10 July 2015

Digital goods & roads to post-scarcity

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Digital products are essentially available for free and new advances in technology will make almost everything free, a Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) writer predicts.

Commenting on the music industry, James C. Wilson wrote of Taylor Swift's letter to Apple, in which she demanded that she still be paid for her artistic works even during free trial periods offered by Apple Music to customers. While the spirit of her letter is agreeable in fighting for the rights of individual artists to get what they are due, Wilson wrote that the current trajectory of technology will inevitably make all digital products free.

Further, even real products will be made free and a post-scarcity economy will eventually emerge where everything is free as a result of further innovation. From Wilson's analysis:
The increased ability to share and discover information will only help those seeking to finance music and other creative projects do so. Furthermore, the duplication of digital content is just the beginning as advances in three dimensional printing and other technologies are now allowing us to duplicate tangible goods as well. Patents and copyrights are only going to become more unenforceable to our benefit.
The prediction aligns with similar theories including The clubof.info Blog's primary information pamphlet, Catalyst, which predicts an explosion in ubiquitous emerging technologies will overtake states and create an unprecedented era of personal freedom and erosion of power structures.

Alluding to the same inevitable explosion in popular technology, Wilson concluded, "We are on the edge of a world of plenty, and government created artificial scarcity regimes are one of the few obstacles in our way... it is time to rethink the system entirely and embrace its post-scarcity potential."

The Blog

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