11 December 2015

British regime refuses to learn in Syria

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The British regime, which considers opposition figures "terrorist sympathizers" for not backing its illegal aggression in Syria, has learned nothing from past failures and defeats in the Middle East.

This was the overwhelming message in various media items capturing the public mood in Britain in relation to its decision to wage war in Syria.

One YouTuber commented that the UK has learned nothing from its past mistakes. He said it is unbelieveable that UK leaders admit to causing so many deaths with their mistakes, but additionally claim to have learned from them and repeat them.

It is as if Western leaders are killer doctors. Military action destroyed Iraq and Libya, and now they want Syria. Despite a history of rampant murder and incompetence, they get to try their war option again.

The examples of Libya and Iraq are offered by the YouTuber mentioned, whose video message is now embedded below.

Jeremy Corbyn is mentioned in the above video, who along with many other MPs was smeared as a "terrorist sympathizer" in despotic remarks by Prime Minister Cameron. Cameron is also on record comparing any Briton who criticizes him with terrorists such as ISIL and al-Qaeda, as previously noted at this blog.

Statements that the UK's bombings in Syria will make Britain safer in Syria amount to absolute lies, the Beliefnet-based L'Ordre blog friendly to the values of dissidents at the Mont Order society stated recently. The MPs who voted for the war immediately put everyone at risk, and in fact they "voted for the stabbing to take place in London", the blog argued, referring to the recent attack by a man shouting "for Syria" at a London Tube station.

Luckily, no lives have been lost in this Syria bombing-related violence caused by incorrect voting and warmongering by MPs in the Commons, although one serious injury occurred. A recent Syria bombing-related attack in the US did result in 14 fatalities, with Western media encouraging racial profiling of refugees as a possible solution.

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