26 February 2016

Democracy is fake, totally illegitimate

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Political scientist Robert Higgs has offered a compelling breakdown of why democracy is fake, and elected "representatives" are actually illegitimate.

In countries with millions of people with disparate interests, Higgs writes, representative democracy is a "practical impossibility". This casts serious doubt on the claims of western states that they are legitimate and that others, led by "dictators", are illegitimate.

Politicians are "inveterate liars" who prove democracy is fake

Higgs offered the following powerful analysis that should be seen by anyone with an interest in criticisms of democracy:
So, what possible intelligence can voters exercise in casting their ballots? They can vote in accordance with the appeal a particular candidate’s promises hold for them, but relying on candidates to carry out their promises would be childishly foolish. Anyone who pays the slightest attention to politics knows that politicians are inveterate liars; many would sooner lie than speak truthfully even if the truth did not thwart their purposes, because lying would be more congenial to their true, dishonest character. Thus, voters can do nothing more than throw ideological darts, casting their ballots for the candidate who makes the most appealing noises, has the handsomest face, or displays peacock-like the most fabulous partisan posturing.
Full analysis: The Hot-Air Barrier (Independent Institute)

Democracy is fake, and highly prone to start wars due to mass ignorance

Explaining that the promises of politicians are consistently broken, Higgs also wisely argues that elected politicians lie biggest when it comes to foreign policy. Citing that members of the public have some grasp of domestic affairs and are less prone to fall for lies on domestic issues, Higgs contrasts this with the fact there is "no practical limit to the enormousness" of the lies politicians can tell about foreign countries.

Politicians trying to start wars often have an easy time, Higgs points out, due to "the general public’s near-complete ignorance of foreign lands and the political, social, and economic conditions that prevail there". Thus, democracy is fake in its present form, and is used to legitimize the murder machine the west has become when dealing with oppressed countries.

Violent western governments repeatedly cite spreading their fake and insulting democracy as the reason they are going to war, even when the goal of their wars is to install dictators and put millions of people under the threat of arrest or torture.

Demo-skeptic chorus shouts out that our democracy is fake

Praising Higgs' analysis, antistatist writer Thomas Knapp said Higgs always "tells it exactly like it is" (KN@PPSTER).

L'Ordre: Democracy is fake

The Mont Order, to which Thomas Knapp is a friend, also acknowledges western democracy is fake in its code and encourages people observing the Mont Order code to have no faith in it. This view can be called demo-skeptic, a rarely used term denoting a simple lack of confidence in liberal democratic institutions and states.

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Mosquito repellent to deter Zika virus?

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Students from a university in Mexico have taken it upon themselves to research and create a whole new type of mosquito repellent, in hopes of reversing the terrible toll of the Zika virus carried by mosquitos.

The Zika virus has been causing birth defects, with the virus' recent explosion in lethality and hospitalization spreading throughout Brazil and other parts of South America and arriving in Central America, including Mexico. As a result, officials have sought to improve access to birth control to suppress the scale of birth defects.

Citing information from the National Science and Technology Council in Mexico, human rights and environmental expert Deborah Dupre says the mosquito repellent stands out from traditional repellents because due to being 60% less expensive. Made from on plant-derived chemicals creating three different types of oil to repel insects, the new type of mosquito repellent is to be marketed under the brand name CitroRepel.

"Phenomenal" student-made mosquito repellent

Dupre referred to the mosquito repellent as "phenomenal" due to its low cost and  lack of harmful ingredients associated with older chemical products.

Article: Students Conquering Zika Emergency with Phenomenal Repellent

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23 February 2016

"New World Order" is a fail at IR

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Discrediting all use of the terms "New World Order" and "NWO", a Beliefnet post asserts that most people using the terms are misreading International Relations (IR) terminology.

In the IR discipline which originated the rhetorical term, "new world order" (not capitals and never using the acronym NWO) only refers boringly to the post-Soviet global balance of power, the post explains. It means the same thing as "unipolar order", or the balance of power in which the US is the dominant actor in world affairs.

