31 July 2015

"We need more traitors"

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The American Center-Left need not call the GOP's anti-Obama crusaders "traitors" and should instead call them by their correct name: warmongers.

This is what is advocated by antistatist theorist Kevin Carson at the C4SS (Center for a Stateless Society) think tank in a recent post.

Carson argues that while it is tempting to turn Republican war hawks' own rhetoric about "traitors" and allegedly weak-kneed Democratic foreign policy back on them, the real crime of the war hawks is the mere fact that they support war. Any action in the interests of peace, whether disloyal to a regime or loyal to it, should be celebrated, and such is the triumph of the nuclear deal reached between world powers and Iran. On the other hand, any action in the interests of war, such as the campaigning by pro-Israel figures in US politics, should be considered a horrendous assault on the public interest.

In addition, Carson noted it is not very American to disapprove of "treason" in the first place, considering the United States was founded upon treason and committed the most famous act of treason in history, which it celebrates every year on July 4. This historic treason was also motivated largely by warrantless spying much like the NSA's, which Americans thought was outrageous enough to take up arms against the colonial administration. From his conclusion:
Indeed “traitors” like John Brown and Harriet Tubman, and New England juries who nullified the Fugitive Slave Law, found themselves at war with the federal government. We need more traitors like them, and like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.
Below is the trailer for the upcoming thriller movie Snowden, directed by Oliver Stone, which is likely to further build up the popular following behind Edward Snowden and challenge many who see the whistleblower as a traitor who put Americans at risk from terrorists.

American politicians continue to put US soldiers and civilians at risk throughout the world by perpetuating reckless policies of assassination, provocation, war, extortion, betrayal and torture behind a cloak of secrecy and hollow propaganda about democratic accountability. At the same time, the actions of Edward Snowden did not cause any loss of life while politicians accuse him of being irresponsible.

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