28 July 2015

Schoolboy lectures Americans on Iran

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Netanyahu has been publicly humiliated by the nuclear deal with Iran, but uses his airtime to further air his stupidity to the American audience.

Writing at Counterpunch, Andrew Levine notes that in Netanyahu's recent interview with with NPR, he milked his "American High School education for all it’s worth". In the radio interview, the Israeli leader "jabbered on like a befuddled High School principal telling the assembled student body how disappointed he was in them for some incident or other — and admonishing them never to do anything so dastardly again".

Netanyahu did all he could to scuttle the deal with Iran, and all his efforts failed. By going on an all-out assault on the Obama administration, Netanyahu and the Israel lobby group AIPAC risk losing the Democratic Party and losing the support of "all but the most retrograde American Jews."

Levine writes that Netanyahu's crusade against Obama is an "existential threat" to the prosperity of Israel by undermining the bond of political and economic cover that Israel has relied upon in order to maintain its policies of rampant genocide and war against Palestine. Further, Levine predicts, "if word gets out that Israel’s interests and America’s are at odds, even evangelicals awaiting the End Time will become less passionate about the self-declared “nation state of the Jewish people.”"

Noting that Netanyahu arrogantly overestimated the power of pro-Israel campaigners in American politics when trying to scuttle the deal, Levine sees that "the joke is on (Netanyahu)", and concludes about the Israeli leader:
the Israel lobby now has very little to work with beyond itself. And even if it putters on for a while, as it probably will given how obtuse American politicians are, the days when it can count on getting its way are coming to an end. 
Netanyahu has hastened that day. No wonder, therefore, that even if he does not yet have reason to despair for the regime he leads, he has every reason to despair of himself. 
This was the real meaning of that petulant, self-righteous rant on NPR

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