The blog explains clearly:
"As a student of International Relations (IR) I know what the new world order really is. It was a phrase used by President Bush Senior and some other politicians. More often, it is called the “world order” and just refers to the “balance of power” in the world. It is common International Relations terminology... “Old world order” is when the Soviet Union and the United States competed in the Cold War...
It is arguable that the new world order described in IR is now very old, and does not exist anymore, as the US is no longer the single dominant actor. The fact this new world order is so old and has been a failure does not affect the conspiracy theorists who still think the "NWO" is a new power taking over the world, 26 years on.

The blog goes on to say that the associated Illuminati conspiracy theory is "just nonsense", refusing to go into any more depth on that subject. Believers in the New World Order conspiracy theory think the world's governments and political elites are shape-shifting lizard men (David Icke), Satan worshippers (Alex Jones) or Freemasons and that they drink the blood of children, at the same time plotting to reduce the Earth's population.

These New World Order conspiracy theorists such as Daniel Estulin also believe transhumanists - a small humanitarian movement who try to improve longevity and other social ills using technology - are evil narcissists who plan to kill everyone else and turn themselves into immortal gods.

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Mike Dodd's Mont Order conference

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The Mont Order society has held a recent new conference convened by Wave Chronicle Editor, Mike Dodd.

Six participants attended the Mont Order conference, which is the largest known Mont global audio conference since the new circle of globally scattered activists and commentators calling themselves the Mont Order emerged in recent years.

As shown at lordre.net, the attending Mont Order members were as follows:

Participants' individual websites can be visited using the links provided above.

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19 February 2016

Trident nuked by Steve Topple article

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Journalist Steve Topple got right to the point in a hard-hitting article for Common Space, offering some stunning facts you probably never considered about Britain's "independent" nuclear arsenal.

Rather than presenting moral arguments against nuclear weapons or military-strategic arguments about how only the US benefits from the tiny and weak British island state acting as a second policeman to contain Russian "aggression", Topple goes after the ones who support Trident for financial gain. This is much the way Topple addressed dark money in British politics in another recent article.

Most surprising of all is the role of UK-headquartered banks in the investment in the nuclear deterrents of the western countries as well as Russia. Apparently, these banks, their related companies and pro-Trident politicians in the UK are so driven by profit that they work to keep the nonexistent "threat" of nuclear war alive in the public consciousness, while financing both sides. Ultimately, the entire thing often just amounts to con against the public. Although a tense situation exists in Syria and Ukraine, Topple is certain that it will not lead to a nuclear war because globalization is currently too pervasive to allow that.

Topple defuses the apparent nuclear threat skillfully in his article as follows:
Multinational corporate banks are playing one big chess game – except it’s all make-believe and there will never be a checkmate, because that would be unprofitable. Governments willingly participate - those in charge are invariably shareholders in weapons manufacturing companies or their financiers
We are not living in some Sean Connery-era James Bond film. The world is intrinsically too financially entwined for either the East or West to ever press 'the button' – and to believe they would is, in my opinion, deluded.
This is no conspiracy theory. Barclays, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland are specifically identified as having a hand in investing in both sides' nuclear deterrents, and this largely links together the financial players behind the nuclear arms industries of Russia and the UK.

In conclusion, Topple states, "There is no threat – except from our own foolhardiness for sleep-walking for decades and allowing this to continue happening."

Topple is a listed member of the Mont Order society, which declared a short set of shared values between its global disparate members in October 2015.

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Enernet would bring "liberation"

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While continuing to bet on synthetic biology as the eventual solution to energy inequality and crises, a Beliefnet post nevertheless embraces another vision called enernet.

Enernet is the idea of providing energy to everyone for free via a type of global power supply network constructed similarly to the internet. It would adhere to a similar philosophy to the internet too, making it almost a human right that everyone can be connected to this network of sharing and mutual survival.

The post is a partial review of a Lifeboat Foundation essay series. It suspects energy firms and powerful states would prefer to keep control of global energy supplies in the hands of a small few government and industrial elites, somehow, and the enernet might be no exception to this. Although such injustice would certainly be the result of some futuristic schemes to build a small number of giant thermonuclear fusion reactors like the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) to replace fossil fuel supplies, the post sees the enernet as something different.

