19 January 2016

US accepts reality in the Persian Gulf?

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Confusing and angering many American neocons, the American regime did not use the arrest of its sailors in Iranian waters as an excuse to start a war.

The US deep state, in line with the incumbent Democratic Party platform, seems committed to abandoning the idea of military aggression against Iran, after years of threats (the threats themselves were criminal acts, banned explicitly by the United Nations Charter).

The wiser experts at the Pentagon never really wanted war with Iran, and didn't want the 2003 Iraq War either, but are being constantly pushed by a clique of neocon political illiterates, now considered criminals to many. Media commentators have a big share of blood on their hands for the war on Muslims, like US television host Sean Hannity, who insisted that the US should violate all its obligations, agreements and the UN Charter by bombing Iran at a time of delicate negotiations.

This is a sensitive time for US-Iranian relations already. Recent news items have covered how the US government and Europe now accept that Iran has already met its obligations under the nuclear accord JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action).

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According to analyst Shahzad Masood Roomi in an op-ed piece at Pakistan's Voice of East online magazine, the US seems quite close to an exit strategy from its role as a destabilizing, irrational actor in the Middle East. However, Saudi Arabia is largely fulfilling that role itself, with the consequence of causing dangerous divisions in the Islamic world. The analyst wrote on 16 January:
US-Iran rivalry is not a bilateral issue any more but US partnership with Saudi Arabia acts like a catalyst perpetuating Iranian enmity with the US
On other sensitive disputes in the world, including Crimea's accession to the Russian Federation and North Korea's possession of nuclear weapons, the US regime still refuses to accept reality. In the below video, US State Department spokesperson John Kirby answers "no" when asked if the US will stop living in a fantasy world. This referred to the US making statements that it "will never accept" the fact Russia rules over Crimea and North Korea has nuclear weapons, both defying the US's arrogant demands for them to stop.

It is possible that the US will come around to accepting reality in other conflict zones too, but this may require a change of leadership. A future US President may eventually be able to back down from asinine denials of the reality that Russia rules Crimea and North Korea is in the club of nuclear-armed states. It must be remembered that the US eventually accepted communist China and even Cuba as valid governments it must work with, despite years of denying their legitimacy.

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What is likely to be more consequential than the removal of sanctions on Iran is the fact that the West now considers Iran a civilized, normal country. This is a big step for countries who spent so long demonizing the Iranian people and their 1979 Revolution.

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