19 February 2016

Trident nuked by Steve Topple article

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Journalist Steve Topple got right to the point in a hard-hitting article for Common Space, offering some stunning facts you probably never considered about Britain's "independent" nuclear arsenal.

Rather than presenting moral arguments against nuclear weapons or military-strategic arguments about how only the US benefits from the tiny and weak British island state acting as a second policeman to contain Russian "aggression", Topple goes after the ones who support Trident for financial gain. This is much the way Topple addressed dark money in British politics in another recent article.

Most surprising of all is the role of UK-headquartered banks in the investment in the nuclear deterrents of the western countries as well as Russia. Apparently, these banks, their related companies and pro-Trident politicians in the UK are so driven by profit that they work to keep the nonexistent "threat" of nuclear war alive in the public consciousness, while financing both sides. Ultimately, the entire thing often just amounts to con against the public. Although a tense situation exists in Syria and Ukraine, Topple is certain that it will not lead to a nuclear war because globalization is currently too pervasive to allow that.

Topple defuses the apparent nuclear threat skillfully in his article as follows:
Multinational corporate banks are playing one big chess game – except it’s all make-believe and there will never be a checkmate, because that would be unprofitable. Governments willingly participate - those in charge are invariably shareholders in weapons manufacturing companies or their financiers
We are not living in some Sean Connery-era James Bond film. The world is intrinsically too financially entwined for either the East or West to ever press 'the button' – and to believe they would is, in my opinion, deluded.
This is no conspiracy theory. Barclays, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Scotland are specifically identified as having a hand in investing in both sides' nuclear deterrents, and this largely links together the financial players behind the nuclear arms industries of Russia and the UK.

In conclusion, Topple states, "There is no threat – except from our own foolhardiness for sleep-walking for decades and allowing this to continue happening."

Topple is a listed member of the Mont Order society, which declared a short set of shared values between its global disparate members in October 2015.

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