To cut a long story short, because the enernet would be connected to widely distributed and decentralized sources of fuel, it should not result in political or strategic imbalances, inequalities and lopsided international relations of the kind currently seen. The post reports that the enernet sounds like a fair and balanced solution to the energy needs of disparate individuals, communities and isolated states across the world. The prediction given is that, if feasible, it would bring a form of technological "liberation" to the world's impoverished and voiceless populations similar to the internet.

A complete theory of techno-liberation to follow up from the development of the internet is explained in Catalyst, the main source of inspiration for this blog.

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16 February 2016

The gullibility of ISIS


ISIL and other primitivist, fatalist groups are easily herded and manipulated by anyone with money.

How can a group apparently so formidable as ISIL be used so easily by its own enemies? Can they not see that they are pawns? Or, do these gullible followers willfully submit themselves as pawns to whatever forces they don't understand? If their sole objective is to prepare themselves as puppets for a god, doesn't this actually prepare them as puppets of men?

The reason for ISIL's proneness to be manipulated and utilized by its own enemies is a fatal flaw in the group's theology. They promote superstition in the extreme. By believing everything is an act of its god, and everyone is a puppet of its god, ISIL does not believe in conspiracies or power politics. It cannot see them, even when confronted directly with them.

Even if it knows its forces, like other militants in Syria, are led by Israeli commanders or treated in Israeli hospitals (as some reports have tentatively stated) ISIL will not believe it is a puppet of anyone but its god. If Netanyahu appears to be supporting ISIL indirectly, ISIL will only believe Netanyahu is a divine instrument helping ISIL. ISIL might even believe Netanyahu is some god or angel sent to protect them.

No god would be acting via Netanyahu or John Kerry to support ISIL's goal to overthrow the Syrian government, as ISIL would believe. Rather, these men are using ISIL. Their goal of overthrowing the Syrian government pre-dates the existence of ISIL, making it clear that ISIL could only be their puppet. ISIL is a puppet of no god, but human military planners.

There is such a thing as having too much faith. There is such a thing as making up too many excuses for one's beliefs. At some point it all degenerates into the extremes of primitivism, superstition, and gullibility. If you keep saying 'they were blinded by the god' to explain all your fortunes in the face of an enemy, it is clear that you have no strategy and that your very leadership has succumbed to gullibility.

Imagine how superstition will wreak havoc in the mind of a military commander. If the other side opens up a corridor for your units to flee on the battlefield, you will believe it is a miracle of your god. If the other side stops their artillery bombardment, you will believe that is a miracle of your god and emerge from the trenches. If your 'far enemy' sends planes to attack your 'near enemy', as the US nearly did in 2013 when it threatened missile strikes on Syrian government forces, this too is a miracle of your god.

At some level, one wonders whether they are worshiping any god, or worshiping their own enemies. Certainly, the real agents behind ISIL's miracles are human, many of them sitting in Washington DC. And what happens when their fortune runs out, when their many enemies really all decide it is time to eradicate them? Will ISIL believe its own destruction is the will of its god? Will all these gullible followers commit suicide, believing it to be their god's plan, when they run out of support from US regional allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia?

ISIL is so convinced of supernatural intervention on the battlefields that it would accept almost anything as a miracle. This was apparent in some remarks made by ISIL about the Paris attacks. Rather than finding it suspicious that Europe left itself wide open to terrorist attacks by failing to adequately screen out the people the US had been unable to select as "moderate" militants even while they were still in Syria, the ISIL refrain was to say "they were blinded by Allah".

If this is how they explain world events, then this is a group that has no grasp of reality, and absolutely no awareness of power politics or the cynicism behind it all. All of ISIL's successes are man-made. They have been driven not by any god, but by visible trails of money and special interests leading back to the Western regimes and their allies in the Gulf monarchies.

ISIL today is nothing but a plaything of Western foreign policy. However, a group that purports to be the plaything of unseen gods and devils is likely to find no shame even in that fact. It will find a supernatural explanation for everything. It will never see shame in being a hollow puppet of foreign powers, because its theology preaches that everyone should strive to be a hollow puppet of any master they can find.

