25 March 2016

#JusticeForKurds petition after Cizre

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Driven by moral outrage, satellite television channel RT has come forward with a rare petition calling on the UN Human Rights Council to investigate mass killings committed by the Turkish regime against Kurds in Cizre, Turkey.

It seems unusual for a television station to take the activist step of starting a hashtag-powered petition in this manner, but RT journalists seem to have been morally motivated by what they saw. The Turkish regime's terrorism has deliberately taken the lives of women and children in Kurdish-populated parts of Turkey, while Turkey continues to give fire support the ISIS against its opponents in northern Syria. The #JusticeForKurds petition is just an apt reaction to such crimes.

From the text of the petition at Change.org:
RT traveled to Cizre to get first-hand accounts from witnesses.  They showed us the site of the alleged mass killing.  RT filmed the destroyed buildings, including blood stains on the debris, and shell casings.  A witness told us that among the victims were women, and children as young as ten years old.
The #JusticeForKurds petition, which is worded in multiple languages, has already gained well over 10,000 signatures in the time it has been available to internet users. RT's #JusticeForKurds plea notes that US-led civil society groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch paid no attention to the Turkish regime's terrorism against Kurds, prompting the television station itself to take action.

This may be due to the fact that Amnesty and HRW, being pro-US and pro-NATO henchmen who fabricate propaganda against Washington's enemies, are only helping terrorism by the Turkish regime against its opponents.

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