15 January 2016

Madaya: 'opposition is starving us'

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According to residents of the besieged town of Madaya in Syria, which is home to around 9000 civilians, the US-supported "opposition" gunmen are starving the local population to death.

In much of the mainstream media, Madaya has been portrayed as one of the latest atrocities of the Bashar al-Assad government. On closer inspection, it appears that the cruelty in the town does not exist on the scale reported in the media, and that whatever cruelty does exist in Madaya is clearly being perpetrated by the criminal opposition supported by the lying Washington regime.

Although food supplies have successfully entered the besieged town of Madaya in Syria, they are promptly confiscated by the gunmen supported by the US and British regimes to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government. The food is then sold to the local population at extortionate prices including '5000 Lira for chocolate', according to one witness, so the criminals can buy more weapons to continue the war.

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The situation in Madaya is discussed in depth in a video from a Syrian Sunni activist below, who argues that the US-backed terrorists are keeping the food for themselves, starving children and filming and photographing the emaciated bodies as propaganda to deceive some media outlets. She points out that some photographs used in stories about Madaya have been altered to look worse, and are not even from Syria. Furthrmore, accounts in Western media claim 40,000 people live in Madaya, whereas the population is known to be 9,000 according to the most recent census.

One Lebanese child's image was stolen from Facebook and used by extremists as a Syrian girl allegedly being starved, with all blame again being placed on the Damascus government. This is while the entire country is under economic sanctions by the West, aimed at preventing all food entering the country, much as they previously starved a million innocent Iraqis to death.

The actions of US-backed criminals in Madaya match the behavior of ISIL, refusing to allow civilians to leave urban areas so they can be used as props in their propaganda videos, human shields in the battlefield, or just butchered so the government can be blamed for their deaths.

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The renewed interest in blaming atrocities on Damascus is also consistent with the growing military defeats suffered by the foreign extremists, who increasingly retreat to the Turkish border to get safety from the Erdogan regime. The illegal groups are reported to be demoralized and under constant aerial attack since Russia entered the war against them. It is not surprising that they resort to more daring lies and forgery to get sympathy when they are losing.

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