Without realizing it, the gods worshiped by ISIL are foreign schemers manipulating the group and using it to topple the Syrian government in the civil war. The ones who have been blinded, and even led around on strings as puppets, are the gullible and empty-headed followers of ISIL. Their own blind deference to fate is a confession of this.

To date, ISIL has been praising what it calls a god. What it is really praising is the golden calf of Saudi money, which means ISIL is giving thanks to rich men and hidden cowards when it claims to worship a god. In its gullibility, it sees its gains on the battlefield not as the result of a strategy of omission and willful failure by the US-led coalition, but as evidence that the US-led coalition is confounded and also a puppet of the same god.

Since ISIL is absolutely fatalist and incapable of recognizing human agency in any event in the world, its followers are the perfect puppets. They are enamored by anything they don't understand or cannot see, which means they will revere any congress anywhere scheming to use ISIL to topple the Syrian government.

It is also superstitious to always promote conspiratorial explanations of events, but the likelihood of conspiracy is far greater than the likelihood that ISIL territorial gains were the result of gods and devils intervening in the battlefield as they believe. The gullibility of ISIL and other extremist groups makes them easily herded, easily victims to conspiracies of man. They are incapable of seeing who may be using them, because behind everyone they only see their god.

To ISIL, merchants of death and destruction are messianic figures, doling out enough weapons and gold to buy them.


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Alex Jones hates Bernie Sanders

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Talk show host Alex Jones aggressively opposes Bernie Sanders, the only electable politician challenging the US political elite.

According to Representative Press, who ridiculed Alex Jones' empty 'message to Sanders supporters', Alex Jones is supporting and vindicating the US political elite and its irrational ideology with his remarks.

This contradicts Alex Jones' attempts to portray himself as a forthright journalist who rejects the "globalist elite" and is driven by a desire for "freedom". Jones is widely considered to be a conspiracy theorist. Others see him as a conman, a mindless entertainer and a charlatan whose personality is fake and whose conservative values are an act. Watch the Representative Press video below:

Representative Press pointed out that Google continues to monetize Alex Jones' puerile, stupid videos while failing to monetize RP videos.

Alex Jones is a cash cow for the "globalist elite" within Google and the US broadcasting authorities he claims to oppose. While real dissident views are censored or marginalized in the US, InfoWars media pollution is broadcasted into millions of homes by the US government.

Petition: Google must end its censorship

As a reactionary, most of Alex Jones' videos and statements are unhinged, based on paranoia and his own personal desires, and have no facts to support them. In particular, Alex Jones is most afraid of the United Nations, which the Jones and other crazies see as a sinister scheme to control the world and personally harm them by confiscating their guns.

Although serious writers and academics ignore Alex Jones, as well as Daniel Estulin and other fake political theorists, many weak-minded people in the United States listen to his rambling "InfoWars" podcasts and believe he is an expert. Jones lacks a serious international audience and has shunned the idea of non-Americans following his work, in line with his hatred towards globalization.

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12 February 2016

Clinton campaign 'covers' NH defeat

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Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign planted an "inside sources" article at Politico supposedly anticipating the Clinton campaign's defeat in New Hampshire.

This is the suspicion of Thomas Knapp writing at his KN@PPSTER blog. Knapp notes how Hillary Clinton "responded" so promptly to so-called "rumors", saying "I'm very confident in the people that I have. I'm very committed to them; they're committed to doing the best we can."

Knapp wrote, "The Clinton campaign planted the Politico story, then offered the "response" so that no matter how things come out in New Hampshire tonight, their bases are covered. They've got preemptive explanations for whatever they decide to do." In sum, therefore, the Clinton campaign quickly planted articles and responses to make the impact of their defeat seem less severe in the public eye. Whether Clinton is going to lose the larger battle against opposing Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is not clear.

The post at the blog quotes The New York Times where it is stated that in New Hampshire at least, Bernie Sanders was destined to be the victor "by a lopsided margin" due to being considered "honest and trustworthy" in contrast with the lying Clinton. This trend favoring the election of honest political leadership, after years of cynical lies and manipulation by warmongering state figures towards the public in the US, is comparable with the rise of Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party in the UK.

