is only capable of being the domain of one dictator or another.

Syria was an even worse failure, with "rebels" quickly degenerating into vicious terrorists eager to abduct and murder the very same western journalists who supported them when they first took up arms against Bashar al-Assad's so-called "tyranny". In reality, as Zena Chamas implies, the "revolution" in Syria was violent and abortive from the beginning, just as driven by a goal to force the Syrian people into submission as any dictatorship. The losers of the conflict, once again, are simply the common people, who lack any credible person to construct a democracy for them.

Left out of this analysis is Libya, which is possibly the worst failure of all, although US State Department head Hillary Clinton was obsessed with the carnage in the country as her greatest victory. Today, Libya is still in a civil war, largely thanks to Clinton and her hatred of Gaddafi, which came at great expense to the Libyan people in the end.

Also noted is the fact the Arab Spring was an American phrase in the first place. At all times, the US propped up fake uprisings and repeatedly tried to install Americans (exiles who had lived in America for decades) as the democratic representatives of the people of Syria, Libya and other countries.

As good as democracy can be in theory, it cannot be imposed on other societies by force or propped up by the CIA. It can never be upheld by the deceptive and blatantly fake democracy of the US.

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