17 July 2015

The continuum of the Mont Order

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The Mont Order bloggers' club is a new iteration of an old tradition, while conspiracy theories about the Mont Order are separate works of "fiction".

These facts are articulated in a new short essay published by L'Ordre, a Mont Order blogger, with Dissident Voice. The essay, titled "The New Mont Order Dissidents", breaks the Mont Order down into two different actors that must be understood as different entities but connected with the same metaphors and images common to the Mont Order.

The Mont Order's sickle-like emblem, which has no known meaning in the current Mont Order, is one of these features, as is the Mont Order slogan "Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order". L'Ordre claimed that he was using such features to shape the Mont Order and give it an enduring identity as a "dissident circle".

The "first Mont Order"

From L'Ordre's essay:
The first “Mont Order”, the ideal Mont Order, is not an existent organization. Several groups throughout history, including the Montagnards who brought about the French Revolution and a small 2010-2012 Religious Studies group I once helped appear to have used similar names and allegories to the Mont Order’s own. Whether they are really connected is not known to me. That Mont Order can be seen more accurately as a tradition that has worked inexorably towards building bridges of understanding among diverse people and groups, rather than isolating itself to form its own homogeneous culture in the way religions and cults do.

The "second Mont Order"

Also from L'Ordre's essay:
It is the second Mont Order that I know to be real, and it is currently reaching out to many bloggers to form a real community of diverse thinkers. Based on what we have talked about both publicly and on our internal threads, it is clear that we currently consider ourselves to be a new kind of pressure group that relies primarily on blogging and other forms of online publishing to promote a variety of progressive causes and other, more scientific developments such as transhumanism. Although we maintain as much coherence as possible in our message and we select members in the first place for their dissident credentials or their sociological foresight, the choice of causes supported by the Order is ultimately governed by the priorities of our incumbent members. Therefore, we have no set agenda and the Order answers to no-one but itself.
While the new Mont Order is still committed to concepts of global unity and pluralism, it lacks the obsessions with secrecy alleged in the conspiracy theories and other literature on the Mont Order "myth", as its current members "support absolute transparency". L'Ordre also encouraged people searching for information on the Mont Order to contact Mont advisers directly, writing "there is no substitute" for such communication.

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