31 July 2015

UK's Cameron regime tries to ban truth

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The ruling Cameron regime in the UK now sees telling the truth about British war crimes in the Middle East as a form of extremism.

Saying anything compatible with the rhetoric of terrorist groups such as ISIL (the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant or Daesh as it's Arabic acronym goes) will now be considered extremist, including statements of fact. This was the analysis of antistatist writer Billy Christmas at C4SS (the Center for a Stateless Society), an antistatist think tank based in the United States.

The trend towards censorship and persecution of dissidents in the UK is especially worrying considering that UK subjects do not have any constitutional right to freedom of speech.

When asked what "extremist" speech is, Home Secretary Theresa May couldn't answer and suggested that it was vague and nebulous, left to regime officials to arbitrarily label anyone an extremist criminal and kill them if it doesn't like them. According to Christmas' analysis, this amounts to fascism, and it is all the more offensive because it is wrapped in rhetoric about "British values" while actively undermining the rule of law and even trying to erase people's inalienable rights.

The antistatist writer reminded his readers that the British government - like the US government - is hypocritical and responsible for atrocities in the Middle East. If Islamist extremists use this fact to justify their terrorism, that doesn't make it any less true:
According to Sean Gabb: “the British State is committed to an American-led campaign of war and destabilisation throughout the Islamic world, and shares responsibility for millions of civilian deaths and maimings there.” As Gabb says, the statement is not only reasonable, but “obviously true.” Yet to speak the obvious truth is now a heresy. We can soon expect to not be able to point out this simple truth, lest we offend “our British values.”
An even greater paradox lies in the fact that Cameron's desire to persecute dissidents is itself an extremist goal, and it is made all the more destructive because it has successfully captured control of the state machinery. Islamist fanatics may intend to kill people who criticize them, but the more apparent regime issuing such threats to the British people is Cameron's own government.

The Zionist parasite Cameron ranted in a paranoid speech that the millions of people, including academic bodies, who currently boycott and oppose the apartheid regime of Israel should be considered terrorists.

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