1 January 2016

Steve Topple on the future of media

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Britain-based blogger Steve Topple reflected on his writing career so far and his views on the future of media, in a recent post.

The following commentary offered is of great relevance to The clubof.info Blog's mission and readership:
I do this because in the current political and socioeconomic climate we are barraged day in, day out, with lie after lie after lie – and I’m of the opinion that the more people out there shouting at the tops of their voices in any way they can to counter these lies can only be a good thing.
Our mainstream media is corrupt – we all know that
Unfortunately, our “new media” (many of the sites you can find on Twitter)... are all (still) a Russell Group, self-serving chumocracy, albeit one which tows the line of what is fast becoming the new centre-left (that is, “Corbynism”), and will not deviate from the message which they perceive will garner them the most views, followers, re-tweets – whatever. 
This is not the future of journalism. The future of journalism (in my opinion), is one where every person, if they feel inclined, can write, record or express in any way they see fit “their truth”, and share it with the world – then the world can make up their own mind.
Steve Topple can be followed on Twitter here. In addition to his writing accomplishments, he is connected up with the Mont Order society's loose coalition of bloggers. His effective role as a firebrand on the British political blogosphere is the main reason people are drawn to his work and the causes he supports.

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