Thomas Knapp is the Director of the Garrison Center and a member of the digitized Mont Order society, who developed a code of values in late 2015 that briefly sums up the collective philosophy of its membership.

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Steve Topple on UK dark money

The Blog

Contributing an article to Common Space on 8 February, journalist Steve Topple criticized the relations between leading UK politicians, corporations, and tax havens.

Particular focus is on Bermuda as a tax haven in the article, with its role in protecting the wealth of unscrupulous corporations and British political campaign donors explained.

Offering a list of the worst offenders, which includes Google shareholders and Conservative donors "Lord Green (serial HSBC wrong-un and Tory crony), Lord Lloyd-Webber (all-round bad-egg and party cheerleader), and Lord Glendonbrook (donated £700,000 to the Conservatives in the past 18 months)", Topple noted that the Labour Party is also blackened by the same financial dependence on tax havens.

Exposing the unethical dark money obtained by Labour Party-affiliated think tank the Fabian Society, Topple wrote:
I wonder why beacons of social democracy the Fabians, then, have accepted £60,000 in donations from Cuadrilla (them of nefarious fracking ventures) – which is registered in Bermuda? Or £13,500 from corporate banking degenerates HSBC – who have eight subsidiaries on the island? Or £26,000 from Iglo Group (Birds Eye, Findus) - which at the time was dodging tax via Luxembourg and the Channel Islands?
Topple additionally criticized civil society organizations for talking about global wealth inequality while using investment over the stock market as a means of combating it, despite the stock market arguably being to blame for such inequality (if we ask the Occupy movement, for example).

In addition, the article mocked people's faith in the corrupt political system in the UK, arguing as follows:
Politicians can wring their silver-crossed palms, bestow us with platitudes, and give rhetorical diatribes about the scourge of inequality all they want, but the truth of the matter is that corporations are now the organ-grinders running the planet – we merely vote for performing monkeys.
The Mont Order, which Steve Topple is a listed member of, holds the same skepticism towards present forms of democracy in the UK and the US, viewing these as shallow performances to keep corrupt elites in power with false appearances of legitimacy.

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9 February 2016

Anti-Assad forces losing and desperate

The Blog

Different analysts are of the view that the rebel groups opposing the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria are losing the war.

The view is also supported by the foreign policy comments and behaviors of Saudi Arabia and its allies, who have backed these insurgent groups in Syria for years. Desperate threats to invade Syria with foreign national armies are the result of the proxy war's impending failure.

Syria's government responded to Saudi Arabia's aggressive posturing and threats of an invasion of Syria by promising to send any aggressor back in a "wooden coffin". Although doubting a Saudi invasion is a realistic possibility, the Syrian Foreign Minister called the Saudi leadership "crazy" and said nothing is impossible in their minds.

Throughout the conflict, countries aiming to take control of Syria have usually hidden behind the so-called political "opposition" against Bashar al-Assad, claiming they are only interested in democracy, until now. At this point,  masks seem to have dropped and various dictators are lining up to invade Syria for their own selfish interests, proving what the conflict was about all along. Such dictators include the corrupt murderer Erdogan in Turkey, who is also accused of massacring Kurds and supporting ISIL terrorists.

Earlier report: Syria "peace deal" meaningless

Dismissing the Saudi leadership as cowards who would not fulfill their promise of an invasion, an Iranian military commander noted that such an invasion would be "suicide" and Saudi Arabia will certainly be defeated if its troops try to occupy Syria. A Saudi-led coalition has already been waging an unsuccessful war to punish Yemen after a pro-Saudi ruler was driven out of the country.

During their war, the Saudis have lost many troops and failed to accomplish any of their objectives. Their own territory has even been invaded and bombarded heavily by Yemen, as the poorest country in the Middle East (Yemen) manages to humiliate the wealthiest one.

