3 July 2015

Obama doesn't stand up for trans people

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Despite the Obama administration championing the cause of LGBT rights, the administration's record in this area is far from perfect.

As illustrated in an article by Cory Massimino for the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS), the Obama administration continues to preside over the abuse of transgender detainees. This was recently pointed out to Obama by a heckler, transsexual immigrant Jennicet Gutierrez, during a White House Gay Pride speech.

Massimino points out that Gutierrez was ignorantly booed and shamed by other LGBT activists and members of the White House's crowd during the event, illustrating the emptiness of Obama's words during his speech "And then there's the kind of courage it takes to be true to yourself even if society doesn't always accept or understand you."

Much of Massimino's analysis addressed the mainstream media and the government's commitment to LGBT stereotypes and exclusivity that leaves much of the actual LGBT community continuing to be oppressed and denied their rights under the Obama administration. Although significant, the legalization of same-sex marriage is insufficient on its own and only "total queer liberation" would be acceptable if we truly seek to eliminate unjust power structures, Massimino writes.

Possibly the most notable transgender hero who has been persecuted by the Obama administration is Chelsea Manning. Despite openly claiming to embrace the transgender community, the Obama administration and associated media sycophants continue to cite Manning's gender reassignment as evidence of psychological ills affecting her.

The Blog

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