A post at Beliefnet comments on the desperation of the anti-Assad forces in Syria, noting, "Really, they just want more weapons from foreign countries, and to ask other countries to invade and reinforce them." The post was rejecting the peace talks on the grounds that they are just trying to take pressure off Western-backed terrorists and enable them to continue their massacres of the Syrian people.

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UK regime mocks UN Assange ruling

The Blog

The narrow-minded regime in London angrily rejected a United Nations judgment that WikiLeaks founder and dissident Julian Assange is being arbitrarily detained by the regime, and such detention is human rights violation.

Assange has effectively been besieged by police for years at the Ecuadorian Embassy, which he cannot leave without being immediately arrested due to fabricated suspicions but no charges of sexual abuse advanced by Swedish authorities under intense pressure from the US government.

So, "On 4 December 2015, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) adopted Opinion No. 54/2015, in which it considered that Mr. Julian Assange was arbitrarily detained by the Governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".

This view was quickly rejected by British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond, who issued a hollow claim that the Working Group was not comprised of legal experts and carried no authority. Hammond stated, "I reject the decision of this working group. It is a group made up of lay people and not lawyers. Julian Assange is a fugitive from justice. He is hiding from justice in the Ecuadorian embassy."

However, Hammond's assertion was exposed as a lie by activist and former diplomat Craig Murray, who posted the CVs of the UN lawyers responsible for the report and offered the view, "Hammond’s statement that they are lay people and not lawyers is a blatant, a massive, an enormous, a completely astonishing lie."

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5 February 2016

Syria "peace deal" meaningless

The Blog

Present attempts to negotiate an end to the Syrian Civil War are part of a new effort by western countries to impose their will on Syria.

This was the opinion of Tony Cartalucci, addressing the future of the embattled Arab country at New Eastern Outlook on 22 January.

Syria has been fending off western "regime change" attempts for years, with the devastating attempted coup costing hundreds of thousands of lives and destroying the country's civil infrastructure. Around half the population of Syria has been displaced by the US attempt to impose its shallow ideas of "democracy" and "freedom" on the country by supporting terrorists and corrupt regional governments.

Cartalucci dismissed the current peace talks as a trick. The fake "opposition", made up of foreign thugs and US hit men trying to seize power over the dead bodies of the Syrian people in Damascus and Aleppo, is only negotiating because it is losing the war. Cartalucci believes the end of the war is near, and the west's only reason for talking is that its forces are being defeated:
As Syrian troops backed by Russian airpower move ever closer to the Turkish border in the north, thus cutting the lifelines feeding terrorists operating inside of Syria, and as Syrian forces cut off the Syrian-Jordanian border, the end of the war draws nearer.
Escalation has been one of the other options used by western powers in trying to forcefully impose a pro-western regime over the Syrian people. As Cartalucci writes, the west wants to change the tide of battle yet again in favor of terrorists and prevent a swift end to the war at this stage. It has "attempted to escalate the conflict, and also negotiate an end to it, attempting to leverage what remaining influence it has over the battle via its dwindling proxy forces and the [threat] of direct military intervention".

The increasing threat of direct involvement by the west to defeat Bashar al-Assad referenced above may be the recent attempts by the US to construct military bases inside Syria. A US base is reported to be under construction, in violation of international law and potentially bringing the trespassing US units into direct conflict with both the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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Topple: deport all bigots, not refugees

The Blog

Op-ed writer Steve Topple has appealed to Europeans to learn their history lessons again before calling for Nazi-like collective measures against refugees fleeing conflict zones such as Syria.

Topple does not hesitate to point out the west is to blame for the war in Syria. The west must make space for refugees, as it must face the consequences of its actions and atone for what it has done.

The post accuses Western societies of ignoring their own hand in creating a crisis for themselves, which they now try to shirk responsibility for by wanting to turn refugees away:
The anti-refugee rhetoric appeared to be systematically ratcheted up in nearly every country across the continent, without the smallest whiff of hypocrisy that the West’s agenda had largely contributed to this man-made crisis.
Elaborating on this responsibility, Topple writes that "Western foreign policy is partly to blame for the situation in the Middle East, which is rapidly spiralling out of control. Decade after decade we have geopolitically been led by our unquenchable thirst for oil and gas, regardless of the consequences." Amidst the hysteria spreading through Europe at the inevitable globalization of displacement and misery caused by western military aggression, many have called for all refugees (with particular emphasis on Muslims) to be deported.

Topple has an alternative suggestion of who deport:
Expatriate all the loathsome, lobotomised right-wing bigots and replace them with refugees. 
Because I, for one, would rather we have a diverse, socially-rich, colourful society where the quality of life for everyone was far greater, than an insular, closeted, angry and scared country where the opinions of loathsome, vile bigots whose views belong in a 1970’s sitcom were the norm.
Tackling the specific hysteria of many right wing groups and commentators, Topple strikes back at their assertions:
Oh – and the individuals screaming “Rapefugees!” and “Women and girls aren’t safe!” when discussing refugees after we have just observed Holocaust Memorial Day, may wish to Google “Collective Responsibility” – although I doubt their myopic brains would be able to cope with the resonance.
Although many right-wing figures in the west are obsessed with World War II and the idea of supporting the Israeli apartheid regime to atone for the Holocaust, they are just as interested in committing a new genocide against Muslims. The additional inability to condemn Israeli expansion and ethnic cleansing and to support it, no matter how untenable, shows nothing was really learned from the Holocaust.

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2 February 2016

Obama's "dark money" executive order

The Blog

Today, this blog takes a break from its normal severe criticism of the Obama administration.

For anyone on the side of transparency like our blog, Obama's possible "No Secret Money Executive Order", as Demand Progress termed it after studying a New York Times article on the subject, is an absolute must-support.

If applied (and it is likely that Obama will allow it to stumble in Congress where it will be blocked by the very same vultures it was designed to expose) the executive order will force large corporate contractors hired by the Federal government to publish a list of their campaign gifts. As Demand Progress activists wrote, "This executive order would force them to choose: Disclose your donations, or give up those sweet federal contracts."

Absurd reasoning has already been offered against transparency in other aspects of government policy in the past, and the GOP clearly still excels in such nonsense, but here is a new gem to be recorded by us. From the NYT article:
"The real goal of the disclosure proponents is to harass, intimidate and silence those with whom they disagree,” said Blair Latoff Holmes, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “We continue to believe that one’s political activities should play no role in whether or not you get or keep a federal contract, and we encourage the administration to leave this bad idea right where it is."
What do you think? Do you agree with Demand Progress that making corporations publish the truth about their campaign donations is the right thing to do, or with the Chamber of Commerce that it is a type of harassment and intimidation against lovely liars if the public knows who is paying them?

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US wars condemned by Mont brother

The Blog

An apparent brother from the enigmatic Mont Order has emerged to offer moral and political condemnation of the neocon criminal regime in the United States.

Writing in an exhaustive comment post at his blog on Saturday, Mont member code-named Naughteeis slammed wars, corruption and lies emanating constantly from the American government. Particular focus is given to the Washington regime's war crimes and its attempts to vilify foreign powers and groups to distract the American people from its own brutality.

Preserved from the comment are some of the best quotes we have gathered, and appear below:
"Washington's culture of spectacle and fraud and abuse of power never listens to anyone but their masters who own this country... 
"Real Capitalism would let the fraudsters fail and crash and burn, that's why the idea of free market capitalism is a myth... 
"...when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved NATO had outlived its original purpose and now has become the major belligerent in the world... 
"It's the same old game, [it's] as old as time itself, divide and conquer by creating as much chaos and instability as possible. We keep reinforcing and justifying their hatred for us with our Exceptionalism... 
"Although Washington is the most active with their manufacturing of weapons of destruction and distribution of these weapons around the world, the UK, France, Germany and Russia all arm the world with their modern weapons too... 
"Our government is the perfect definition of insanity. They keep repeating their same old game over and over again hoping for more chaos and death and destruction than the time before... 
"The ones who own this country, the ones who really run this country, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the Deep Police State (DPS) hiding behind the curtain of Government"
The Mont Order has codified, maintained and promoted its new seven-point code of values since its global video conference in October 2015.

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High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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